23 reasons why Katie McGrath would make a great Xena

If there’s gotta be a Xena reboot with a new cast, I think there’s one standout choice. Add more reasons if you think of any!

1. She’s a master of the Evil Smirk™, and recognizes the importance of headwear to signal your evilness.

2. She knows how to throne.

3. She’s clearly been practicing her Angry Screaming Xena face in the mirror.

4. Like Xena, she does the Royalty Look™ right.

5. Hooray for sword flipping!

6. Looks great on a horse when Good™…

Or Evil™!

7. She understands that whenever your gal pal kinda sorta dies, you gotta wear a lot of fur and head into the snowy snowy mountains.

8. She freaking OWNS the red lipstick look.

9. And appreciates a good donut.

10. She knows how to deal with gross advances from lame unwanted husbands.

11. Or really from any men, actually.

12. She’s got that thing where she’s always sexy, but somehow gets even hotter when covered in dirt.

13. When she’s not busy being sexy, she spends a lot of time making faces.

14. She knows the power of an arm cross.

15. And she likes a nice blade.

16. She’s also a fan of the Casual Hand Wave of Coolness.

17. And knows the proper facial reaction for when men are speaking.

18. She’s used to being a lone wolf with a dark, lonely past, who’s never had a real friend before.

19. But she’s excellent at cuddles. 

20. And she instinctually knows the look to give your gal pal over a campfire.

21. And even though she’s a total badass, she’s also a fluffy soft lil puppy with ridiculously beautiful eyes.

22. Exhibit B.

23. And, perhaps most importantly, she’s really good at this:

Thank you for attending my TEDTalk, and thanks to the original sources of these screen caps and gifs!

Historically Accurate Xena- now in full colour!

Hiccups and delays aside, here it is. Xena is equipped as an early hoplite; (my headcanon is that, owing to her immense, perhaps semi-divine strength, the bronze is between 4 and 8mm thick- too much for any muscle powered weapon to handle from any angle) packing an early Doru, a Boeotian shield, and a Makhaira sword.
Gabrielle’s Amazonian outfit is a composite of Scythian grave finds; she wields a composite bow and Akinakes sword, wears an elaborate phrygian cap, and the trousers and moccasins of a culture seriously weird to Greeks.
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I’m absolutely willing to defend my questionable use of snarling Gorgoneiona. Fight me.