imamoony asked:

What do you think will killing molly in his dream meant?

I think it meant that Hannibal’s jealous efforts to begin alienating Will from his family worked. 

When he asked ‘how did you choose yours?’ he likened Will’s relationship with his new family to Dolarhyde’s relationship with the families he murders, that of a dark parasite attaching itself to a place it hungers after but doesn’t belong. 

When Molly said he had a ‘criminal mind’ a yawning chasm opened up between them, compounding that feeling of being the outsider, and then Will’s sleeping brain mixed the two images together and came up with Molly as the woman in red! :-S 

Explains why Will scrambled to switch the light on when he woke up – having just empathy-teleported himself back to the cabin in the phonecall, he must’ve felt he had to switch the light on just to make sure he wasn’t actually there, that Molly wasn’t actually dead! 

Let’s take a moment of silence,

For the fact that we don’t even have to wait a week to see Brandon and Callie kiss. They literally gave us what we wanted so badly in the preview.

No, we don’t know how it’s going to happen or what will be said…but we got a kiss. They literally kissed.

How amazing is that? I mean, what a fuckin’ great time to be alive. 


As for predictions for next episode:

At this point I am at a loss for words. I already feel so happy that we get this KISS after an entire half season and hiatus. 

I wasn’t expecting this at all, and if any of you read my “reviews” you know that I wasn’t even expecting a handshake. 

***AND, honestly if they don’t go through with it I’m of course not going to be happy, but I’m also not going to be butthurt about it as long as they don’t end up telling each other “they can’t do this” for the 50th time. I want them to be endgame just like the rest of the crew, and them having sex is an added bonus at this point in their relationship - but I would much rather them establish a ground for where they go at this point. 

We’ve all been dragged back and fourth so many times I need some serious reassurance. 

what she says: im fine

what she means: both xena and gabrielle have been appointed to the position of princess under various leaders. gabrielle was appointed queen of the amazons (later stepping back, thereby taking on a princess-like role as a secondary leader) and xena was specifically appointed princess by Lao Ma. the fact that they achieved these positions via non-traditional means (by appointment rather than by heredity) does not lessen their power in these positions. it is absurd to quibble over the semantics of the title “warrior princess” when xena and gabrielle are shown to be capable in both battle and leadership. this is not to mention that at a young age, xena took on responsibility of her own army, thus being a warrior by all definitions and possibly a princess by default of being a young woman in a leadership role. 

Depends who,” she said when asked if she’d be involved with a reboot. “It’s got to honor the original kind of legacy of the show. It’s got to be true to the original. I would not stand by just anybody’s take of it. I wouldn’t make it hard for them. I think NBCUniversal really does want to make it, and they have every right to, but if somebody made it and I thought they were doing a s–tty thing to those characters, I’d take that a little personally.

Lucy Lawless 


“I am prepared for adulthood,” I think to myself as I tear open the original packaging of my just-arrived Xena Warrior Princess action figures. “I make good decisions,” I whisper, snapping the little plastic chakram and staff into place. Xena and Gabrielle’s tiny eyes of cheap paint stare blankly at nothing, they do not care. After several minutes’ careful positioning, I succeed in making them hold hands. “I have my life under control.”