Elektel Update

Since so many of you are waiting for it, I thought I should keep you posted ^^

So, it’s 6 am now. I’m working for it for 17 hours straight… oh wow xDD
Okay, minus like 30 minutes for a meal xD
9 pages are left to clean and a few peens have to be uncensored. Since I don’t have a drawing tablet or anything (I redraw with my mouse), it’s taking a little longer and it’s a little more complicated to uncensor. But I’m getting there ^^

My translator-chan is already done with the translation… 
So hopefully we will release it within the next 24-48 hours. 


anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity, which assassin's do you think you would get along with on a scale of 1 to 10?

Hmmm 10/10 being the most likely to get along? This might turn into rating my favorite characters, sorry anon XD

9/10 - Connor seems like the kindest person compared to everybody else.
9/10 - Desmond is not as annoying as the other assassins; it’s too bad the writers hate him.
9/10 - Yusuf seems like a fun person to hang out with.
9/10 - Aveline, I don’t know enough about her but she’s better than the rest of this list.
9/10 - Evie is the only good thing that came out of Syndicate.
8/10 - Altaïr is my favorite assassin but he’s emotionally constipated.
8/10 - Malik is the inspiration for brotherhoot, so he would kill me for making these silly gifs.
8/10 - Arno has the best hair.
8/10 - James Kidd is better than Edward.
8/10 - Adewale is better than Edward.
4/10 - Edward. He spawned Haytham.
1/10 - Ezio’s writers treat female characters like trash, so I treat Ezio like trash.
1/10 - Jacob is useless.

Nobody got a perfect score, but I could give it to Connor’s pet assassin turkey because I like birbs.

Ive been asked a few times what my carry guns are. 

Springfield Armory 1911 shit box - 45ACP

Springfield Armory XD -9MM

I will be adding another pistol to my permit here in the next week or two and it will be another 9MM that will be tossed into the mix. At this point in my life the gun I tend to carry the most is the XD9. Not for any reason other than it doesnt weigh as much as the 1911 and its a bit shorter. Also note that both guns are coated tan…… I kinda forgot my 1911 was tan, Oh well. Twins!