xeno art


An Art Challenge I made for this May.
Each prompt is designed to encourage a healthy and stable mindset for the conception of each illustration, but is subject to interpretation!

The idea is to take a short amount of time each day to create something based on each prompt, and then upload it to instagram/tumblr/facebook/wherever. And put a #mindfulnessmay tag on it for the hell of it.

Why do it? 

Maybe you’re like me. You want to create, but it takes a lot to get you to commit to it… and sometimes you sit and stare at a blank canvas and have no idea where to start.

By taking the time to sit down and spend just a little time each day, not only do you cultivate skill in art, you’re also practicing some really good mindfulness habits which is really important in taking care of your mental hygiene.

Either way, I’m going to print this list and do it, but please feel free to join me or share!

Ive always liked the design of the alien from the first movie, the transparent head showing the human like skull made it look creepy. this is my attempt at digitally painting, still learning, didnt come out the way i wanted but i still like it.

My first piece for Inktober as part of a Monster/ Xeno 30 day challenge.
Subject/ Day 1: “Big, Sharp Teeth”
Alexandrite from Rebecca Sugar’s show “Steven Universe” just seemed to be the perfect fit! As per usual, I don’t own Alexandrite, this is just a fanart piece in tribute to one of my favorite characters!!
I own/ gain nothing materialistic from this. \0/
Happy Inktober everyone! Feel free to reblog and comment!
(Under NO EXCEPTIONS can this be reposted without my permission.)

He couldn’t believe his own eyes.

It’s him! It’s really him!

It’s been more than a year since Hysteria last saw him, but finally… finally he’s here.

Hysteria was emotionally overwhelmed. His red tears welled up out of his eyes and his smile grew wide. He was so happy to see him, he could literally launch himself at him to hug him.

…And he did just that. Good job Hysteria.

( @inkedflora )