xena cap

Tony: [Tony speaks to the former Avengers at the compound about the missing Peter] All right, listen up. The last thing I wanted to do was to bring an army down on your heads, but I’m not sacrificing my child. Not for the sake of a selfish pack of heroes who don’t give a damn about the human suffering they cause! 


ok but hey, that’s nothing, just a little inferred lines of thought between two literal soulmates. i could totally be imagining it. wishful thinking, etc etc.

heyyyyy alright Gabrielle, way to play the field. Autolycus is a pretty handsome dude. good for you gab. right? 


but ok i mean that’s nothing. maybe auto’s hands just kinda do their own thing while Xena possesses him to full on kiss gabrielle.

hey! ok! awwww look Joxer finally got his kiss from Gabrielle. there is no possible way this could be misconstrued. right?


I really like the subtle touches that happen whenever one (or both) of them is afraid/trying to reassure the other, this one is easy to miss but that only makes me love it more

Perdicus is literally the worst

X: Oh hey, Perdy

Wait, why are you getting sentimental, what are you…

G: wait am I getting proposed to?

let me immediately turn to my best friend

whose face looks like this at the news

and then like this

and this

after saying “He’s so sensitive and kind. You know, I’ve never known anyone that I’ve ever been so comfortable around–besides you.”

but regardless of her own feelings tells her to do what will make her happy. ignoring subtext, Gabs was still her best friend and would end up leaving her

then halfway through a battle her future spouse decides to give up fighting and leave her

with his so-called love battling for her life right behind him, thank Olympus that Xena doesn’t have time for his shit

he then gives her an ultimatum. ‘Five minutes ago you told me that you are a fighter and I complimented you, but now you have to choose between this life with your best fiend, an amazing woman who will do literally anything for you, or me, that guy you knew as a kid who is ABANDONING YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE.’

And while watching him scurry away from the fight that is still going on and they’re in the middle of she turns to Xena and tells her that 'Why, yes, I just decided this very moment to marry that pathetic sensitive, kind man and am leaving you forever basically.’