Just .. a story that came to me I kinda been  wanting to See Sora fighting the darkness that is in his heart. 


It was something about the ocean that made him feel more relaxed than anything.  His mind could just wonder he didn’t have to hide how he felt.  The breeze felt amazing to his cheeks as he walked down to the shore it was early morning so no one would be out there to bother him his feet enjoyed the cool sand under his toes and sound of the waves hitting the rocks.  It felt like all his worries could just go with the tide if only it was that easy.  He let out a sigh.  He didn’t turn on his phone for the past few days he just wanted to be alone.

If they knew what he was going though he didn’t want to hurt them. He didn’t it was better if he just was alone with his thoughts.  He looked up at the lighthouse closing his eyes shut.  How many times this week he snuked out? He lost count by now he wanted to be out of the house before anyone would be awake. All he wanted to do was to get away  he didn’t have to think of the darkness that was creeping more and more on him. Or worry about his self doubt that was building up.

‘Give in to the darkness..there would be answers that you seek..’  He shook his head fastly ever since the exam he been having more and more trouble with his own darkness.  ‘We have more than we planned… I didn’t think you becoming a vessel would be so easy? Pathetic… I expected more of a fight from you, you said you want to be a so called Keyblade master?’  He held his arms tightly to himself as he  tried his best to block out that voice.

“S-shut up..” He screamed out looking out to the water. What he needed right then was to see his Dolphin.. His older brother  looking at him but at the moment the water was calm nothing was out on it.  All he could do was look out and looking around.  ‘Your useless on your own… Friends are your power right? Don’t use that pathetic insolent line that I don’t have any… Because relying on your so called friends can be a huge burden to them… Them having to come by your side all the time… Oh the hatred they must have for you…’   That voice again that  voice that been hunting him it won’t leave him alone no matter how hard he tried to hide away.  

“N-no it can’t be true..”  He  looked at himself in the water  his reflection showed golden eyes flashing in front of his eyes.  He hated seeing himself like this he did as he cupped his ears tightly trying his best to block the voice and the person who stood behind him.

“Why did the keyblade chose you anyways?”  He felt a hand grabbing him as he turn around.  “What do you want from me!”  Was it enough that he hunt his dreams?  Can’t he be safe from him here?  He looked at the golden eyes and long white hair.  “For someone who.. Never gives up.. Looks to me .. you are..”

He jumped back as his foot  hit the ocean.  “It was your fault  after all about your older brother.. Sora..”  Sora looked up at him. “N-no It wasn’t.. H-he..”  He felt the wayfinder in his hand looking up at him.   Talking about his older brother was a snore spot for him.

“Anyways.. Where’s your friends?  Or certain one with silver hair? Where you dream eater?”  The young male  walked closer to him.  “L-leave me alone..  Xehnort..”

“Join me to the darkness..”  He grabbed his wrist tightly into as the darkness flowed through him. It was burning his skin as he yelled  loudly.  He could feel himself growing weaker.  “ I see you are no match to the darkness..”


A voice yelled out his name as Xehanort snarled. “.. I’m not done yet..”  As he disappeared into the darkness.


A Silver haired male came running up to him. “There you are.. I been looking.. Sora?…”   The younger male looked up at   him smiling a little. “I-I’m o-okay.. R-Riku.”  He manged a soft smile as he fainted into his arms as the only sound he heard was the waves hitting the rock.

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