Femslash Gothic
- You hear rumors of a canon queer female in that new show. You end up watching five seasons just to find the character in a single episode, never to be seen again.

- There’s a blonde and a brunette, you ship them.  You can’t remember a time when you didn’t ship them.

- The internet screams about a particular pairing, you’ve never heard of this pairing before.  The next day it’s all you know.

- “Have you watched Xena?” they all say, over and over. You have, of course you have.  Haven’t you?

- Two women on screen speak to each other, their chemistry is obvious.  Or are you just hungry? So very hungry.

- “Vote in this poll to show them what we want!”  Who are ‘them’?  Why aren’t we asking what they want?

- You sit down to watch a new show, swearing you’re just going to relax and enjoy it.  Two episodes in and you find yourself screaming for them to kiss.  You scream endlessly with no result.

- “Have you heard of-?” Yes.  You’ve heard of everything. All of them whisper to you, crying out for validation.


Xena’s not even trying to be subtle. Nobody in that room missed this little exchange, but not one of them was surprised. 

Why Xena is an amazing superhero:  She dignifies what patriarchy belittles

People have pointed out before that Xena does not shame other women or shame men for being feminine.  Zero percent fem-shaming.  She values feminine characters and traits instead and actually learns from them.  

There’s more…

You know how much slut-shaming Xena did?  None.  Not even her past and highly evil self got shamed for having sex. 

You know how many emo feelings Xena had despite her capacity for extremely instrumental, strategic military action?  All of them.  All of the feelings.  

You know how much having a woman as a life partner damaged Xena’s self-identity?  None.  It actually just made it more awesome.

You know how many seconds it took Xena to deal with her cisgender privilege and act in pragmatic solidarity with a trans woman?  Less than ten seconds.  

Xena had more respect for her horse than most action heroes have for their own lives.  

She offered more and more dignity to herself and other people throughout the show.  It was part of her character’s development, part of her heroism. 

And that is another way of articulating why Xena is so awesome. 

Happy (late) Birthday to the one and only xenaphobiia!! I hope you had a rad birthday filled with laughs and sasusaku! Also, I’m glad I managed to make it in time for this birthday, cheers to many more! I’ve followed your writing since forever ago, since I was a curious little child and opened up fanfiction. (lol) 

I wish you happiness and luck in whatever you’re doing in life, and I will happily join your wagon filled with AU’s ~~  

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