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The show Xena: Warrior Princess is extremely underrated and portrays female characters in amazingly complex ways that are very much present in reality with some campy fun-ness and I think every one should watch it.


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W&W recap: 2x15, A Day in the Life

Gabrielle: You know, I would have had you if I hadn’t done the war cry.

Xena: Yeah, sure you would.  It’s your turn to talk to Hower.

Gabrielle: Right – your flying parchment’s stuck in a tree.

w&w commentary: confession on our w&w re-watch: we fast-forwarded through the fight with the giant. ugh, it’s just so awful! also–a looming question still up for debate: at the end of this episode, do you think Xena really let Gabrielle hit her? 

Rebekah commentary: I still wonder when, if you tried to construct an imaginary timeline, when it would be that Xena and Gabrielle fell in love, in a way that all the episodes would make sense still, and Cait and I always say that by the time “A Day in the Life” happened, they were obviously significantly in love in some way. it’s just so intimate, from the way that they safely and easily argue with one another, to the games and routines they’ve established while they travel together that speaks to a really beautiful kind of familiarity with one another, to their conversations about the stars in the sky before they fall asleep next to each other.

this feels like a particularly experimental episode to me–the fake documentary format, for one–and I’m glad this gave the writers room to be have this kind of low-key, everyday, playful tone to other / future episodes (Fins, Femmes, and Gems; Many Happy Returns, etc).

also just LOL forever at Hower. every time I watch this episode I find him more ridiculous. I mean, let’s be TOPICALLY RELEVANT–it’s a mockery of a guy who feels entitled to a woman just because she’s a woman and he’s a man, and he doesn’t listen to her when she says no. I also kind of like how he just never is able to understand G’s and X’s relationship. Minya does (Hower’s mine! she’s yours!) but he is just so dumb. 

Cait commentary: This is likely my favorite “feel-good” episode. It’s one of my go-to’s when I want to show someone Xena for the first time.  And I’ve been trying to figure out what is it about this episode that I love so much – because really NOTHING actually happens. And I think part of it is just that - the episode premise itself is just so unique. We watch TV shows (Xena or other) week to week and in every episode there is some big dramatic plot movement or something bad happens that has to be overcome. If anyone is a Buffy fan, they actually make fun of this in one episode (“Dawn’s in trouble…must be Tuesday”).  But this episode gives a look into the lives of X&G when no one (well, except Minya) is looking. It is charming and endearing to see their banter back and forth. And of course they would play 20 questions! How else to entertain yourself while roaming around Greece?  This episode takes the two of them out of the “warrior princess and sidekick” roles, and we just see a glimpse of them as them.  And you get such a good sense of how close they are, how comfortable they are with each other, that I don’t think comes across quite so outright in other episodes. And also – on my top ten favorite things about Xena ever – the fact that she invents the kite is far up there. Along with the fact that Gabrielle is completely inept at flying it.