xenons art


Each Xenon bitty form has it’s own personality and likes. The regular Xenon bitty cannot transform, so they come in different bitties! 

Standard Xenon: 

  • It will take him a little bit to warm up to you since he’s naturally cautious about who he trusts, but once he starts to trust you he’ll love you and protect you. You’ll know when he trusts you because he won’t take a second to look at something you give him or wait a second before coming to you. Unless something doesn’t seem right. 
  • He loves sweet treats mostly cake, pastries, cookies, ect. 
  • He can be a very handy bitty. He can be used as a lighter if you need one, he can make your drink cold, spit acid on someone you hate, help you steal answers for a test, find something you lost. Ect. 
  • He is a pretty durable bitty, cuz he’s strong but still don’t step on him or treat him harshly. He will also hate you if you do. 
  • He probably wouldn’t get along with more dominate bitties, since he likes to be the most dominate. He might though depending on if him and the bitty get along, if they do he won’t really have a problem with them being the boss. 
  • He will attack Gaster bitties without reason. Don’t put him near a Gaster, unless it’s Spooky’s Gaster. 
  • His taste will be sour regardless of the flavor. 
  • He will wear what you want if he likes you, except pink. He also like black included in some part of his outfit, but he won’t complain. 

Water Xenon: 

  • He will love you the moment you take him home, unless you do something to hurt him in that time span.
  • He really loves jello, he isn’t to picky about the flavor. 
  • He can help you cool off in the heat since his water is naturally cool and can be used as a spray bottle if you needed him to. He produces his own water, but after about an hour of constant use he will need to rest. 
  • He can also cool your drink if you needed it, he has ice powers also. 
  • He is a bit more fragile than the regular Xenon because of his jello-like body. So be careful. 
  • He will laugh if you poke him. 
  • Don’t put him with more aggressive bitties, he will get hurt. Though he will try to fight back and can hurt or kill your other bitties. 
  • He loves water. If he’s sick, he probably needs to go in the water, not too hot though. He will often tell you what kind of water he wants. 
  • He will usually have a tropical flavor. Dragonfruit, Mango, Tropical Punch, ect. 
  • He will also wear whatever you like, he won’t complain about anything. Though he really likes dresses. 
  • (He still has Xenon’s cracks, I just forgot to draw them on ;.;)

Dark Xenon: 

  • It will take him a bit longer than a normal Xenon to get close to you. Eventually if you treat him right he will love you, but not really show it. He will give you hugs if he loves you and pout while he does it. 
  • If you abuse him or hurt him, expect to die in your sleep. He will also torment you with bad memories depending on how bad you treat him. Death or Torment again it depends on how bad you treat him. 
  • If he loves you and someone hurts you in any way, he will make torment them with bad memories. Also can be used as revenge, he loves revenge. 
  • His favorite food is spicy foods and meat. Also dark chocolate for a snack (*snort*) 
  • He is durable like the regular Xenon, but he can get away if he needs to by turning into a shadow. 
  • If he’s upset, he won’t let you know. He will probably go hide for a while, he will often be in a dark spot. 
  • Too much light can make him sick. 
  • Will also attack a Gaster without warning and any other dominate bitties. 
  • He likes to be treated like a king, so he will assert his dominance and will most likely kill others that won’t accept him as alpha bitty. His shadow powers will protect him from too much damage. 
  • If another bitty doesn’t serve him he will punish with a bad memory. Unless it’s a Spooky bitty. 
  • He will only wear black or dark colors. Also likes spikes.
  • He likes to ride any kind of pet you have and laugh evilly while he does it if they go fast. 
  • His flavors are usually sour or bitter. 

Space Xenon: 

  • He will warm up to you depending on how you act. He will observe for about an hour and go from there. 
  • He’s smarter than a regular Xenon bitty, he is very good to help with homework or problems. 
  • He can also help you clean with his telekinesis. He may be small but he is strong. Though he probably couldn’t pick up a desktop pc. (example for weight) 
  • He loves Lava Lamps. If you have one he will often watch it for a while.
  • If you have a bad dream, he will often sit on your pillow and help give you good dreams. 
  • He can also help you cheat on a test as a pocket guide. 
  • His flavors are usually a mix, like wild berry. 
  • He won’t attack a Gaster unless he deems them a threat as any other bitty. 
  • He isn’t that concerned with being the alpha, but if he’s made the alpha he will be a smart leader and often take care of your other bitties. 
  • He loves glitter, the color gold and anything space related. 
  • He will wear what you want, but he doesn’t like anything too smutty/kinky.

You can also ask me questions about the bitties if you like :3