• Count Odo:There was someone else. A great warrior. He spiked our machine and he did it alone. I have never seen a man of
  • such strength and such violence. Who is he?
  • Sinric:His name is Rollo. He is the brother of King Ragnar, the leader of the Northmen. He is a famous warrior. He fights like a crazy bear.

Xena’s not even trying to be subtle. Nobody in that room missed this little exchange, but not one of them was surprised. 


Hi. I’m Rainne. This is my mom.

She just got diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.

She starts chemotherapy on Tuesday, 12 May 2015.

She currently has only (U.S.) Medicare for insurance, and there are a lot of things that Medicare won’t cover, or only partially covers. She is 67 years old and on a fixed income. I am a student and work part time at my university, for which I am paid a base $1000/month USD plus my tuition. Between the two of us we make it by on about $2000/month USD, but that was before her diagnosis. 

We need your help.

I am raising money to help cover her medical bills and living expenses and any extra costs that we might incur due to her cancer. These extra costs include gas for the hour-plus that we will have to drive for her treatments twice a week, any special dietary needs she may have while on chemo, and that kind of thing.

I am offering to write fic as “thank you gifts” in return for donations to my mom’s cancer fund.

For every $10 that you donate, I will write you 1000 words of fic. (See fandom list under the cut.)  Please consider helping us out if you are able to. Even if you are not able to donate, please reblog this post.

Thank you.

If the donate button doesn’t show up (on mobile, etc), please use the email chanceofrainne@charter.net to donate.

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Happy (late) Birthday to the one and only xenaphobiia!! I hope you had a rad birthday filled with laughs and sasusaku! Also, I’m glad I managed to make it in time for this birthday, cheers to many more! I’ve followed your writing since forever ago, since I was a curious little child and opened up fanfiction. (lol) 

I wish you happiness and luck in whatever you’re doing in life, and I will happily join your wagon filled with AU’s ~~  

 *✲゚*。✧ ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶ *✲゚*。✧