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Headcanons for things that the boys would do for/to an s/o that they'd become attached to? (xeno AU)

Admin Mawile: ( ◞・౪・) Because of length, this part just covers the clinginess. There’s more, but that will be for other asks~


-He starts to be inexplicably close to you at all times, sleeping somewhere a mere few feet away and claiming that it’s just “coincidence”. It’s harder and harder for him to get proper rest without being able to smell you nearby, and the more attached he is, the greater the need to have you close.


-At first, he just gets fussy, following you around and complaining about every minute thing you do wrong. It quickly becomes obvious that it’s just an excuse to get close to you, especially when he starts demanding your help with random duties just so you’ll be forced to be near him. 


-He very openly demands your company, and will resort to physically keeping you with him if you resist. He’s started to feel nervous when you aren’t close by, and that feeling makes him so sick, he has no choice but to give in to instinct and make sure you can’t leave him. 


-From the first time he cries because you aren’t close enough, he more or less forces you to stay with him at all times. He refuses to admit that he actually wants you, and comes up with all kinds of strange excuses as to why you’re not allowed to be more than a few feet away. 


-He despises having genuine feelings of any kind, and resists the impulse to need you for as long as he possibly can, even going so far as to distract himself with other lovers. When he finally does give in, it ends in even more intense possessiveness than usual, because of so long without. 


-He absolutely hates admitting to needing you, and covers up the sudden need to have you close with flimsy excuses, many broken objects, and a lot of yelling. It’s almost pathetically obvious how your presence affects him, especially when he gives in and starts using force to keep you close. 


-He’s extremely subtle, and does everything possible to hide how nervous he feels when you aren’t in his sight. Sometime around the time he starts having nightmares about you, he starts forcing you to stay close to him, claiming it to be just another way of controlling you. 


-Despite being extremely wary of just how indebted to you he could become, he can’t fight the sudden, overwhelming need to have you near. It’s painfully obvious how frantic he is, and it’s very hard to feel anything but sympathy for how powerfully the new instinct affects him. 


-Honestly. he’s dense enough that the attachment takes forever to really affect him. Once it does, though, it hits hard, and when you suddenly feel every bit as important as his family, you’ll find yourself forced to spend all but every second with a grouchy, newly overprotective Yuuma. 


-If you though he was clingy before, you’re about to see just how bad it can get. His neediness absolute skyrockets, transforming into an all consuming need to be as close to you as possible. With no pride to stifle the instincts, he very quickly becomes consumed by them. 


-He won’t show a bit of the new desire until it’s forced out of him. He forces it down and stifles every urge until it makes him sick, and by then, the pull is so strong there’s no way to manage it with dignity. His demeanor change from cold to viciously controlling in an instant. 


-While he hates the idea of being bound to you by his own mind, even he can’t resist the instinctive pull for long. He becomes violently possessive and prone to even more risky behavior, caught between his hatred of giving in to the instinct and the desire to just be close to you. 

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I love your xeno headcanons so much! Can I request whatever you would like to write about hueco mundo?

Do you mean Hueco Mundo as in the place, or as in my Oc the Embodiment? I’ll do some for the place this time, but please specify. 

-Hueco Mundo borders on too cold to be livable. The temperature hovers just above what Hollows can survive, and remains constantly frigid, with nothing resembling seasons. The high winds only make this worse, and the Hollows living there are in a constant state of just a bit away from freezing.

-Nothing grows there, and anything alive outright refuses to thrive. Even if someone brought plants and tried to grow them in other soil, the air itself would wither and weaken them until extinction. Live animals (even humans) have just as much trouble, succumbing to a strange sort of depression after spending too much time there. 

-The sand is gritty and thick, and provides the closest thing to warmth the barren environment will offer. Hollows rest burrowed down into it, using the natural dunes and rock formations to seek some semblance of heat and shelter. It’s a harsh and horribly uncomfortable, but the best option possible in a desert of nothing but rocks, dead wood, and sand. 

OKAY so I was thinking and y’all know how the humans are literally paper white in the comic, but humans don’t technically come in paper white, so we headcanon them as all different kinds of races. Now, what if it was the same for trolls? As in, no troll is literally the color grey?

  • To tie into that popular headcanon a lot of artists draw, maybe all trolls are just greyish shades of their blood colors
  • Maybe they’re all just on greyscale and range from literally white to black and everything in between
  • OR what if they were shades of color not visible to the human eye, so we just all see grey, and trolls actually can see a shitton of colors that humans can’t? They’re aliens, so who knows how their eyes work?

Just a thought.

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Hey Jaune, what made you settle on the bigger sword upgrade? Was it because you could get away with modifying the shield without altering the heirloom sword?

“It’s because bigger isn’t always better, but against large grim Crocea mors just won’t let me hurt them enough to matter. Could you imagine me trying to take down say, a nuckelavee with my old sword? I might as well be using a toothpick. But if I’m fighting smaller things, like people, I won’t necessarily need to put as much power into things to hurt them. And if I’m indoors or inside a cave or something, I won’t have enough room for a two handed sword. Making the shield combination means I won’t be weighed down with anything I’m not using, and lets me fight better under more circumstances.”

RiD 2015 Xeno Headcanons

I’m doing this to get this out of my system because it’s been brewing since I wrote that drabble last night, where the unwritten epilogue in my head involved finding out just how well loud “noises” echo in a steel mill.  I apologize in advance.

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Can you do cute headcanons for Xeno laito, yuuma, shuu and ayato? The cuddling xeno ayato was too cute

Admin Mawile: °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Happily! 


-Even though it’s not genuine, he can be very pleasant to be around. Laito has no problems with spoiling you and playing along with all kinds of silly ideas, and, although he claims it’s only because you obey him, it’s pretty obvious how the attachment drives up that desire to please. 


-Considering how rough he usually is, seeing him go absolutely limp when close to you is quite the adorable experience. When he actually relaxes, Yuuma is more or less a big, cuddly teddy bear that can’t stand to be a away from you, and the more attached he is, the more often that happens. 


-He very quickly takes you to using as a human body pillow and heating pad. You’re warm and soft and it’s so much better to sleep on top of you than by himself wherever he falls. You’re more or less forced to be his nap buddy whenever he requests it… which is a lot. 


-He loves showing off to you, especially if you praise him for it. The more attention you give him, the more he’ll demand, and once he’s attached to you, your praise is almost vital. He’s more than willing to drag you off to watch him do something cool, and you’d better at least pretend to be impressed. 

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A little while ago you did a fluff of Subaru cuddling with his s/o and getting his wings stroked, could you possible do similar wing stroking scenarios for Carla and Reiji please?

Admin Mawile:ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ (Oh and by the way, Carla’s wings are badly affected by the Endzeit)


-You couldn’t imagine how awful it would be to live like he was. 

Even his wings, which should have been soft, perfect white, were scarred over, covered in dark, bloody bruises and rotting away near the tips, thin skin marred with decay and fur completely missing in patches. 

For Carla’s obsession with appearances, you could understand why he didn’t want you to see these. 

They didn’t just look bad, they looked painful. 

Tentatively, you stretched out one hand, stroking over an uninjured part and praying it would cause him pain. 

Almost instantly, a gasp tore out of him, his entire body leaning back into the one small touch. You stroked again, and the sound was more like a sob, wings fluttering in relief against his back. 


-Sometimes, you realized just how stressed Reiji was. 

The sheer difference between his usual stiff, dignified self and the whining, relaxed mess in your lap was startling, and it was occurring to you that he needed this kind of relaxation much more often. 

It was strange, though, to see a man so normally composed helplessly leaning into your every touch, soft little wings twitching back into your hands. 

Even his face was unguarded now, eyes squinted closed to not have to face you, the extent of struggle to remain untouchable shining through more with every moment of contact. 

It was enough to make your chest clench with sympathy. 

Determined to finally bring him some peace, you focused on the gentle strokes over the velvety, dark fur of his wings. 

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Can you describe (or post pictures) of how you see each boys wings and colorations in your Xeno imagines please? Xoxo

Admin Mawile: ∩( ・ω・)∩ There are more differences than my picture really shows, little individual things mostly, but I have neither the time or energy to draw all that. Pls forgive the identical lineart. Also, Carla’s wings are pretty wrecked by the Endzeit, and this is what they looked like before that. 

-Wings are generally the same color as hair, are covered in a light, soft layer of fuzz, and have thin, pink skin underneath that. Morphologically, they’re very nearly the same as bat wings, with the biggest change being how they attach to the back; merging into the shoulder blade area instead of acting as an arm. They’re overall extremely delicate, mostly due to how thin and fragile they are, but brain chemicals and instincts play a role too. 

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How do you think the blood drinking works? Is it more of a pierce the skin with the teeth and suck the blood with the mouth or do yuo think the teeth act as straws?

(☆▽☆) I actually have thought about that a lot. 

-When not in use, the fangs are actually slightly retracted. Similar to a snake’s they extend when the vampire is about to bite. There’s muscle tissue and/or tendons that control this process, and it’s one of the reasons why fangs are very sensitive. 

The fangs themselves are mostly hollow, with a small hole at the tip, a slightly larger one toward the very back of the fang, and spiraling ridges along the inside. When the vampire bites, the hole at the tip functions similarly to a needle, and blood runs up though it. The spiral ridges create pressure (which is intensified by sucking) that draws the blood out of the veins and up into the mouth. The hole at the base of the fang is where it exits, and that hole is covered by tissue when the fang is retracted, only opening up when the vampires bites and the fang extends. 

Fangs are extremely sensitive, partially because of how thin and delicate they are, and partially because there is tissue and muscle directly connected to them. Any damage to fangs, even a small bump at the wrong angle hurts, and actually having them removed (like in Pet Au) would be absolutely excruciating. 

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Xeno au! How do the boys react when another vampire tries to bite the person they've bonded with?

Admin Mawile: (・∧‐)ゞ

-That would be extremely upsetting for any vampire, and trigger a possessive sort of aggression meant to get the competitor to back off. Any vampire would be annoyed at the very least for something like that to happen, and most would be absolutely furious, driven by the desire to keep the one they’re bonded to. Trying to bite that person is a massive invasion of what belongs to them, and it’s going to very nearly end in a fight if the other vampire doesn’t back off. 

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hi! could I request some cute xeno!au headcanons for reiji, ayato, and shu? thank you!

Admin Mawile: (〃・ω・〃)ノ~☆ I’ve already done a lot for Ayato, so you’d need to send a more specific request for more on him~


-The more attached to someone he is, the more needy he gets. He doesn’t show this in a normal way, though, rather he tries to control them more and more, spending every moment with them in some effort to gain the upper hand. He despises how they affect him, and how there’s nothing he can do about it. 

-Despite having no awareness of it, the approval of someone he’s attached to becomes horribly important to him. Without realizing it, he starts to show off more and more, to try to prove that he’s the one worthy of their affection. It’s completely unconscious, and he’d die before admitting to it. 


-When he’s attached to someone, it gets to the point where he can’t sleep unless he’s near them, unable to relax without their familiar scent nearby. Unwilling to admit to needing someone, he’ll steal pillows and other soft objects of their to sleep with until the instinct finally makes him break. 

-He’s fond of sleeping close to you, even just spending quiet time curled up in your lap and knowing that one person he cares about isn’t going to leave. It’s hard to believe that he won’t bring ruin to you too, but it feels so wonderful to be close to you, he can’t see past the instinct for long enough to care. 

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Xeno Laito headcannons please💕💕💕

Admin Mawile: (ノ*゜▽゜*)

-After Cordelia, he despises the idea of becoming attached to anyone. He sees the connection as nothing more than a way to hurt and control, and is secretly terrified of being that tied to anyone ever again. He actively resists bonding with any of his lovers, preferring to keep as much emotional distance as he can. 

-If he did become attached to someone, he would do everything possible to never show it, from ignoring them altogether to seeking out other partners in a useless attempt to dull the feeling. He can’t stand having real feelings for someone anymore, and would do almost anything to get rid of them. 

-His wings are extremely sensitive, and he avoids letting anyone, even the most favored partner, touch them. There are far too many memories of torture and pain attached to that feeling, and without immense trust, it’s nothing short of terrifying to imagine letting someone that close. 

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Random Xeno Ayato headcannons? One being about cuddling please c:

Admin Mawile: └(゚∀゚└))

-Cordelia used to torment him by getting him entirely immersed in the blissed out, needy, bonding part of vampire instincts, and then dropping him to suffer. Without someone to hold onto, it was a hard crash back to reality, filled with a cold, panicked sense of being abandoned by someone that his mind was insisting needed to stay. Thanks to that experience, Ayato is extremely paranoid of letting those vulnerable parts show, even around someone he otherwise trusts. 

-He gets needy and clingy when he’s truly relaxed, only happy once he’s cuddled up in your lap to get all the affection you’ll give. If his wings are out, he’ll practically force you to pet them, crooning and pressing his face into your stomach until you pay them the proper attention. He gets very deep into the attached, needy parts of the bonding instincts, and once he knows that you won’t push him away for it, he soaks up all the attention no one else has given. 

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Are xeno au vampires behavior/moods affected by the person they bond with? For example, if they made them upset, would the boys feel especially bad? Or if their s/o is happy, would that also reflect in the boys' mood? I love this au!

Admin Mawile: (´∀`) Thank you! 

-Yes, they do. It’s not exactly an automatic connection, though. The desire to keep the person they’re attached to happy is what causes it, an instinctive drive to keep the person who’s been kind enough to bond to. If that person isn’t happy, it could mean that they’ll leave,and thus the drive to fix that kicks in, spreading worry and doubt in the vampire’s mind until the person is happy again. If the attached person is, happy, the instincts are satisfied as well, content to know that they’ve done things right. It’s impossible for a vampire to be calm when they’re bonded to is upset, and in the strongest of attachments, that person’s happiness becomes the main cause of their own. 

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What are some animalistic characteristics in the boys? Or just vampires in general, like when they're scared do they hiss and their fangs get even longer. what their natural instincts may be :) tysm! I love to imagine the boys as pretty scary vampires when they're scared or protective!

Admin Mawile: <(〃´∀`〃)> I loooooove writing about xeno stuff!!!

-When scared or excited, the fangs extend out of the tissue that normally protects them. This response occurs to prepare for a feeding, assuming that the strong emotional reaction is due to nearby prey, or more rarely, a fight. The fangs that we normally see when retracted are small enough not to get in the way of speech and other eating, but when extended, these tiny points can be between one and two inches long. 

In a similar response, vampires’ eyes turn slit pupiled and glow. Vampires are nocturnal and meant to see in little to no light, and much like a cat’s eyes, their eyes can glow like mini spotlights. In some cases, this is semi-voluntary (as is the pupils going slitted) and operates as a response to a threat. The eye change is supposed to look intimidating, and either scare a threat off or frighten prey into submission. 

Instincts in general are semi-conscious, as in for the most part the vampire has control over them, but it feels much better to give in and do as the mind commands. Times of stress can change this, and when panicked, vampires tend to lose control of even the more basic instinctual responses. 

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In xeno au, how would one meet a xeno vampire? do they live in houses or do they tend to make their own shelter outdoors? Also, where is the line between pleasure and pain when it comes to their wings? I know a gentle tap can be very painful or very pleasurable.

Admin Mawile: (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) Ooooh nice questions!!!

-Xeno au is mostly the same as canon, save for vampires and other creatures being much less human. The set up is the same as canon still, and vampires are really more like monsters masquerading around in human skin than humans that just happen to have powers and drink blood. 

-A lot of what determines whether a touch is painful or pleasurable is intent. A cruel tug is going to feel very different than a light, loving one. The vampire’s state of mind can also trick them into them into feeling pain; if they’re afraid, anything short of absolute gentleness can hurt. Finally, personal preference means a lot. Someone like Azusa will enjoy yanking and pinching, but more delicate vampires would find it excruciating. 

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What if in the Xeno AU their s/o gently and carefully massaged the base of their wings (or maybe other areas of them)? Would the brothers enjoy it and relax on their touch? (sorry,I got kinda curious about that (*´∀`*))

Admin Mawile: (。’▽’。)♡  Yes absolutely!!! The degree of relaxation would have more to do with each individual’s level of trust and willingness to show weakness, but from a purely physical standpoint, that would be wonderful. 

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how would the xeno vampires react to forming an attachment with someone who wants nothing to do with them?

Admin Mawile: (´°ω°`)

-It would be extremely painful to be attached to someone and not be able to be close to them. Attachment demands closeness and contact, protection and deepening of the bond with the person that brought it on. Not being able to have any of this is practically torture, and would eventually escalate into mental agony so powerful it would become physical pain. Fortunately, it’s almost impossible to form that kind of bond without reciprocation, so that is a very unlikely event. 

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Hello, in regards to the Xeno AU attachment instinct, I was wondering, would the attachment have any effect on the vampires wanting the person who they were attached to's blood? As in would they be more likely to desire it or would it have absolutely no effect on that aspect of their psyche? Or would the response simply vary from vampire to vampire? Thank you, I hope you have a nice day! I simply love this AU 。^‿^。

Admin Mawile:╰(・∇・╰) Thank you!!!!

-Feeding involves a rather intimate connection, and yes, a bond would absolutely affect it. More so than craving the blood, the vampire would be more interested in the connection it can bring. Within vampire society, this effect has been almost erased from common knowledge, seen as weakness and something that should never be spoken of, so there would not be any awareness as to why the bonded person’s blood is so compelling. 

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In the Xeno AU I was wondering, are the boys facial or body features different other than them having wings? (Idk if that makes sense, sorry)

Admin Mawile: .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ Not in particular, no. There are some changed features, like longer nails, larger fangs, and notably slit pupils, but aside from being just off enough to not quite pass for human, there are no major changes to face or body structure.