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Fan Report: Messiah ~ Hakugin no Shou ~ (Eiri x Haku and Their Many Ad-Libs)

Fan Report: Messiah ~ Hakugin no Shou ~ (Dream Sequences and Goseiger References): http://rz-jocelyn.tumblr.com/post/73941318069/fan-report-messiah-hakugin-no-shou-dream

And, here’s another dialogue excerpt as reported by a fan. xD

To set the scene, because of a particular incident, Shuusuke and Souma returned to their former selves (before they became close as partners).

Eiri: Say, what’s up with them?

Haku: Don’t you know? Apparently, they haven’t been talking recently.

Eiri: Eh? Why’s that! I didn’t hear anything! Why?

Haku: I don’t know the reason either. By the way, Messiahs who go through with their graduation mission have to sleep in different rooms.

Eiri: Really!?

Haku: Eiri… You’re thinking that you would like to sleep in a separate room from me right now, aren’t you?

Eiri: Eh? I’m thinking no such thing. (^o^)

Haku: Eiri!

Eiri: I thought about it just a little.

Haku: Nice [tsukkomi]!

Eiri: That aside!

Haku: If we look at them now, it’s pretty serious.

Eiri: What happened? For them to become like that now?

Haku: Yes!! [Note: I’m assuming that here Haku raises his hand, like one would do in a classroom when the teacher asks students to answer questions.]

Eiri: Yes, Haku-kun.

Haku: Late-life divorce!

Eiri: You… That’s a bad way of putting it. A misunderstanding? But, what should we do! It will be their graduation mission soon, right? If this continues…!!!

Haku: They’ll fail.

Eiri: Yeah! Mou! What should we do?! And, at a time like this, Ichijima-san is not here!!

Haku: About that, I have something to tell you; lend me your ear.

Eiri: Why, is it bad if we are overheard?

*Eiri leans into Haku to listen to his whisper.*

Haku: *blows on Eiri’s ear*

Eiri: Don’t blow on it! That’s disgusting!

Haku: Sorry, this time I’ll be serious.

Eiri: You’d better be.

Haku: Close your eyes.

Eiri: Close my eyes?

*Eiri closes his eyes.*

Haku: *hypnotising* You are slowly becoming a faceless spirit (“Kaonashi”), becoming a faceless spirit.

Eiri: A-a-a-a faceless spirit? [Note: Here, his voice shakes, betraying his amusement xD]

Haku: Now.

*Haku makes to leave the stage.*

Eiri: Ah…….. Ah…….. Ahhhh! What are you trying to make me do?!

Haku: Nice [tsukkomi].

Eiri: Come back here! Where do you think you’re going?!

Haku: My bad, my bad.

Eiri: Oi! Be serious!

LOLOLOLOL! Eiri~ ♥ Haku~ ♥ xDDDD This was an ad-lib part. Other variations include:

1. Haku licking Eiri’s ear instead of just blowing on it. xDDDDDD

2. Haku trying to whisper into Eiri’s ear, but there is a noticeable distance because of their height difference. xD So, he has to lean all the way down, and it led to this exchange,

Haku: You’re so short.

Eiri: Shut up!

And, the second time,

Haku: Drink more milk!

Eiri: Shut up! That is, I’m kinda envious!!

LOL! Poor Eiri~ xDDDD It’s okay~ You’re adorbs at the size that you are… And, Haku is just really tall, so… :P

3. During the final performance, Haku asks Eiri to close his eyes and attempts to kiss him. OMG, gklkjhgdfghjkjhgfghj ♥ According to reports,

Haku: *tells Eiri* Close your eyes.

*Eiri closes his eyes*

Haku: Face left.

*Eiri turns his face*

Haku: Stand on your tiptoes.

*Eiri does so, which brings him closer to Haku*

Eiri: What the-!

Haku: It’s a kiss.

Eiri: Be serious!

Haku: *holds on to Eiri and attempts to kiss him*

Eiri: I’m not telling you to be serious about the kiss!

Haku: …Nice [tsukkomi]!

Eiri: Don’t say, “Nice [tsukkomi]!”

4. Another variation involves their chemistry being so good that they apparently have static electricity between them,

Haku: About that, I have something to tell you; lend me your ear.

Eiri: Why, is it bad if we are overheard?

Haku: *blows on Eiri’s ear*

Eiri: Stop that! Be serious!

Haku: *makes an attempt to whisper into Eiri’s ear* Ouch! Static electricity! *laughs*

Eiri: Hahaha… That’s not it!

Haku: *again tries to whisper into Eiri’s ear* Pikachuu? ♥

Eiri: You’re incomprehensible!


Source: http://ameblo.jp/yuka1230-jun0830/entry-11753590369.html and various Twitter reports