xena cosplay


So yes hello long time no post here!!

This is may or may not be a surprise. I cosplayed one more time, as my always and forever hero, Xena. Inspired by Isaiah’s art of how Mulan looks very badass dressing up as Xena, so I decided to cosplay her. 

I made the armour for the costume, you can check the progress on my art/craft blog.

I hope you all doing well, I’m quite surprise that most of you are still here. I wish you all the great things in life and have a wonderful day!

(also yes I met Lucy Lawless ((more like Lucy Flawless)) and she is a form of perfection.)


This was me at Capital Pride last year. I was walking around dressed as Xena, posing for photos and giving hugs, when I noticed these religious zealots with their microphones and signs spewing their messages of hatred. I always ignore them, but I noticed they were making some people in the crowd visibly upset. A few people were even crying. I couldn’t stand by and let that happen. I hopped over his little chained off section and stood next to him. He immediately turned and began yelling at me and telling the crowd I was going to hell. So I just kept smiling and making funny faces. He eventually gave up yelling to me and about me and tried to go back to taunting people. But no one was taking him seriously with me standing there posing. I’m sure they will be there again this year….and so will I. :-)


Hey, it was amazing!

Enjoy and repost!

Xena- http://vk.com/id634400
Gabrielle - http://vk.com/strekazzel
Callisto - tophwei.deviantart.com, www.facebook.com/tophweicosplay
Ares - Anders
Aphrodite - http://vk.com/nika_jaekyun
Autolicus - http://vk.com/sinohoulet

And work-team =) :
Make up 1- Natali Grebenkina - http://vk.com/crimson_needle
Make up 2 - Angelina -http://vk.com/angelina.makeup
Photographer- Slava Grebenkin - http://vk.com/sunarthttp://slava-grebenkin.deviantart.com/
Video - Misha Volkov - http://vk.com/id13132041

See this set in Full HD with music - www.Slava-Grebenkin.ru