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Sherlock (TV series) - Is John the one under the mask?

BBC Sherlock (especially Moffat) takes a lot of inspiration from Xena, which is in turn partially inspired by the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Among many other things, the Ming T’ien arc might have been used as an inspiration:

  • They changed Milverton’s name to Magnussen, making it similar to Ming T’ien’s name.
  • Ming T’ien is a heartless villain and Xena kills him by putting a pin in his head because the world must be rid of him. Sherlock kills Magnussen with a bullet in the head for similar reasons.
  • Xena breaks in Ming T’ien’s palace and finds Gabrielle there as a twist. Sherlock breaks in Magnussen’s building and finds Mary there as a twist.
  • Ming T’ien is called the “green dragon”. Magnussen is called a dragon for Sherlock to defeat.

One part that wouldn’t have been adapted yet fron this arc is the hero’s partner hiding in the villain’s place to prevent the hero from doing something that they might regret.

So, what if John is under the mask in this scene and is trying to stop Sherlock from doing something he might regret? Possibly like killing a villain? 

He would be also dressed in stealth gear, like Mary, who already has this parallel to Gabrielle in His Last Vow.

There is also the fact that the person under the mask has a bandage on the left hand and John might have been in a car accident from what we see from the trailer.

There is another point of interest. John’s left hand is pretty important, as it is the hand where his wedding ring goes.
During a study in pink the importance was already brought up during a visual metaphor for a wedding (read here).

This person under a mask has their left hand specifically under a bandage, which might be significant, in relation to his wedding ring, plot-wise or metaphorically (a wrecked marriage).