Hey guys ! So next month i’m going to BTS concert and i wanna make a book full of ARMY’s letter and try to give it to them/the staff (well usually there’s a place for fans who want to give them gifts at concert ) . SOO if you have something to say or you want to join this project please send/submit your letter to this email : pnt0127@yahoo.com and i’ll add your letter to the book !

Requirements : 

1. It is recommended that you guys send the letter with korean language (so that every member can actually understand it .. ) but if you can’t then that’s totally okay !  i only recommended it. 

2. You can type the letter and i’ll write it for you in the book .

3. Please don’t write any weird content XD

4. Please write ONLY min. 1 paragraph - max. 3 paragraph ( well actually just don’t write LONG letter)

5. If you have any question pls ask here  

6. The deadline is on April 1st 2017  April 10th 2017 !

I’m not gonna guaranteed that they’ll actually read the book but well i’m trying. Also please reblog this so that a lot of ARMY’s can join and have a chance to tell / write something to BTS !

Thank you ARMYS < 3 !

Things I want to see in RTTE Season 5 & 6

1: More Hiccstrid of course! I really want a quick peck on the cheek from either Hiccup or Astrid, like the one’s from HTTYD 2.

2: Hiccup talks to Stoick or Gobber about Astrid…or… Astrid talks to Stoick or Gobber about Hiccup.

3: Hiccup and Astrid to have a disagreement for an entire episode, where they’re avoiding each other and the rest of the gang are rather confused and are trying to figure out what happened. The twins would be hilarious. XD

4: What happens to Heathlegs? And how do Snotlout and Fishlegs start arguing over Ruffnut?

5: More of Dagur and Sleuther or Shattermaster… also some brother/sister bonding between Dagur and Heather. And some kinda family bonding between Hiccup, Dagur, and Heather. 

6: Somebody in the gang breaks a limb and the rest of the gang have to put up with them while it’s healing.

7: More damsel in distress Hiccup, and Astrid has to rescue him.

8: The develepment of all the gangs different saddles. There are some major changes to them between RTTE (or, at least right now) and HTTYD 2. 

9: More smithy Hiccup. We know we all like seeing him work in the Forge. :)

10: Hiccup working on his new leg and flight suit and helmet.

11: Hiccup hurting himself while testing his flight suit and Astrid having to take care of him. 

12: Hiccup helping Astrid learn how to do all those aerobatic tricks that we see in HTTYD 2.

13: Dragon Racing with the gang! And it would be epic if we got to see Hiccup give Astrid his sheep. <3

14: Snotlout and Fishlegs trying to grow facial hair. XD

15: More of the Defenders of the Wing and Mala and Throk.

16: Please let the Edge be okay! Don’t destroy it I beg you DreamWorks!

17: Return of Alvin!

18: More Hiccup and Stoick bonding. 

19: Figuring out who in the archipelago is the masked man!?

20: Hiccup going to that Maces and Talons competition Viggo was talking about and finding the Masked Man (Krogan?)

21: More of the chicken!

22: And lastly, more Hiccup and Toothless friendship bonding. As sad as it makes me (because I think of HTTYD 3 and how we’re not sure if the dragons will come back) I love it all the same.

Reblog if you want any of these suggestions!

Since I’m not a writer and, definitely, not an artist, hehe, I’ve decided to share some little things about Sanji and Nami that I found interesting. They are not necessarily romantic, but something more like a trivia. So I decided to leave the important stuff like Sanji and Nami willing to sacrifice their lives for each other or they worrying about the other’ss safety. Most of you already know about these things, but maybe it would be nice to remember some “slice of life” during such a glorious week. ^^

1. Sanji is the protector of Nami’s precious mikan trees:

We all know how Nami treasures those trees. They are a special remembrance from her time with Bellemere, so it’s really nice that Nami trusts Sanji with such a task. And it’s cute when you remember how Nami hugged the trees when she discovered they were safe after Merry sunked. It’s also nice that Sanji was the only other Strawhat in the scene and he was smiling:

It’s interesting to note that even recently, when the crew was starving near Totland, no one ate the mikans!

2. Sanji and Nami both wear eyeglasses (prescription glasses):

Nami uses them when drawing maps.

Sanji uses them here when using the abacus, an old instrument to make calculations. He also uses the eyeglasses in Dressrosa as part of his disguise and as his persona “Mr. Prince” in Alabasta (although they seemed to be just a stylized eyewear during that time). Other Strawhats used glasses in movies or color spreads, apparently for fashion reasons, but Sanji and Nami are the only ones that used them in the manga to help them see better, whether to draw precisely or to make correct calculations. Since both love to maintain a good appearance, it wouldn’t surprise me if they avoid using it for vanity reasons. ^^ Speaking of eyeglasses….

3. Both were nerds as kids:

Sanji read all kinds of books when he was a kid (in the picture he is with a science one). He even brought several of them while he was imprisoned. And Nami actually stole books from the local library so she could study navigation and cartography. Aunt Robin would be so proud. xD

4. Nami loves Sanji’s food:

Nami has been complimenting Sanji’s skills from the very beginning. And she doesn’t take the credit when everyone complimented her fish, she happily said that she just followed Sanji’s recipe:

It’s really cool that Nami is the “substitute” chef of the crew. ^^

5. Sanji gives his jacket to Nami:

The first time was in Little Garden, when Nami’s outfit burned. The second time was in Punk Hazard when Nami was freezing. Differently from the anime, though, Oda makes it subtle. In Little Garden, the moment Sanji gave his jacket was off paneled. In Punk Hazard, it was almost off panel as you can see in the right picture (Nami almost doesn’t appear). However, Oda makes us pay attention when Nami asks Chopper to lend his fur some panels before this meeting Sanji. When he arrives, she doesn’t need to ask and Sanji doesn’t say a word, he just gives the jacket while staring at the marines. That’s pretty cool and that’s what a gentleman should do. In the anime, Sanji is all mellorine mode but that wasn’t Oda’s intention. Sanji’s caring for Nami is genuine, not something he would happily do just for the sake of flirting.


So this is it. There are plenty more things I could add to this list but it would become too big (I was planning to make 10 little things, but don’t worry, I can sneak them into other prompts for the week ^^). I hope you guys like it!

what I love in BTS Run ep 13 (Jimin, Jikook/Kookmin)

I only watched Run ep. 13 once, but there were so many cute Jikook interactions. I’d love to watch it again to spot all of those, but I still haven’t recovered from Jimin’s Forehead Syndrome… But anyhow, I’m here doing the screencap again~

Seriously, keep Park Jimin away from the water I’m tired. The stage where they performed BST in the rain still haunts me until today, and they just have to go and put Jimin in a pool.


ah, let’s see

1. Jungkook hitting/tapping on Jimin’s back to stop him from portraying “Run Bangtan” at the beginning. Like boy, who’s the hyung here again?

2. I’d love to see Jimin in Jungkook’s eyes, how does Jimin look like?

3. Jungkook’s scream “ahhh~ yahhh~” in the background when Jimin was competing xD

4. Jimin being an angel he is, my members come first before me ♥

5. I’m enjoying this concept a lot, Jungkook praising Jimin is one of the cutest things ever ♥

6. Erm, thanks? Thank you, Jeon Jungkook and Jung Hoseok. I didn’t ask for this. From this point on I couldn’t pay attention to what is going on anymore…

*don’t miss Jungkook’s “uh/oh wow” in the background, it’s him, people, it’s his*

And I have to say this once more, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM WATER, PARK JIMIN-SSI!!!

7. Cuties whispering

8. *after Jimin and Taehyung’s cheering* awwww~, happy much? 

8. Jungkook’s highfive and Jimin’s hand grabbing in the corner

9. *sorry I just had to*

10. Am I the only one who finds Jimin so effortlessly attractive here? Like he’s so charming when he focuses on something, he even makes my heart race… And look at those lips…

11. yeah, slay my life, bae, slayyyyyy 

12. Jungkook praising Jimin ep. 2

erm… that strong hand grabbing tho…

13. Cuties about to high five, and Kook spoke in satoori to Jimin, Busan couple indeed 

14. *sorry I just had to again*

15. Kook’s non-stop clapping

16. stop high-fiving each other will ya? How many times already?

17. what’s with that face, Jimin?

18. You sure are having fun there, Jeon Jungkook-ssi?

Okay I’ll stop here since I’m running out of internet data again, fml TT_TT

Anyhow, thank you for reading through this. I planned to only make it short and see how I ended up *sigh*. I hate myself.

Ah, we need a conclusion, LONG LIVE JIMIN’S FOREHEAD.


ah wait, who do you guess is the spy? Share your thoughts ^-^~

Here’s my guess from highest chance to lower:

1st. Jeon Jungkook (I doubt him right from the start, dunno why, just a feeling~)

2nd. Jung Hoseok (I dunno, sth is off, but Hoseok is not good at lying so…)

3rd. Park Jimin (you know how they say love is blind, so yeah, maybe I’m blinded by his light that I couldn’t suspect him well enough)

miladyknits  asked:

Top 5 Riza Hawkeye moments xx

OH MY GOD CATE THIS ONE IS TOO HARD. AHSDGKJhasgdkjhs. These aren’t in order because how can I even???

1. The conversation she has with Roy after the war, when she tells him why she wants to stay in the military even after the atrocities they saw/committed. It’s such an important scene in understanding her character and motivations. The quote: “If the ways of this world are based on equivalent exchange, as alchemy says, then in order to allow for a new generation to enjoy good fortune, the price that we must pay is to carry the bodies of the dead across a river of blood.” is so chilling. 

2. The scene in Episode 19 where she has a meltdown because damn. I have so much appreciation for Riza’s writing and the subtleties in her character arc and I really think Arakawa explained so much about her drive in that scene. While it was jarring to see a character who has thus far been presented as stoic and unbreakable fall apart like that, it was also extremely fascinating to know that she does have a breaking point and how her goals and journey toward the future define her. 

3. The amazing “When it’s just us, the Colonel calls me by my first name: Riza.” “So you two are that close?” “I lied.” *shoots Envy* It’s just. So badass. XD

4. This scene is in the manga buT GODDAMN IF IT’S NOT ONE OF THE BEST RIZA SCENES. Where’s she’s blacking out on the battle field and slaps herself to stay focused because Roy needs her to be his eyes and Amestris needs them to fight. This scene in conjunction with the entirety of what Riza went through on the Promised Day exemplifies her resolve and determination. What an inspiration. She nearly died. Literally was as good as dead until May patched her up right before saying, “Yo, I stopped the bleeding but…she’s still not in good shape. She needs a doctor.” Roy asked Riza if she could fight and despite losing a fairly dangerous amount of blood, despite barely being able to stand on her own, despite people telling her it’s a Bad Idea to get back up and fight, she says yes. She never showed fear, even as she lay dying while Roy OP-and-Fearless Mustang stared at her in abject terror. Instead she said, “I’m not going to die. I’m under orders not to die.” I swear. I just.

5. When she figures out Pride’s identity because 1) my brilliant wife, and 2) THE INTENSITY OF THAT SCENE. How she’s visibly terrified while Pride has her wrapped in his shadows, but she still manages to speak to him with a level-head. “You can’t kill your hostage,” she says with a smirk while also sweating bECAUSE THE FIRST HOMUNCULUS LITERALLY HAS HER TRAPPED IN HIS CLUTCHES. And how she’s so brilliant about how she delivers that information to Roy and SKDJghsjdghjhkjsd. 

Also, honorable mention to every scene she interacts with Ed, Al or Winry because My Heart. 

anyway i love riza hawkeye more than i love breathing

ask me my “top 5/top 10″ anything <3


Tutorial time - here’s another of my older tutorials on how to make your own relatively simple weapons out of plasticard. You’ll need plasticard of at least two thicknesses - I find Gale Force Nine’s Plasticard variety pack (google it to find a nearby supplier/ebay) is a good way to get a bunch of different thicknesses of plasticard all together. 

For weapons I’ve found plasticard of about 1.5mm/0.06″ thick is the most suitable, along with thinner plasticard of about 0.4mm/0.015″ for adding detail. So!

1. First off, plan your weapon out and draw it onto the thick plasticard. Use pre-existing bits if you have them for size reference, and err on the side of slightly too large rather than slightly too small. It’s easier to trim a weapon down to the right size rather than trying to make it larger later if it started out too small.

2. Don’t try to accurately cut out the weapon immediately from the plasticard, it’s more difficult than it really needs to be. Just start off by getting the rough shape first, then begin trimming away the excess from the sides bit by bit.

This whole thing is a messy process, by the way. Be prepared to have plasticard shavings and bits EVERYWHERE.

3.  This pic shows some of the ways I shape the plasticard - trimming it away strip by strip, almost like peeling an apple. Or for larger chunks, cutting in slices, then trimming those off. Plasticard’s much easier to deal with if you just cut off thin layers or small sections, instead of trying to carve out large chunks. 

The drawing will most likely rub off the plasticard while you’re working, so you may have to re-draw it on every now and then to remind yourself where everything goes. Or you can coat it with a thin layer of PVA glue and let that dry, to act as a protective coating for your sketch. The glue will peel off easily once you’re done. Or you can just keep a copy of your design on a piece of paper or something nearby, that works too. XD

4. Once you’ve cut out the rough shape of the weapon, you can use sandpaper to smooth out all those rough areas and refine the overall shape. Cut out a small piece of sandpaper, then fold or roll it into the desired shape to get into those awkward areas.

5. When you’re happy with the weapon’s overall shape, now comes shaping the blade properly. Use your knife to carefully begin carving away thin slices of the plasticard to shape one side of the blade’s edge. Don’t try to take off a lot at once - if you accidentally take off too much, it’s very difficult to fix it. And remember you need to do this on the other side as well, so again, don’t take off too much! It can help to alternate which side you’re carving, to gradually get the edges to meet halfway. It may help to practice carving on some spare sprue first, to get used to the process.

6. Once most of the carving’s done, you can use sandpaper to help smooth out any uneven areas and get rid of any knife marks. By this point the blade should be pretty much finished.

7. Now onto the hilt!  I roughed out the hilt’s shape, then cut out a piece of the 0.015" thick plasticard to glue on and shaped the edge the same way I did with the blade. This can be very fiddly! Don’t worry about getting a perfect fit though - it’s better for it to be slightly larger than you need, so you can trim off the excess later.

8. Here’s both of the hilt pieces glued on, but not yet trimmed down to size. Once the glue’s dry though, you can use your knife and sandpaper to trim off the excess and shape the hilt the same way you did the blade.

9. And here’s the hilt and guard trimmed down and shaped. I just used my knife to scrape off the corners of the guard, round it out, and shape the pommel, then used sandpaper to smooth everything off.

10. There we go! Your custom weapon’s now ready to attach to your model. Plasticard works just fine with regular plastic glue, as it’s pretty much the same material as plastic models. Superglue also works if you’re using metal or resin models. 

I hope this has helped, and let me know if you have any questions! :D

sky2604  asked:

Pero si nosotros adoramos su fangirleo! Y LO MEJOR ES DE QUE NOSOTROS TE SEGUIMOS TU FANGIRLEO! Por qué nos gusta interactuar contigo!! Me gusta ver como mejoras poco a poco y saber que no me puedo rendir y que si puedo, eres nuestra senpai unu Que ningún Anon sea el aguafiestas de nuestra Fiesta!~

¡Ahahahahaha! XD Soy mala influencia (?) Bueno, les contare el porque de mi Fanlirgueo que lo explicare detenidamente

1) es la primera vez que hago una animación tan larga, tan complicada a cuerpo completo y es también primera vez que animo a Fresh de en este diseño de manera seria si puedo decirlo así

2) Llevo MESES queriendo imitar esa animación a mi estilo mas que todo por que la amo mucho, también llevo DÍAS queriendo animar a Splat con Radpapa XD

3) Siento que es primera vez que una animación a cuerpo completo me salio tan orgánica sin que algo se me deformarse a pesar que me base mas no me copie de en un gif de SPLAToon XD

4) Estoy aplicando dos cosas nuevas las cuales son que las lineas de Acción van Lineless, haciendo mas fluido el movimiento y menos forzado lo cual es un truquito que vi mirando deteñidamente la animación de WOY, la otra experimentación es que por primera vez estoy haciendo las Gafas de Fresh a mano, normalmente uso un truquito para hacerlas exactamente cuadradas como se ve en este Gif

Originally posted by crazycakesunesart

Y siento que hacer sus gafas a mano me sale mas natural acoplandoce mejor al Rostro, sobretodo por que en mis Doodles las e practicado mucho

5) Estoy aplicando hace poco un nuevo coloreado rápido que me permite colorear infinitamente mas rápido los Flames en solido

Por eso tanto alboroto de mi parte XD Es por que el experimento esta funcionando LOLZ



1. Thank you, anon! Keep on practicing, and I have no doubt that you will improve! Also, that’s a wonderful song suggestion! The lyrics are so perfect. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

2. Thank you, anon! I always appreciate every wonderful note I receive from visitors. I hope I can continue to deliver with my artwork and comic! <3

3. *points to scribble above* I imagine they didn’t quite like each other at first. XD

4. Aww, that is a cute story! Thank you so much for sharing! BUT YES! THOSE BASTIONS ARE NOT CUTE! >:(

((Another wonderful stream with a wonderful batch of doodles and people! :D
Thank you all that came despite this late hour and general chat quietness. ^^ It was a pleasure to meet you all on a (subjectively) quiet night like tonight.

To keep this post from getting too long, I will keep the rest of the doodles under the cut:

1. (above cut) Mod feeling thems wisdom teef

2. My Undertale OC, Brim Bramble Brinklehoff, doin his stuff

3. Headcanon that Dr. Brinklehoff has a STICKYBUTT. Thus making getting off of chairs a huge challenge XD

4. Three words: HYPER. LIGHT. DRIFTER. Three more words: coloring from memory ;v;

5. @mrddragon007 killed a crane fly today. It was epic. Or so I’ve been told. XD

6. @falxman90 Requested a doodle of Rudy doing something! C:

Good night/afternoon/day, everyone! I wish you all the best!))

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ColdFlash AUs

Since I’m a huge fan of all AUs imaginable, I thought I’d make a list of ColdFlash fics that are available right now on AO3 :) 

1. this is not a rec list, simply a list of AU fics I could find for ColdFlash.
2. the fics have to be ColdFlash-centric… other pairings can be included, but CF plays the main role :)
3. I decided not to list time travel/dimension travel, since those are kinda canon-compliant in my opinion XD
4. The fics can be both WIPs (or series) and completed ones.

If you know about any fics not listed in herefeel free to let me know and I will add it. (Also if you see your fic and you would like it removed/moved to a different category etc.)

UPDATED 20/4/16 (new ones marked with *)

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luli-productions  asked:

Me imaginé a Error he Ink peleando entre ellos para ver que ship es más canon, y que de repente llegue Dream y diga: ''EL DRINK ES MÁS CANON QUE ESOS 2 SHIPS'', y que se haga un silencio incómodo, y para finalizar se vea Error tratando de matar a Dream por que secretamente ama a Ink, pero lo quiere disimular al decir que ama más al chocolate que a él (????

Me gusto todo hasta la parte de el Drink XD Es que sencillamente no veo esa situación mas que todo por que 

1) Ink estaría peleando por bromear con error, así tipo memes y todo para molestarlo lo mas posible

2) Error estaría con ganas de matar a cada segundo a Ink porque el divazo no lo aguanta ni un poco, por eso prefiere a Chocolate-Senpai~ <3 Siempre cumple sus deseos mas locos (?)

3) Dream estaría mas bien intentando apaciguar la pelea entre esos dos antes que Ink vomite de la risa XD

4) ¿Donde esta Fresh en todo esto? Mirando desde lejos con mirada gélida comiendo palomitas por lo interesante de la pelea LOLZ

Goro Akechi/Yusuke Kitagawa Comparision

Okay, so a few days ago I was PM-ing with @tearsofahime​ about P5 AUs and such, when we started talking about our favorite characters and such and the conversation turned out like…


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Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

2. Lucas, I’m going to have to ask you to dial it down a couple notches.
3. Y’all really pushing this kwami swap thing, huh? XD
4. “What was that, Nathalie?” “I said your candy cane tie fills me with the joy and spirit of Christmas all year round, Sir.” “…there’s no need to be sarcastic.”
5. Hawky is retired in this AU, and I can’t imagine a kid as calm and collected as Lucas getting akumatized. Like he breaks his favorite toy and Gabe looks at him like “Aren’t you going to get upset?” and Lucas looks him dead in the eye and replies “Material things are replaceable.” Gabriel shudders and walks away.
6. This is a high school AU so I don’t have to think about that. Feel free to speculate. For me, it ends with them walking off into the sunset after they graduate. :D
7. Plot twist: It’s Manon, because Lucas is an annoyingly responsible student.


Vegetta: “Mucha gente nos está diciendo que en otras temporadas acabamos encontrando… Un anillo”

Willy: “Bueno, lo crafteamos, sí”

Vegetta: “Sí. ¿Y en esta temporada no deberíamos, con ese sol de fondo que está saliendo, hacer un matrimonio diferente?”

Willy: “¿Cómo que diferente?”

Vegetta: “¡No lo sé! Lo que diga la gente. Nos vamos directamente hacia la cueva, Willy. […] Pero sí, sí. La gente nos decía—pero pensando una cosa. Si nos casamos… Willy, sii nos casásemos ¿podríamos tener hijos?”

Willy: “Eh, no“

Vegetta: “A ver, no biológicamente evidentemente porque no sé por dónde saldría pero-”

Willy: “¿En Minecraft, dices?”

Vegetta: *risita* “Claro, hijo”

Tres cosas:

1. Vegetta se quiere casar con Willy~ Que no se haga el suizo que es evidente y ya eso de hacerse el tonto con lo de la boda ya está pasado de moda.

2. Es obvio que Willy por un momento pensó que Vegetta hablaba de tener hijos entre ellos en la vida real, a mí no me jodan. Se le cruzó por la cabecita esa idea y dudo que le haya disgustado~ 😏

3. Espero que esta vez no jueguen con nuestros sentimientos y en serio se casen, o jURO QUE LOS DEMANDO POR INCUMPLIMIENTO DE PROMESAS!!! Ok no xd


1)  I literally have no idea where Mari’s face came from drawing wise, but GOSH DARNIT IF I’M NOT PROUD OF IT!  XDDD///DEAD

2)  there is a background.  What evil sorcery is this?  0.o

3)  Totally took a leaf from @pozolegirl‘s page on the shading.  Everyone go look at her fab art.  XD

4)  Thanks to all who watched me put this together~!  *^_^*

Tumblr; en buen plan… les pido que no estén tirándole piedras a la supuesta novia de mangel. porque bueno: 
1) No sabemos ni qué son
2) Rubelangel es real
3) La tipa se ve super chida xD
4) Mangel la quiere, es feliz. 
5) Rubelangel es real
6) Todos lo veíamos venir y en cualquier momento tiene que pasar CON CUALQUIER SHIP

Recuerden que Gilean y yo siempre les traeremos rubelangel para que llenen el disco de su computadora. 

Ahora sólo hay que darle ánimos a la fusión rubelangel xD


So I was tagged by @sam-murott to do a aesthetic collage about myself. Well here it is.To sum it up (left to right):

1. I love it to draw like you know XD

2. I travel like… A LOT!! Sometimes I’m home, sometimes not. Tomorrow I’ll fly to Peking and after that to London XD

3. I’m in love with my husband Bucky Barnes <3 XD

4. And I’m a huge Marvel/Captain America fan ^^


6. I’m never too old for disney XD <3

7. Miraculous Ladybug is live

8. I hang out with friends most of the time

9. Fun fact: I write fanfictions XD I never had the confidence to post them here because they would be trash XD

Soooo… You now know me better and I’ll tag: @princess-sakura-serenity, @alwayshappilyconfused, @philsterman01, @littlesarturn, @valory-pierce, @ionica01, @chichinatsu, @miraculouscorazone, @thecaptainsbucky, @fledderer, @theroseangel321, @wintermoth, @findoworld, @littlemagie06


Here’s another set. XD Cause why not. :T

1. Flustered Gaster!Sans cause why not?

2. I thought it would be a good idea to humanize Gaster!Sans… idk. XD

3. OC/Self Insert character stuff, don’t mind it. XD

4. Now I thought, since Sans can sleep standing up, maybe Gaster!Sans does too? XD

5. I figured out that Papyrus would do the handstand thing. XD I always figure out that there’s always a wild Papyrus doodle every time.

6. Then kind of a Human!Sans, my idea of it that is which is more fantasy like. XD

7. Normal Gaster!Sans being a tease. XD Also was messing around with perspective… again.

8. Finally, blushie Sans. XD

Alright, I need food.

Yuri on Ice Episode 10  SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

So episode 10 of Yuri On Ice aired tonight and so many great things happened in it.that made me giddy and happy. :D


1. Viktor and Chris acting like kids on a field trip,

2.the whole photo shooting session at the pool.it was pure gold i tell you. 

which brings me to no. 3

Chris Giacometti !!! 

honestly guys how can anyone dislike or even hate Chris?he is such an hoot.i would really want to be his friend…if he existed of course(silent sobbing over all fictional characters not existing)ok he is somewhat intense about his sexual urges and that booty zoom/close up was shocking and he has a very increased libido but he is such a nice hilarious guy to watch! XD

4.the blooming  friendship between Yurio and Otabek

and of course the headlines that go along with it + Yuri defending his fangirls XD

5.the fact that we finally got Viktor’s pov for more than half the episode. YAY!!!

(and we somewhat confirmed Viktor’s feelings for Yuri)

and any kind of drama between them is easily solved 






Excuse me for a sec while i sob and scream from happiness overload


7.The fact that Yuri is not alone this year and he and Viktor are happy and they have the support of the people around them

not only of their friends but also from strangers



9.Viktor announcing that he and Yuri will  get married once Yuri wins a gold medal

Yuri NOT denying it !!!

10.the improvement in Sala and Mickey’s relationship.

well sort of

and the fact that she wants to know SeungGil better

11.SEEING GEORGI FINALLY MOVING ON!!! (Oh i am so happy for him! Well done,Georgi! *happily dancing around*)







(just look at them)

14.and last but not least Yuri inviting Viktor to his house, ASKING HIM TO BECOME HIS COACH


All in all Episode 10 was as spectacular as its predecessors.

i have absolutely no idea what is going to happen in next Wednesday’s episode 

Yuri was shown confident

Yurio happily overwhelmed like he cannot believe what he is seeing 

and Viktor sad and in need of an hug

One thing is certain though that NO MATTER WHAT I CANNOT WAIT FOR EPISODE 11!!!!