Happy Birthday~!♡♡ Hime (5.20) live loong and prosper! :’)



I like to call this “Les Miserables: The Infomercial” I mean “buy this amaizing feedback and you will see results in a week! Just check our before and after models!” (?)

Joking apart, I think this could be useful for everyone (and I love laughing of myself even when I force myself to be perfect and when I make a mistake I feel terrible (?) so I’m making this my therapy) Well, what I mean with this is that everyone makes mistakes and that’s ok. Feedback is important because we may be very afraid of failing or insecure we don’t want to realize our mistakes or just don’t think we can do it better and we are like “I better don’t redo this because I’m going to spoil the whole drawing”. 
Still, even if it’s scary, listening to feedback will help you improve a lot u3u Again, we all make mistakes, being able to correct them is important and worth trying. And it’s ok if you couldn’t see it at first. Make a pause, breath and analyze what went wrong all the times you need until you find the way to make it better.

So hope this proves you can also go a step forward and improve, step by step u3u I super believe in you!