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Historically Accurate Xena- now in full colour!

Hiccups and delays aside, here it is. Xena is equipped as an early hoplite; (my headcanon is that, owing to her immense, perhaps semi-divine strength, the bronze is between 4 and 8mm thick- too much for any muscle powered weapon to handle from any angle) packing an early Doru, a Boeotian shield, and a Makhaira sword.
Gabrielle’s Amazonian outfit is a composite of Scythian grave finds; she wields a composite bow and Akinakes sword, wears an elaborate phrygian cap, and the trousers and moccasins of a culture seriously weird to Greeks.
Other avenues are still waiting to be explored! Don’t forget to reblog, and tell me what you think.
I’m absolutely willing to defend my questionable use of snarling Gorgoneiona. Fight me.


This was me at Capital Pride last year. I was walking around dressed as Xena, posing for photos and giving hugs, when I noticed these religious zealots with their microphones and signs spewing their messages of hatred. I always ignore them, but I noticed they were making some people in the crowd visibly upset. A few people were even crying. I couldn’t stand by and let that happen. I hopped over his little chained off section and stood next to him. He immediately turned and began yelling at me and telling the crowd I was going to hell. So I just kept smiling and making funny faces. He eventually gave up yelling to me and about me and tried to go back to taunting people. But no one was taking him seriously with me standing there posing. I’m sure they will be there again this year….and so will I. :-)

SEPTEMBER 4: Xena: Warrior Princess premieres (1995)

On this day in 1995, the very first episode of Xena: Warrior Princess aired on NBC. Although the series had no explicit LGBT characters, the lesbian-coding of its titular character and her gal pal Gabrielle made the show a cult lesbian classic throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

Although dated to today’s audience, Xena: Warrior Princess was a progressive show of storytelling and special effects for its time (x).

Set in a fantasy-eqsue Ancient Greece, Xena: Warrior Princess follows the story of Xena, an Amazon warrior played by Lucy Lawless, as she travels the globe and defends the innocent along with her right-hand woman and farm girl turned fighter, Gabrielle, played by Renee O’Connor. Although the show was a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journey in which the character of Xena was depicted as a villain, Xena: Warrior Princess flipped the script and portrayed Xena as a hero on her path of redemption and eventually surpassed its predecessor in both ratings and popularity. During its second season, it was the top rated syndicated drama series on American television and remained in the top 5 for the rest of the show’s lifespan.

In what would now be deemed as “queerbaiting” of the highest order, lesbian viewers of Xena: Warrior Princess were continually teased by jokes and innuendos in the show about the true nature of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship. In the media landscape of 2017 where LGBT audiences have somewhat of an array of media to choose from, such obvious disregard for lesbian viewers might have tanked the series, but in 1995, it what was catapulted it to cult classic status. Xena became a culturally significant moment in lesbian history. In a hilarious attempt to slyly target lesbian customers, the car company Subaru even released advertisements in the mid-1990s that showed cars with license plates that read “XENA LVR,” and an LGBT rights group was formed that called themselves The Marching Xenas. 

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Although the promised reboot of Xena: Warrior Princess in which Xena and Gabrielle were to be canonically a couple was recently cancelled by NBC, nothing can erase the original show’s cultural impact and the lesbian audience that propelled it forward. In 2006, the Xena costume was donated to the National Museum of American History, and perhaps even more satisfying, in 2003, Lucy Lawless herself gave an interview in which she answered speculation about Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship by saying, “They’re married, man.”



For funsies: historically accurate Xena. I heard that there’s a remake of Xena: Warrior Princess in the wind, and thought that it’s a shame that the show never really dug into the aesthetics of the ancient world, because Antiquity looked dope as hell. I’m pretty sure we’ll get standard Hollywood fantasy aesthetics again, which bums me out, but at least I can draw Xena however I want.

Her fictional biography gives me several possible directions (I will not go into the show’s extended bizarro chronology, you can’t make me); she’s a contemporary of Herakles, placing her at around 1100 BC, in the Mycenaean era. This gave me a style of hair and makeup I frankly couldn’t let go of; it makes her look like a terrifying Onna-Bugeisha. It’s just too good!
However, she’s also meant to be a citizen of Amphipolis, an Athenian colony in Thracia from around the 500′s BC, placing her in early Classical Antiquity. In the first couple of pictures, Xena is either a Thracian barbarian exposed to Greek culture, or a Greek frontierswoman familiar with the ways of the Thracians. This does give her a distinctive throwing weapon to be good with, and some unique sword forms. She could be a higher class Thracian with access to bronze armour, or have simply “acquired” some over time.

Perhaps, instead, I could commit hard to early Classical Antiquity; here, I’ve made her an angry wall of bronze decked out with gorgon heads to symbolise her role as a terrifying, living Fury. Alternatively, a Linothorax (layered linen armour) with pteruges, gives nods to her costume in the show, and looks surprisingly good with the right patterning and notional colours.

Exploring the Mycenaean era of Troy and Heracles gives extensive, if cruder, bronze armour, and some very barbarian-y helmets and flourishes. The Type ci swords are gorgeous, duckbill axes are a lot of fun, but we do have immense shields that heavily obscure our showpiece character. On the other hand, perhaps Xena is especially qualified to actually wield the huge, double-bitted Labrys axe of ancient Minos in battle *unsubtle wink/nudge combo*.

In the show, Gabrielle takes a level of badass with the Amazons; real amazons were likely Scythians, and Scythian culture has given us a magnificent wealth of highly distinctive grave goods, textiles, jewellery, and so on. She’s using a Scythian composite bow (although probably at a lower poundage than an Amazon born to saddle and bow), a lasso, a short Akinakes sword, and a Sagaris axe. (As a former farm girl, she should at least have had good muscle memory with wood axes for her Amazonian trainers to work from.) Next to the hulking, ferocious, armoured tank of Xena, this trickier and more evasive warrior makes for a fun contrast in appearance and style.

Tell me which design/elements you want to see as a part of the final full piece!


Hahahahahahahaha hallway fun 😜
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Xena Warrior Princess Princess- @msbernadetteb
Ball gown by @chadhatter
XenaArmor by @toddscostumes
Corset by @castlecorsetry
Tiara by @mrpinski
Chakrum by @hokuprops
Wig by @outfitterswig

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It’s WONDER WOMAN XENA DAY at @dragoncon !!!!
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Happy #SyndullaSunday with an eversoslightly different photo!

I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit