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xemsai: fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars;; you are all I long for and all I worship and adore
xemqua: I know you;; I walked with you once upon a dream;; I know you;; that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
xemaku: like fire;; hellfire;; this fire in my skin;; this burning desire is turning me to sin
xalxem: it’s a dark and shiny place;; but with you my dear I’m safe and we’re a million miles away
xigxem: yes I am a carnival;; a house of mirrors;; and I will con you

eventshorizon asked:

XemRox! Because why the hell not. XemAx if you feel up to it.

[lmao okay here’s XemRox bb]

  • Name: Yvain
  • Gender: Male (born female but just identifies as male)
  • General Appearance: Still very much a child, about 3’3”. Splitting image of Roxas except for slightly longer hair.
  • Personality: Sweetest little child you’ll ever meet. Always easy to please, innocent and very friendly.
  • Special Talents: Not known yet
  • Who they like better: Roxas
  • Who they take after more: Roxas
  • Personal Head canon: Yvain always wishes Xemnas would spend more time with him.
  • Face Claim:


  • Name: Isa
  • Gender: Male
  • General Appearance: Tall and slightly muscular, standing at about 5’9”. Spiky red hair, slightly tan skin. Amber eyes, has a tattoo on the right cheek just below the eye.
  • Personality: Quiet, passive-aggressive at times but generally quite obedient. Has a a bit of a ‘big brother’ streak and always tries to protect his twin sister Emerise. 
  • Special Talents: Highly empathic, very quick.
  • Who they like better: Both
  • Who they take after more: Axel
  • Personal Head canon: Isa is named after Saix’s original persona, Isa. It was basically a tribute by Axel, to commemorate the friend he had lost.
  • Face Claim: