Do you think your culture is superior to others?

If your answer is yes, you may be suffering from ethnocentrism.

Ethnocentrism occurs when someone believes that his/her culture is superior to that of others and/or when someone sees other cultures through his/her own, making judgements, describing other cultures as strange, primitive, etc.

A classic example would be burping. In Brazil, for example, burping in public is considered almost a crime.…

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I was tagged by @hotterthanstacysmom So here it goes!
Name: Asia

Nicknames: Ash, smash, aye-shee, spicy bunz ;) 😂
Birthday: January 10th

Star Sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Favorite colors: Maroon, navy blue, all pastels, black.

Current Time: 9:07Am

Average Amount of sleep: 8 during Summer. 4-6 hours during School.

Lucky number: 7

Last Google Search: “define xenocentrism”.
Amount of Blankets I Sleep with: 2

Favorite Books: The Great Gatsby, Everlasting Tuck, The Things They Carried, the Fallen series.

Favorite Bands: The killers, Queen,
Panic! At The Disco, The Weekend, Børns, Jukebox The Ghost, Weezer.

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