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Headcanon: Cybertronian Threat Displays

Though an intelligent species with the ability to issue verbal warnings, Cybertronians do have an instinctual physical reaction to potential threats, meant to intimidate and warn others away.

This reaction can of course be over-ridden by the rational processor.  Still, minor elements of it will usually manifest in an angry or frightened Cybertronian’s body language.

Though it varies depending on frametype, the display is typically both a visual and audial one.  Visually, the bot will flare any loose plating, along with spreading appendages such as wings or extra limbs, in an attempt to make themselves appear larger.  This will be accompanied by flashing biolights wherever visible.

Audibly, the bot will make some manner of noise with their systems, which grows gradually louder if their warning is not heeded.  For ground-type bots, this often manifests in revving their engines; for smaller flier frames, they will release air through their vents in a hiss.

Still others have been known to partially transform parts of their frame back-and-forth between alt and root modes.  This might be meant to insinuate a willingness to initiate combat if needed; it also might be a side-effect of a preparation to flee.

As previously mentioned, this response is fairly easily over-ridden by the rational processor, and full threat displays in Cybertronians are quite rare.  However, the behaviour is known to manifest in soldiers suffering from combat stress, or in (usually first-time) creators defending their young.


that feel when your incorporeal Dark Lord cbf coming up with a Cool Villain Name for his least fav follower X)

based on this post, and because I can’t get over learning that Asmodean literally means “Musician” in the official Wheel of Time companion book, I’m still flipping out poor Asmo, this is why I love you

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considering Kurama basically adopted Roshi and Han, I think the following is a solid justification for suggesting Iruka, Shizune, or someone in their age range as the next to be adopted: "age is but a number," Kurama growls when Roshi him coming home with Asuma. "No, I'm not adopting him," Kurama grumbles as he makes up the couch for Asuma to sleep on. "He's just staying the night," Kurama reasons as he adds Asuma's name to the chore wheel.

xD Oh god, I just practically choked on my wine. Yeah, age is no problem in Kurama’s mind.  💕

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The hot wheels thing is Just so hilarious. Imagine Raf bringing some of his own hot wheels toys and gets questions about them from the rest of the bots (and knockout, if he joined the winning team) "oh, these are hot wheels" cue gobsmacked prime team, including a laughing bumblebee (knockout secretly snags a red one,lawl)

Oh my god!  That’s hilarious!!!  It’d be like the equivalent of the Autobots having a perfectly normal and innocent gadget that they call “a sweet piece of ass”!  XD XD XD

Smokescreen and Bee would by DYING of laughter, while Ultra Magnus’s entire face burns bright blue, like, Raf, plz stahp…

I love the idea of Knock Out playing cars with Raf!  That’s so cute!  The two of them plus Bee and Smokey would all get together to build one of those massive hot wheels tracks to race on!  (They end up having to move it to the back of the base when Ratchet nearly trips over it and yells at them.)

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"Tweet tweet." The bird is native to earth, and is happy to greet the 'intergalactic tourist'.

♔. }

       Another scouting mission deep in the lush foliage of the Redwood Forest, calm, serene, left to simply enjoy the solitude away from the chaotic base — or so she thought. It would appear on this particular assignment she was NOT ALONE. Optics flick upwards at the chirps, finding one of Earth’s small avian inhabitants perched on a branch above her helm.

It may not be a Decepticon, but she cannot shake the feeling she has become a TARGET of some kind…

                                  ❝ One mess from you, and it will be YOUR LAST. ❞


so I closed requests for the Sifkiss art challenge, but I had to do my favorite prompt: eyelids kiss!*_* Which is as cool as impossible to draw apparently.

(More Sifkiss and general Sifki here )

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*spins the wheel*

um…so I hope you’re talking about the type swap thing, cuz if not, i have no idea what you’re talking about… :P (also, the type and the character weren’t implied, so I just made a poison-type blooper)

(kinda lopsided just realized)