The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website

12” X 24” 4 color screen prints, available individually or in matching numbered sets. Also available in an uber limited edition on wood of just 30 sets.

Timed release beginning 12pm EST Thursday, January 15th, 2015, until Sunday, January 18th 11.59pm from the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

Part of Matt’s solo art show, “Distant Lands” opening March 27th, 2015, at Bottleneck Gallery.


Distant Lands by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website / Twitter

12″ X 24″ screen prints, S/N editions of 50. Part of Matt’s solo art show, “Distant Lands“ opening March 27th, 2015, at the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

The Hobbit piece is also available as a timed release until 11.59pm EST on Sunday March 29th, as it forms part of Matt’s previously released Lord of the Rings Trilogy poster series.  

All remaining artwork will be available online from 12pm EST Saturday, March 28th, HERE.


Sweet: This really IS turning into a big party! I just hope I can have to the time to…hmm? Sapphire? o.o

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Panel 2: Red and Mazak-fru
Panel 3: Chime, Stormdrake, Spirit-Beat, Zero, Clock-gear, Chain Lightning, Hasikon, and CloudNova
Panel 4 and 5: Roose Berry
Panel 8: True Half Blood, Dynamo, Steel Strings, Knightstar, Blue Raptor, Dance and Amber, Widget, Coolman, Fenrir, BlueBell, Lathos, and Scootaloo
Panel 10: Sapphire

Another note! I included questions this time because I keep getting asks about HOW people should ask to be included. Yes you can still submit them and here are a few examples of how they did it ^^

Strong in my Family by Tim Doyle / Tumblr / Store

12″ X 24″ screen print, S/N edition to be determined. This will only ever be available for free with all purchases in this Nakatomi Tube Sale, which begins Tuesday May 12, 2015, at 2pm CST HERE

Check out more info on possible tube contents, plus the randomly inserted black and white variant in an edition of just 5, HERE.


The Terminator by Grzegorz Domaradzki

24” X 36” 5 color screen prints, numbered regular edition of 325, variant edition of 175 and foil edition of 50. Part one of a diptych set also featuring Terminator 2: JD which will follow in January.

Available from Grey Matter Art at a random time between 1-2pm EST Tuesday, December 16th 2014 HERE. Follow GMA’s twitter feed for the exact sale announcement HERE.


World Premier Exclusive First Look!!!

Like My Father Before Me (ROTJ) by Joshua Budich / Twitter / Tumblr

18” X 24” 5 color screen print, S/N edition of 100.

This final print in the original trilogy series will be available this Friday, August 15th, 2014, from the AvC store on 6pm BST (10am PDT / 1pm EST), HERE.

Proceeds from the sales will be donated to the charities supported by Art V Cancer.


World Premier Exclusive First Look!!!

Marvel Masks by Jason Liwag  / Facebook / Tumblr

5" X 5" mini giclee print series, limited editions of 25 each. Three different sets will be available, two at Jason’s booth alongside JC Richard and another exclusively at the Phone Booth Gallery booth.

On sale September 20th-21st, 2014, at Mondo-Con in Austin, TX. 

A very small quantity will also be held back to be made available online shortly afterwards direct from Jason’s store, HERE.

World Premier Exclusive First Look!!!

Fauno by Samuel “Sho” Ho / Blog / Tumblr

16" X 20" Giclee print, numbered edition of 30. Online sales begin 1pm  Saturday, January 18th 2014, HERE.

Part of the Imagined Worlds art show, opening January 17th 2014, at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook