xenon gas

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this is a thing that just struck me now, regarding Lands and their owners -- you know how LOTAK's krypton is sometimes said to symbolize dirk's suffocating/toxic tendencies (since krypton is both narcotic and asphyxiant)? an argument can be made for the xenon on LOMAX symbolizing something about jake as well. xenon gas is actually a potent anaesthetic when inhaled, perhaps signifying jake's thing for willfully feigning obliviousness as though he were drugged/sedated

FUCK yeah that’s really goddamn legit and now I want to know if Jane’s and Roxy’s are as on point too because my guess is: probably 

Helium builds up pressure in balloons until they fucking pop??? fits with Jane at least somewhat. Hit me up if you think of any more 

Ion Propulsion…What Is It?

Ion thrusters are being designed for a wide variety of missions – from keeping communications satellites in the proper position to propelling spacecraft throughout our solar system. But, what exactly is ion propulsion and how does an ion thruster work? Great question! Let’s take a look:

Regular rocket engines: You take a gas and you heat it up, or put it under pressure, and you push it out of the rocket nozzle, and the action of the gas going out of the nozzle causes a reaction that pushes the spacecraft in the other direction.

Ion engines: Instead of heating the gas up or putting it under pressure, we give the gas xenon a little electric charge, then they’re called ions, and we use a big voltage to accelerate the xenon ions through this metal grid and we shoot them out of the engine at up to 90,000 miles per hour.

Something interesting about ion engines is that it pushes on the spacecraft as hard as a single piece of paper pushes on your hand while holding it. In the zero gravity, frictionless, environment of space, gradually the effect of this thrust builds up. Our Dawn spacecraft uses ion engines, and is the first spacecraft to orbit two objects in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

To give you a better idea, at full throttle, it would take our Dawn spacecraft four days to accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour. That may sounds VERY slow, but instead of thrusting for four days, if we thrust for a week or a year as Dawn already has for almost five years, you can build up fantastically high velocity.

Why use ion engines? This type of propulsion give us the maneuverability to go into orbit and after we’ve been there for awhile, we can leave orbit and go on to another destination and do the same thing.

As the commercial applications for electric propulsion grow because of its ability to extend the operational life of satellites and to reduce launch and operation costs, we are involved in work on two different ion thrusters of the future: the NASA Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT) and the Annular Engine. These new engines will help reduce mission cost and trip time, while also traveling at higher power levels.

Learn more about ion propulsion HERE.

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The Homestuck Alphabet

A is for ARMS, which you’ve already got,

B is for BETTY and control of Jane’s thoughts.

C is for CONSORT, a guide to your quest,

D is for DENIZEN, the monsters at rest.

E is for ECTO, green paradox slime,

F is for FAYGO, the liquid sublime.

G is for GAMEBRO, in which Dennis was bleeding,

H is for HOMESTUCK, the comic you’re reading.

I is for IMPS, the weak underlings,

J is for JUJUS, and the trouble they bring.

K is for KURLOZ, and the way that he stares,

L is for LI'L CAL, puppet of nightmares.

M is for MAGIC, which is fake as shit,

N is for NANNA, with prankster-ish wit.

O is for OPENBOUND, in the dancestors midst,

P is for PUMPKIN, which doesn’t exist.

Q is for QUEST BED, where god tiers are shaped,

R is the RED MILES, which can’t be escaped.

S is for SKAIA, where the battle is played,

T is for TUMOR, destroyed in Cascade.

U is for URANIUM, Jack’s power, you’ll find,

V is for VRISKA, with control of the mind.

W’s WAYWARD VAGABOND, post disaster that’s global,

And X is for XENON, a gas that is noble.

Y is YALDABOATH, the monster of heart

And Z is for ZAZZERPAN, a wizard, and art.