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Headcanon: Cybertronian Threat Displays

Though an intelligent species with the ability to issue verbal warnings, Cybertronians do have an instinctual physical reaction to potential threats, meant to intimidate and warn others away.

This reaction can of course be over-ridden by the rational processor.  Still, minor elements of it will usually manifest in an angry or frightened Cybertronian’s body language.

Though it varies depending on frametype, the display is typically both a visual and audial one.  Visually, the bot will flare any loose plating, along with spreading appendages such as wings or extra limbs, in an attempt to make themselves appear larger.  This will be accompanied by flashing biolights wherever visible.

Audibly, the bot will make some manner of noise with their systems, which grows gradually louder if their warning is not heeded.  For ground-type bots, this often manifests in revving their engines; for smaller flier frames, they will release air through their vents in a hiss.

Still others have been known to partially transform parts of their frame back-and-forth between alt and root modes.  This might be meant to insinuate a willingness to initiate combat if needed; it also might be a side-effect of a preparation to flee.

As previously mentioned, this response is fairly easily over-ridden by the rational processor, and full threat displays in Cybertronians are quite rare.  However, the behaviour is known to manifest in soldiers suffering from combat stress, or in (usually first-time) creators defending their young.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to throw anything in for the Farewell to the Falls gallery show in California for Gravity Falls, but I decided to be a good sport anyway and just do something for it simply for fun.

So here’s my *unofficial* piece for Farewell to the Falls.

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Elise has never seen T100. Natasha's mentioned before that she doesn't own a TV so even though I'm sure she's aware of it, she's probably never seen it either. But they look at each other. They just look at each other, everyone else disappears and nothing exists but the words, the characters, their connection and each other. Fuck me.

Ooh wow this ask was blocked by my extension LMAO.  Oh, I didn’t know she didn’t own a tv, it’s not really necessary to me either.

That last sentence was so fucking rude maybe I should’ve left this blocked 😭  Remember when they did all those collabs and made everyone feel like a third wheel XD


Reaction no. 144: When your friends start whispering to each other right in front of you.

Got the okay from @ludwigthefuckboy to draw stuff for Bloodwatch AU so I did my own interpretation of Junkrat. Molotov Cocktails for his explosives and the big-ass Logarius Wheel because wheels XD

Bloodwatch is an AU combination of Bloodborne and Overwatch.

So today I finally got my taohun copies of “Exodus”

And let’s see, maybe I got their cards too?..

thirdwheeling level: Chanyeol