Historically Accurate Xena- now in full colour!

Hiccups and delays aside, here it is. Xena is equipped as an early hoplite; (my headcanon is that, owing to her immense, perhaps semi-divine strength, the bronze is between 4 and 8mm thick- too much for any muscle powered weapon to handle from any angle) packing an early Doru, a Boeotian shield, and a Makhaira sword.
Gabrielle’s Amazonian outfit is a composite of Scythian grave finds; she wields a composite bow and Akinakes sword, wears an elaborate phrygian cap, and the trousers and moccasins of a culture seriously weird to Greeks.
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I’m absolutely willing to defend my questionable use of snarling Gorgoneiona. Fight me.

Dear Supergirl cast

Do you know what happened when Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor found out that Xena and Gabrielle got shipped?

They embraced it.

They didn’t mock it and shout “they are just friends!” while laughing and looking immature…

Do you know what that got them?

A fandom that is still going strong, 16 YEARS AFTER THE LAST EPISODE AIRED.