Don’t get me started on how, in “When Fates Collide,” some part of Gabrielle remembered the events of “Fallen Angel” in the alt timeline and translated those memories into a sappy het romance.

It showed us the exact same scene with the exact same line, but spoken by a het couple, and it’s 100% clear how romantic it is.


Women’s Appreciation Week | Day Two ♀ favourite female driven show


Xena - 6x18 - When Fates Collide

This is now a thing, so say I

Last week I was listening to a radio interview about ethics in journalism (I’m not joking, and it had nothing to do with gaming so don’t worry) and the man being interviewed said “we don’t have any Lois Lanes”

He used this metaphor as if it was self-explanatory but the interviewer stopped him and asked what he meant and he explained that there was no journalist that would work outside the influence of their biased employers. He apologized for being too geeky and not being clear but what he did is amazing and we need to make this a thing.

“There is no journalist that would or could work outside of the limitations of their biased employers/funders” is now “We have no Lois Lanes”

“No one soldier can be expected to ethically make decisions without the coordination of their unit which needs to be policed by legislated codes of conduct” is now “We have no Xenas”

You guys come up with more