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So I hate to put you on the spot but I have to know. If drew is short for Andrew (tbh I never knew that was a thing until I followed you) is there actually people named drew that isn't short for Andrew. My distract manager is named drew. So like is his name really Andrew? Has the trust I've built with him all based on a lie?.

The old me would have assumed that all people named Drew are actually named Andrew. However, I have a cousin whose legal name is “Lexi.” Not Alexis, Alexandra, or anything like that. Her birth certificate says “Lexi.” So maybe someone’s legal name is Drew.

some people dont care if your love is a lie, and im not one of them

Ive seen love to many times to take it at face value. i want true love, that’s what i deserve, so i wont love you just because you have money. i wont love you because you care for me, because you are hot. i wont love you because you are nice to me. I’m too smart to make those stupid mistakes. I want real love, so when you say you love me, you better mean it. That goes for my family, my friends and my lovers, don’t love me and then banish me away. IF you say you will always love me, then you better mean it. You best understand what love is and how it works. Because out there some people don’t care if your love is a lie, they take it all, but i dont like watching people get hurt. So if you are going to say you love someone you better understand what that means, and how exactly it works. Because i need something more than you then cheap thrills I need the good stuff.

hope. a message for a failed relationship

i find hope in facts.

and the facts unsavory as they are is that we will love again, life gives you many opportunities to do something until you get it right.

so we will have more relationships, better relationships all in the hope that one day we will get it right.

the right person, the right things to say, thee right everything and fortunately those chances are pretty good.

so i learn from every failed relationship to better the next, i still havent gotten it right but i know one day i will and thats enough.

so cheer up and get back out there analyzing your relationship and bettering from it.

its true; everything hapens for a reason, now all you have to do is beleive it. which is the hardest part.

I am too much of a independent person for this

My gf wants to see me every day, like every day.

i dont like seeing some one every day, heck i don’t even see my grandma everyday and i live with her.

she is too needy, i dont want someone to need me, i want them to want me.

I am litterly two seconds away from pulling her emotional umbilical cord and setting this baby free.

the main reason relationships end is because of poor communication

we live in a society where communication is far more available then ever before, the problem is we have forgotten how to communicate to each other. this problems is very minor in everyday life but when it comes to building a relationship it makes all the difference, since relationships are built out of trust and communication. trust and communication are cylindrical since you cannot have one with out the other, for how can you trust someone when you don’t talk to them, how can you truly tell someone everything when you don’t trust them. so here lies the problems more than ever people in relationships suffer from poor communication skills which lead to a lack of trust. of course they speak but what they speak of is of little importance since they do not trust each other enough to say what they really want to say. they don’t speak what they want because they don’t trust the person enough not to freak out. so what ends up happening is we save all the things we have wanted to say but never did and they build up inside until they finally break out.

I like someone

so don’t mind me,while I enjoy this for as long as it last

sure the possibilities remain that this can end badly, but a boy can dream

its not always about what is possible, sometimes its just about what we want to believe

this time I want to believe that things will end grately

regardless I am happy for the moment, and in this moment I remember what likeing someone feels like, and I will always remember this.

I wish him luck regardless of what happens, but I want him and the world to know that I am happy at this very moment

“with your kiss my life begins, you spring to me, all things to me, don’t you know your life its self, like a leaf clings to a tree, oh my darling cling to me.” -Wild is the wind, Nina Simone

In the name of good, A cross of change

Religion is such a heated subject, mostly because it involves someones deepest beliefs. Most people need to believe in something to get it through life, so when someone challenges something that has given us everything we are willing to die. there is nothing wrong with willing to die for your beliefs, that is your right to do so. the problem then arises when we are willing to kill and hurt other people for our beliefs. in the name of god people hurt others to make them holy, to make them sacred. Perhaps they do things in the name of god, but in no way are these gods actions. they attempt to create a good deed, with an evil one. the truth is it doesn’t matter what someone is, or what someone does, what matters is what we do to them. Do we help them by bettering them regardless of their beliefs, do we respect there beliefs knowing that’s what they need to get through the day. Or do we hurt them using a cross as a single for change, creating religion an instrument for hate, a way of changing people against there will, instead of loving them for who they are. There is no god who ever tried to change the world in this way.

My religion:

I believe in god, even though some people tell me I am evil and a sinner.

I believe in god even though people tell me he will never love me.

I believe in god even though people tell me it is a lie, and that I am dumb.

I believe in god despite the fact he might not exist.

I believe in god despite the fact some people will hate or love me based on this fact alone, and not on who i am

I believe in god, because if there is something that gives meaning to the world(what ever it may be;man, science, reason, belief,,ect.) that helps people get through the days, that simplifies the chaos, that lets people believe in people, that helps others who would not receive help, then who am i to take that away. who am i to say it is a lie, who am i not to believe.

I believe because i believe in the cause not because i believe in the people who control it, but in the force that creates it.

I don,t speak so others can listen, i’ve stop doing that years ago. i speak so i have spoken, so i am not silent. listening is up to them, but the speaking is up to me, and i will not fail on my part.
—  Derrick H. paper 29
Want or need

Wldo I want you like I want a chocolate bar? Or do I need you like I need air. I crave you feel for you. I feel like I want us to work but I’m still a little stuck in my own need.

lets talk man to man.

Apparently my Moms husband is big on male gender roles and has specific beliefs of what a man should be. So, before I can move in he wants to talk man to man. I hope he doesn’t tell me what the male gender roles are and that I should follow them, that I should be what his definition of a Man is. The whole concept to me is weird, when I think of what a man should be I think; Identifies with having or wanting male chromosome Y, someone of the male sex, cis gender or otherwise stated, Male gender Identity, A person whom Identifies with being a man, perhaps has male genitalia. I don’t think ok a man should be strong, masculine, born a man, protect the herd, rule the house, should show no emotion. To me that whole concept is weird, because I don’t brake people into groups, People are just people all possessing the same equal rights. I think that some genders have a higher chance of being something (or doing something), but I don’t think they HAVE to do or be that specific thing, to be a REAL person of that gender.

this concept of gender roles, and stereotypes doesn’t makes sense to me.