Because it still baffles me that xena and gabrielle arent considered ‘out’ I’m gonna go on a rant about the poem in many happy returns.

It was a LOVE POEM written by SAPPHO. Do you know who sappho is? I’ll give you a hint. She comes from the island of lesbos. No, thats not a coincidence. The word lesbian was named specifically after her birthplace because she was just that gay. She’s known as like the lesbian of all lesbians. And a good poet? But mostly just super duper stone cold gay.

So. Imagine for a second that a guy wanted to give his bro a present. So he gave him a moving love poem written just for him by Homo McGay from samesexloveland who is popularly known as the most notable gay man. And the bro was like ‘awesome! Homo McGay is my favourite poet! He’s just so passionate about how much he loves men. This means so much coming from you!’ Then they rode off on a pure white horse into the sunset, laughing the entire way.

Could you honestly say that either of the men seem straight in any way?

No? Then How The Fuck Does Anyone Think Xena And Gabrielle Are.

@xenite88 replied to your photoset “This week on Xena: Warrior Podcast, Vera draws a parallel between Xena…”

This podcast is the first I have ever finally listened to. It literally completes my week. You all have a great temp to the dialogue and constantly make me laugh out loud. Thanks for insight and experience to travel through the eps with added vision. I’m going to the march in DC this weekend and know my Xenites will represent. Xena for president!!!

Thank you muchly! Delighted our podcast is adding to your experience of watching the show. All three of us wish you the best of luck at the march. 

Xena is one stoic hoe.  Gets shot in the neck with poison dart.  Pockets it and doesn’t bother to mention it.  Realizes she’s going to go blind while saving her friend.  Moves on with a slightly annoyed look.  Gets stuck in her nemesis’s body.  Doesn’t seem flustered.  Asks for a bowl of water after a fight.  Casually spits out a jaw tooth.  Allows herself to be hung upside down and beaten nearly to death to stay undercover.  Makes a joke about it right after.  But, man, you even suggest that you’re gonna fuck with Gabrielle, and that woman becomes one sublime dramatic hoe.