Short sweet doodles that I did over the last few weeks to keep myself sane during the insane deadlines period. Got to experiment with more dynamic poses, lighting and a more limited range of colors while using other people’s OCs as test subjects. 

Deja might probably recognize the last few panels XD

Featured characters:


Sweet: This really IS turning into a big party! I just hope I can have to the time to…hmm? Sapphire? o.o

((Thaaaaaaaaaaank you all for being patient! xD Me getting sick put me behind a few days but now I feel up to updating again! Got to get a few more in before the month is up! *rubs wrist* ow XD
Also!! PLEEEEEAAAAASEEEEE no more “can I come in” or “knocks on door”! I need ones that are already at the party! XD
Panel 2: Red and Mazak-fru
Panel 3: Chime, Stormdrake, Spirit-Beat, Zero, Clock-gear, Chain Lightning, Hasikon, and CloudNova
Panel 4 and 5: Roose Berry
Panel 8: True Half Blood, Dynamo, Steel Strings, Knightstar, Blue Raptor, Dance and Amber, Widget, Coolman, Fenrir, BlueBell, Lathos, and Scootaloo
Panel 10: Sapphire

Another note! I included questions this time because I keep getting asks about HOW people should ask to be included. Yes you can still submit them and here are a few examples of how they did it ^^