10 ways to be Sexy

Who says sex appeal ends with your 30th birthday? Sexiness is an attitude that many women exude – here are 10 ways to maximize yours:

  1. Revel in scent. Find a fragrance that you love – and wear it with aplomb! Apply a spritz to pulse points, and add oomph by layering a body lotion in your scent on top.
  2. Play up your “flaw.” A crooked nose, thin lips, a crazy cowlick – embrace them and play them up with color or a great haircut. Loving every bit of you, even the so-called less-than-perfect parts, is the ultimate in sexiness.
  3. Try hair color. As we age, our hair loses its luster. Hair color actually adds sexy sheen to the hair. Hint: Dark shades are shinier than light ones.
  4. Go for pink lips. Pink isn’t just for teenagers! Try a rose lipstick, which brings out the color in your cheeks and looks great on almost any skin tone. Top it with gloss for shine.
  5. Buff your nails. Long, polished nails are elegant, but nothing is sexier than the natural look of healthy, pink, shiny buffed nails.
  6. Moisturize. Skin naturally gets drier as we age, and flakes and ashiness are the opposite of sexy. Apply a rich body cream after you shower to lock in skin’s moisture.
  7. Buck the trends. Following the beauty trends – without staying true to what you know looks great on you – can make you look like you’re trying too hard. Instead, use the trends that work for you, and pass on the rest.
  8. Try tooth-whitening. Years of cigarettes, cola, and red wine can give teeth an unsexy stain. Today’s at-home whitening options, such as Crest Whitestrips, make getting a brilliantly alluring smile easy and inexpensive.
  9. Get blushed. Skin looks its most radiant when it sports a bit of color. Add a shot of flush with a pink or peach powder blush. Apply with a light hand for the softest look.
  10. Add volume. Hair with height hearkens back to the days of ‘50s pinups. Get modern-looking fullness by applying a volumizer to the roots of hair, and then using a brush to pull locks straight up as you blow-dry.

Get super-sexy hair with these 10 easy tips:

  1. Trim regularly. Fuzzy, fried ends are not sexy.
  2. Add scent. When you spritz on your favorite perfume, add a light mist to your hair. Sweet-smelling tresses are very romantic!
  3. Pump up fine hair with color. Hair color actually fattens your hair shaft, making it feel and appear thicker and bouncier. Try a semi-permanent rinse.
  4. Apply volumizer properly. Spritz it onto roots only, then use a brush to lift hair straight up from your scalp (or flip head upside down) as you blow dry. Heat locks in the volumizer’s body-boosting power.
  5. Try highlights. Lighten the pieces that frame your face for a naturally sexy effect.
  6. Wash less often. Your scalp’s natural oils give hair shine and manageability. Skip a day between shampoos to maximize this.
  7. Don’t think you have to go long. A stylish short cut – a pixie, shag, or bob – can be super-sexy when it’s shiny and healthy.
  8. Master the messy updo. A done-on-the-run upsweep is easy and alluring! Simply pull hair into a low ponytail, twist it up toward the crown of your head, and secure with a thin clasp, comb, or jeweled clip (no plastic butterfly clips, please!).
  9. Go with your natural texture. Trying to coax curls straight or make flat hair into ringlets takes time, hard work, and often results in an unnatural look. Much sexier: Getting a cut that brings out your natural hair texture.
  10. Add shine. Gleaming hair commands attention. When locks are dry, spritz on a silicone-based shine spray, which smoothes the hair’s cuticle and reflects light.