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please oh please can I have Xena/Gabrielle in space? <333

This turned out weirdly serious? Blame Jupiter Ascending for making me think thoughts about immortality I guess.

Xena thinks for the first time that she’ll let Gabrielle stay in the middle of Gabrielle’s first space walk. She’s in the suit, staring out at the nebula in the distance, light reflecting off her helmet so Xena can’t figure out her expression from the glare. All she has to go on is Gabrielle’s breathing across the comms, Gabrielle silenced for the first time since she begged passage on Xena’s ship, Gabrielle not asking questions that prod all the tender places Xena is trying to forget about even as she tries to atone for them. All she has is Gabrielle’s wonder, because she’s as breathless and amazed as Xena was the first time she was out with nothing but a suit between her and the vastness of space.

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Xena/Gabrielle, 26

(Elevator meeting!)

Gabrielle is definitely not afraid of elevators. She is definitely definitely not, and if she maybe shrieks a little when the one she’s on with a gorgeous woman straight out of an action movie shudders to a definite stop somewhere between the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh floors, that is a completely rational response to the situation.

The action star sighs in the power-outage dark, and when the emergency lights flicker on, she’s resting her head against the metal door. “Of course.”

“I’m supposed to have a job interview,” Gabrielle says mournfully, sliding down the wall so she can sit on the floor. That’s what people do in movies. It’s probably logical for some reason. Less jostling if the elevator falls down the shaft. Oh God.

“And I’m supposed to have a meeting, but I figure they’ll forgive us.” Action Star sighs and holds her hand out. Gabrielle shakes it, because it sort of seems like the thing to do. Action Star is way too gorgeous to be real. “I’m Xena, I coordinate stunts for The Amazons.”

Gabrielle perks up. “Really? I’m applying for a research job for them, I want to be on the writing team, but they always say you have to pay your dues and the show is great, I’ve loved it since the pilot aired, I was really happy when I saw a position opened up. I’m Gabrielle, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Gabrielle.” Xena sighs at the call button. “Shouldn’t be too long before we get power back, they’re always fast with it in this part of the building. Are you new to LA?”

“Very new!” Gabrielle winces, because now she probably sounds like a tourist. “But I’ve wanted to come here for ages, I’ve always wanted to write for television.”

If there’s anything Gabrielle can do, it’s talk, and Xena doesn’t seem inclined to stop her, so she rattles on for a while, about plots she wishes she could do for the show even though she knows she’s just a potential research assistant. It’s a surprise when the elevator shudders to life again and starts going up, and Gabrielle checks her phone and it’s half an hour later.

It’s even more of a surprise when Xena escorts her to her interview, explains why she was late, and then winks at the man she’s supposed to be interviewing with. “Keep an eye on her, Autolycus, she’s got good ideas.”

And then she’s gone, but that’s okay. Gabrielle is pretty sure she’s going to see her again.

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THE ULTIMATE QUESTION: When do you think Xena and Gabrielle got together romantic-stylez??

See, I am super conflicted about this question. Fairly often I am Team Let’s Prolong The Pining As Long As Possible, but with Xena and Gabrielle, really, it’s quite clear that it happened well before the end.

So I think I’m going to have to go with them getting together late s2, circa “The Quest” and “A Necessary Evil,” while Xena is busy being dead and they Realize Things. That makes “A Day in the Life” them having domestic realizing-how-married-they-are early-relationship things, and then makes s3 the early rocky parts of their relationship since that’s the only time when they sort of might break up, and then they get it fixed up circa “One Against an Army” (which is the BEST EPISODE) and are blissfully married thereafter.

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Xena/Gabrielle - ☆, ■, ♦

Happy headcanon: Since the last two episodes definitely didn’t happen, my happiest headcanon for these two is that after the show, long after the show, when they decide it’s time to settle down a little, they open up a school for hero training, and it becomes a place people come to from all over the world to learn how to be heroes in their own way.

Living arrangements: On the road, in bed pallets right next to each other, bless them! Or in Xena’s grandparents’ farm, once it’s fixed up a little, or at their school for heroes, but really, always together, in the same room or sharing the same fire, that’s the important part.

Quirks/hobbies headcanon: Because I cannot resist, Xena still embroiders sometimes. Gabrielle’s not great at it, she’s a good seamstress but her decorative things can sometimes get a little lopsided because she gets distracted singing or thinking about the universe. Still, some summer days on the road when the days are long enough they don’t travel for all the daylight, they stop and sew, and leave whatever they’ve made in the next village.

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Xena/Gabrielle, Imagine Me & You AU. :D

(My shameful confession is that I actually have not seen this movie. But I know enough to muddle along, I hope!)

Gabrielle loves Perdicus. It’s a fact of life: the sky is blue, the earth is round, Gabrielle is going to marry Perdicus someday. Gabrielle believes in love at first sight, but it’s abstract–her first sight of Perdicus was when they both still wore diapers, so maybe it happened, but she doesn’t remember it. She’s been attracted to other people, sure, but it’s never been enough to distract her.

When she meets Xena, her stomach drops down through her shoes before bobbing up again, and she’s dizzy like she’s been on a roller coaster, and it takes her too long to remember to let go of Xena’s hand. “It’s good to meet you,” she says. “You’re Perdicus’s boss’s girlfriend, right?”

“I’m here with Ares, but I’m not his date.” Xena isn’t looking away either, and her eyes are so blue, and oh, this is everything Gabrielle has ever read about. “I’m–here to congratulate you.”

“Congratulate me,” Gabrielle repeats, and she knows there’s something that’s led to them being in this room but she can’t remember to save her life right now.

“On your wedding next week,” says Xena, and this time it’s Gabrielle’s heart that sinks.

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Xena and Gabrielle, sleep headcanon

Gabrielle is a restless sleeper, all sorts of tossing and turning and talking. At first, this drives Xena completely up the wall–she’s used to needing to be aware while she sleeps, and she wakes up all the time worried they’re in danger because Gabrielle can’t keep still.

After a while, though, it starts being comforting, and eventually Xena finds that she can’t sleep without the noise anymore.

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XENA AND GABRIELLE, OF COURSE. :D I am just gonna be that person who always shows up asking for Xena and Gabrielle.

  • who wears the ugly christmas sweaters GABRIELLE
  • who picks out the holiday movies and who makes the hot cocoa They take turns picking the movies, Gabrielle usually makes the cocoa
  • who starts the snowball fight Gabrielle, but Xena finishes it
  • who drags the other under the mistletoe Oh, both, constantly
  • who decorates the house Xena more the outside, extravagantly, Gabrielle more the inside, in a somewhat scattered manner
  • who hangs up the ornaments on the tree Both of them, definitely
  • who cooks christmas dinner Gabrielle, when she can get Xena to stop using her cooking implements for unintended uses!
  • who invites the other to sing a christmas duet Gabrielle, a hundred hundred times Gabrielle
  • if they have any holiday traditions All sorts of them! Mostly at Gabrielle’s insistence, though some of that insisting is her getting Xena’s family traditions out of her and then making sure those happen.
  • who would start a food fight during baking They both get covered with flour on the regular, let’s be real, and again, usually Gabrielle starts it and then cheerfully loses
  • who would get drunk off of eggnog Gabrielle, absolutely

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Xena/Gabrielle, contemporary fake!dating AU (possibly with an end goal of real!dating?) :) :) :)

(EVERYTHING MY SOUL DESIRES speaking of the Faking It discussion that has gone on today. Although this is not a Faking It AU.)

“So! Xena!”

Two distinct, overenthusiastic sentences. Xena already knows this isn’t going to end well. She looks up from her political science textbook and tries not to grimaces. It’s actually pretty easy not to grimace with Gabrielle a bustle of books and bags and baked goods across the Union table from her. “Hello, Gabrielle. What’s going on?”

“There’s a family reunion and I’m going home this weekend, right?” she says, launching into the story like she was just waiting for the prompt. “Which is great, I haven’t seen the extended family in a really long time. But I just talked to Lilla, and she just talked to Aunt May, and Aunt May says they’re inviting Perdicus. He isn’t even family!”

“Perdicus is the one everyone wants you to marry, right?”

“Ugh, yes, and I can tell them I don’t want to a million times and they don’t believe me, which is ridiculous. So I thought of a great way to keep them from pushing it!”

Xena knows, somehow, that this is going to end in her losing her whole weekend to talking uncomfortably with Gabrielle’s three thousand great aunts. “And what way is that?”

Gabrielle nudges a muffin across the table towards her. “You could be my girlfriend?”

Xena was expecting to be conned into going along platonically to keep people off Gabrielle’s back, but she was honestly not expecting this. “I could what.”

“My girlfriend! They all know I’m bi and I talk about you all the time, so it shouldn’t be that big a deal for them. If it’s okay with you.” She smiles hopefully. “Is it okay with you? I haven’t told them anything yet.”

If Xena had self-preservation instincts, she would say no. However, she’s not good at those where Gabrielle is concerned. Instead, she heaves a sigh. “When do we leave?”

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Tell me about Xena for the fandom meme!

Oh man, even more than usual I’m bad at disliking people in Xena. But let’s see what I can come up with in general!

The first character I first fell in love with Xena herself, of course!
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Aphrodite, man. No one warned me how awesome Aphrodite is!
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: I don’t know? I don’t think I know enough about General Fandom Opinions for Xena to know the answer to this one. Joxer annoys the crap out of me, though.
The character I love that everyone else hates: People hate on Ares sometimes, I guess? And that man is a beefcake, albeit a beefcake with TERRIBLE facial hair choices. But I like him in the same way I like Spike from Buffy, where they’re objectively awful and are probably like cats leaving murderpresents on your doorstep but I love them anyway.
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Nobody, I love them all!
The character I would totally smooch: Xena! Or Callisto (see: my love of people who would totally leave murderpresents, see also The League of Dangerous Blonds).
The character I’d want to be like: Xena, of course. She can embroider AND beat people up AND woo the ladies like nobody’s business.
The character I’d slap: Ares. I may love the dude, but seriously, Ares.
A pairing that I despise: When I first went on the AO3 looking for Xena fic, so much of it was Joxer/Ares, and I just. Why.

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Xena and Gabrielle go traveling with the Doctor!

(This turned out a bit longer than three sentences. I do what I want!)

“Tell you what, Gabrielle, I met someone else once who calls himself a Bard, what do you say we go meet him? Quick spin through time, call it a test drive.”

Xena knows before Gabrielle even turns wide, pleading eyes on her that she’s going to have to say yes, even if she trusts the man with the strange clothes about as far as Gabrielle could throw him. This doesn’t sound like one of Ares’s plans, and she knows she can handle any other trouble that comes their way. “Fine.”

The man who calls himself the Doctor grins and pulls a few levers, jolting the room they’re in (and later on, Xena is going to figure out exactly what he means by “bigger on the inside”). “Right then, let’s go!”

As Xena starts exploring the room, chakram in hand, she hears Gabrielle talking to the Doctor in the background. “What are you wearing around your neck?”

“It’s a bowtie. Bowties are cool.”

(This ends, of course, in Shakespeare writing a lost play about Amazons, lost because he gives it to Xena and Gabrielle as a souvenir. But I’m sure you expected nothing less.)

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Crossovers/AUs for the Xena fandom?

All my favorite showwwwssss.

  • I haven’t even watched BBC Atlantis yet, but BBC Atlantis crossover, because let me tell you, Xena would walk into that city and go “fuck that destiny noise” and everything would be excellent.
  • I already said this for Elementary, but the AU where they are IN SPACE. And Xena has a ship and wants to make up for her career as the head of a mercenary fleet and on a little backwater planet she picks up a stowaway (“You’ve got to take me with you, teach me everything you know. I want so much to be like you”).
  • … Looks like I am going to just be repeating things because SUPERHEROES. Xena is a former supervillain (or a Black Widow-esque figure–she’s got red in her ledger, she’d like to wipe it out), Gabrielle is adorkable tech support for her.
  • Princess Diaries AU? A modern AU where either Bad Girl Xena discovers she’s the princess of Whereverland and her best friend Gabrielle is jealous and dreamy about it, or where Gabrielle discovers she’s the princess of Whereverland and Xena worries she is going to lose her BFF to being a fairy tale princess.
  • Randomly, can I get a Pern AU up in here? Gabrielle is the bard who accidentally Impresses a queen dragon, Xena is the senior queen rider who shows her the ropes.

qarathium replied to your post: I am trying to get back into the habit of fanfic…

How about a Xena or Merlin Teen Wolf!Fusion?

A Xena Teen Wolf fusion? Be still my heart! Once again, more than three sentences, but consider yourselves lucky I am not dumping several thousand words of this one you.


“How did you know?”

“Oh my God!” Gabrielle tries to jump and spin in her desk chair at the same time and just ends up falling out of it, because there is a strange woman at her window. Well, she would be strange if she and Joxer hadn’t run into her in the woods earlier. And she’s still strange in the sense of weird. “That’s my window! That is not a door!”

And that was not an invitation, but Xena climbs through the window anyway, all long legs and leather jacket and scowling face just like she was in the woods with Joxer earlier. “Tell me how you knew. I heard you talking to him in the woods, and I want to know how you knew.”

“I really need more specificity than that, we talked about a lot of things in the woods, did you know that my dad’s a deputy on the police force?” He’s out looking for the other half of the body they found, but she figures it’s worth mentioning.

Xena’s voice is more growl than speech when she answers. “How you knew we’re werewolves.”

nonisland replied to your post: I am trying to get back into the habit of fanfic…

If a Xena high school or college AU is a thing you feel capable of doing, I would be delighted to read it.

(College AU!)

Gabrielle categorically denies that she signed up to take the travel course to Greece because she’s in love with the TA; it’s a good way to get her last history credits out of the way, that’s all, and she likes studying Greek myths and all that as an English major. Everything totally aboveboard, absolutely, nothing to analyze there, and if Joxer’s “uh-huh” is more sarcastic than it needs to be, she is above that and going to ignore it just like she ignores the TA’s face. And hair. And breasts. And everything below that.

She also denies that on the plane when the TA sits beside her and says “Hi, I’m Xena. Have a roommate for when we land in Athens yet?” her reaction is a shrieked “Let’s do it!” that leaves her with no dignity whatsoever.

(It’s no use denying that she called Joxer from a bar in Athens on her international calling card to extol Xena’s many virtues in and out of bed because he records the call, but by that point she doesn’t much mind.)

dollsome-does-tumblr asked:

When I first saw the raining hearts in a fanvideo ages ago, I thought that they had been added in by the vidder because they were so overwhelmed by the power of the smitten Xena/Gabby gazing. And then -- THE HEARTS THEMSELVES WERE CANON.

I saw them in gifsets and also thought they were edited in! And then I watched the episode and I cannot describe the noises I made, it was kind of embarrassing. Actual hearts! Raining in front of their faces!

Everybody, this is the kind of quality you get when you’re watching Xena.

siempreteprometo asked:

Wait, okay, so I only saw the Xena finale once, and I was, like, eight years old, but doesn't Gabrielle bring Xena back to life with a kiss? ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT MERLIN COULD HAVE BROUGHT ARTHUR BACK IF HE HAD JUST GIVEN IN AND KISSED HIM ALL THOSE TIMES? Man, if Kilgharrah hadn't arrived when he did...

Alas, Xena was temporarily revived by the kiss but did not stay that way. If only! Mostly I want this theoretical gif/photoset to exist because apparently I am an emotional masochist? But I am fond of parallels any way I can find them, intentional or not.

dreamer-98 asked:

top 5 xena episodes (only if you want to)

I definitely want to.

  1. One Against an Army
  2. When Fates Collide
  3. Been There, Done That
  4. The Xena Scrolls
  5. Many Happy Returns (which was the last episode. Nothing happened after that. Definitely)

That could change tomorrow, but those are the ones I love enough to know the titles off the top of my head, which says a lot.

nonisland replied to your post: When I first saw the raining hearts in a fanvideo ages ago, I thought that they had been added in by the vidder because they were so overwhelmed by the power of the smitten Xena/Gabby gazing. And then — THE HEARTS THEMSELVES WERE CANON.

Xena has just wobbled forward again to the beginning of my ridiculously long to-watch queue because w h a t.

I can not possibly overemphasize the level of in-love these two are! I mean, the Actualfacts Hearteyes don’t happen until season six, but there’s still hugs and kisses and handholding and professions of love and basically it’s like everyone’s favorite slash ship only more demonstrative and obvious.


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Apocalypse fic with Xena/Gabrielle?

(OH HI ANON LET ME LOVE YOU. I have been saving this one for last. Also this reminds me that I should do more with the Xena Teen Wolf AU I snippeted one time. *watches to-do list get longer and longer …*)

“In a time of powered superhumans, warlords, and kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a mighty hero. She was Xena, a mighty warrior forged in the heat of the nuclear apocalypse. The power. The passion. The danger. Her courage will save the world.”

Actually I think this would be a really serious fic. After the apocalypse, the world reverts to smaller settlements, with rogue bands of warriors taking what they want through might and superhumans who gained powers from the apocalypse (… okay, maybe not /that/ serious) being worshipped as gods. Xena goes from being one of those rogue warriors, with a whole army at her back, to trying to atone for her deeds after finding a library from the Old World with the help of Hercules and realizing that humanity can and should be better. Also in this library she meets Gabrielle, who is part of one of the settlements and insists upon following her into the dangerous apocalyptic landscape.

Beasts, gods, nuclear fallout … those are only a few of the things that Xena and Gabrielle face together, but against all odds they manage to survive (finale, what finale?) and thrive and help humanity find new ways to make their lives work, and also they fall in love, because they love each other the most in every universe out there.