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Day 3 of Inktober!

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Noodler’s X-Feather

Sketch #229: Since I started replaying Xenogears, I’ve been wanting to do my own redesigns of the characters. Because let’s face it.. they’re walking anime tropes. And most of them sadly suffer from “Same Face Syndrome.”

I hope I’ve made Fei, the protagonist, look a bit more realistic, here.

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A lil’ present for Soraya Saga’s birthday (which was yesterday). I just had to draw Fei and Shion holding a cake for you, these two deserve to be happy just as you do ^^

I hope you had a great day! (sorry this is so sketchy btw, I didn’t have much time)


Day 8 of Inktober!

Noodler’s X-Feather
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#234: Mneh, I’m not happy with how Sigurd turned out. It was just one of those days I was having trouble drawing–I erased and redrew him so many times, and finally gave up.

I’ll come back to his design another time.

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Final Fantasy Theatrhythm - Fei Fong Wong

Hey guys! Did this this evening to go with my Chrono piece. I have a few more ideas for characters that I might do if the mood fancies me. I’m still having a blast with FFTR, and I can’t help but think of how awesome it would be to have some Xenogears tunes in there. So many great songs! I decided to throw a song title in with the characters that I happen to like at that particular moment.


I’ve had this thing sitting in my wip folder so long that I had to redo some of the outdated art @_@;;
My favorite boys are kind of sarcastic while my favorite girls are the kind that hold hope despite what befell them or what is to come!

I might do another one sometime in the future!