xenons ocs


//I made the keychains! Each will have a little unique charm on them. I try to keep their own color, but it depends how many of that character get ordered. Remix should have the same bead since he has a whole strand of radical beads to himself. 

I’m thinking about selling them for $7 each to start. But I still have to set up somethings first before I do. They are double sided. // 

anonymous asked:

🍔 I love your ocs btw *u*

🍔: Do you have OCs? If so, which is your favorite?

OKAY I’m just gonna pick ocs from my original stories for this one.

From the first story, I have the bard assassin, the shadow ethereal, and the tired cleric.

Second story: The councilor. the lone sentinel, and the fallen archon.

Third story: The lord of time and the memelord death god