Growing up, I’ve kind of always gravitated towards shows and movies with strong, interesting, complex female characters and I always looked up to them later in my life as well. It was important to me to have role models like that on TV. Here are just some of my favs that came to my mind first, I couldn’t fit everyone even if I tried to.

9 Reasons Why Xena and Lexa Are Both Awesome

Let us take a moment to observe some of the marvelous similarities between the two gayest warriors on television ever.

1) Four letter X name rolls off the tongue. Also rides a horse.

2) Skilled with a sword. 

3) Throne sass.

4) Begrudgingly accepts annoying blonde after proven to be an asset.

5) Falls in love with annoying blonde who got less annoying.

6) Fucks up real bad.

7) Makes up for it.

8) Is forgiven.

9) Eternally reincarnated forever to the end of time.

And that, my friends, is why Xena and Lexa are both Good Things.