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A) Age: 18
B) Biggest fears: Hurt someone, take some wrong decision, cockroaches XD
C) Current Time: 01:00 am
D)Drink you last had: Coffee :D
E) Every day starts with: My brother climbing on my bed and jumping on top of me, saying: ‘Hey, Min, wake up wake up, it’s day already!' 
F)Favorite song at the moment: Ahh so many… hmm I think is “Bonjour” (beauty and the beast) aaaand “how far I’ll go” (Moana)
H) Hometown: a very country city XD
I) In love with: my family, my friends ^^ Zootopia XD
J) jealous of: Pfff nah I’m not jealous!…. well, maybe a little …. ok I confess! I’m very jealous XD
K) killed someone: Ahhahah maybe, I’M DANGEROUS muahahaha
L) last time you cried: haha I’m very emotional (and depresive), so I can cry for anything at any time XD
M) Middle name: Just look in my account name
N) siblings: A little cute brother ^^
O) one wish: Travel around the world and meet all the friends I made here on tumblr :D
P) person you last called/texted: @chernwei5784 :)
Q) question you’re always asked: ‘Come on Yasmin, what’s the good and positive side of this?’
R) reason to smile: Make others smile; Wake up every day and see that I have another day of life; See the world not as it is, but as it might be; Help others and so many other reasons!
S) song last sung: ‘Bonjour’-the beauty and the beast’ ( @chernwei5784 don’t say nothing XD)
T) Time you woke up: 6 am 
W) worst habits: worry too much, be perfectionist and stubborn ><
X) X-ray you’ve had: Omg I’ve lost count XD 
Y) your favorite food: I don’t have a favorite, I like food of all kinds (well, I’m a chef ^^)
Z)Zodiac Sign: I don’t believe in signs ;)

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((I will worship you forever if you could draw my muse in the Fire Emblem au! (Totally fine if you don't want to though)))

((You don’t have to worship me though xDc I really enjoyed drawing her! more than I thought
I know Great Master is a class exclusive for men, since the female counterpart is Priestess, but that was just not fitting for her :/ So I altered the male design just a tiny bit))


An idek-when-this-got-to-be-a-collab with ask-florist-jones | ask-slytherin-alfred | ask-hitman-jones


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Yandere(?)-Pyromaniac-Psychopath :DD [hitman aniki and florist-nii :DDDD //mauled]

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FFXV Asks - 9 & 15 pls! :D

9: Fic Reccomendations

I don’t read too many ffxv fics anymore, but here are a few gems I have come across so far:

- Nyx/Drautos: For Hearth and Home

- Regis/Cor/Clarus: To serve at the Kings pleasure

- Gladiolus/Prompto (Pre canon ffxv, kinda): A new face

- Polyamory: Orgy Logistics

Yes I am veeeeery into my sexual literature xDc


- Schalakitty & Wickedorin : I haven’t read all their works but they have a killer writing style that, for me, puts them above a lot of works I’ve seen here.

15: Fav blogs

Here are some blogs that put out regular ffxv related content that I enjoy(art, fics, gifs, discussion etc) - go give them a follow! (Off the top of my head, theres more but i dont want this to turn into a massive follow forever, love u all!)














So I made myself a character and a puppet in aftereffects inspired of #nightinthewoods and i finally got to animate it today lol… It took me forever​ to rig it… So i didn’t had much time to work on the actual animation lolololol (don’t mind the audio xDc) #hedgehog #animation #videogames #fanart #art #artistoninstagram #2017 #cute

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I'll miss your ask blog, but I'm always happy to see your cosplays! Whenever I do, I get super excited, like you're my super talented best friend. I feel like I know you personally but sadly I don't. Anyway, I hope to see more America in the future, you're my headcanon America and it fills me with joy when I see you as him. You're as real as it gets :) Thanks for the ask blog memories and I can't wait to make some new ones with your cosplay blog!

Thank you very much and thank you for sticking around. Of course America will make an appearance every once in a while, like now. XDc 

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don't feel bad about your height, hinata! at least you're taller than 153 cm me. i used to date someone who was 193 cm tall, and that 40 cm difference was really quite jarring.

[[Ye but this ticks him off the most though pft]]

[[Also GG Nonny xDc //pets]]



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Oh boy - I am so tired… I have never draw so quickly (almost 36h in three days) for a fancomic. HA HA HA! xD

—-> So please RESPECT my work and DON’T EDIT IT! IF you want to REPOST it, ASK ME first! THANK YOU! :-)

Yep - I was inspired! (For telling the truth I was inspired by the episode 481 from Naruto Shippuden… I was hoping for a scene/moment like this in the episode but nope… Oh well, I have draw it! xDDD)

It was a little difficult… But in the end, I am satisfied! And I am quite proud about the page 2, 5 and 8!  

There are -almost- no words, so normaly there is no problem with the language… lol


N1: I have problems with tumblr so I need to crop in two parts… :<
N2: Sasuke’s hair was the biggest challenge… lol XD
C: Naruto from Masashi Kishimoto