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Surprise, It’s A Baby! 

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer ))

Remus: *rolls eyes* It doesn’t have to be Christmas to have a party. *awkward pause* … But in all seriousness Lily… 

Lily: Well… *turns to James* 

Lily: And… er…I’m glad you’re sitting down. *pauses, fidgeting nervously*  … Mind handing me your wand?

Sirius: … Well that’s… interesting?

Lily: Thank you… *takes a deep breath* … James… 

James: *stutters* Oh… oh my god! 

Lily: Well… Yes… But- Merlin, how do I say this?

Lily: There’s a father… for this baby… 

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Turn That Frown Upside Down

Young Argus Filch was not a “smiler”

He didn’t smile for presents.

He didn’t smile for a night on the town.

He didn’t even smile for babies…

He almost smiled at funerals.

No, Young Argus Filch never smiled…

Until the day he met her…

That fateful day… Argus Filch finally found a reason to smile.

And he called that reason… Mrs. Norris. 

(( OOC: Credit to Ash for giving me the idea for this thread! XD @wallyscags-patronus

SVT but they’re over-dramatic Storytime YouTubers

Member: *bumps into The8 and apologizes*


S.Coups: You need to get some work done; you’ve been doing nothing but sleep all day.


Vernon: *singing Seungkwan’s part in ‘20′*


Joshua: Sorry, I didn’t quite understand what you said. Could you repeat that, please?


Hoshi: *trips up the stairs*


Member: You need to get outside more; it’s not healthy being cooped up inside all day.


Mingyu: *accidentally puts too much salt into the food*


Jeonghan: Dino, nugu aegi?


Think of me closed RP with The-eros-experience

A little boy grabbed an antique chair and dragged to the window so he could sit on his knees and peek behind the curtains, waiting anxiously for a carriage to arrive. Today with his Ma and his sisters, he was going to the opera house and watch a ballet performance, and he was very excited at the prospect.  He lived all his life in this small secluded mansion that was away from the capital.  Ma did not allow him or his sisters to leave house, and they could stay in the garden as long as they are under the supervision of the servants. Therefore he longed to see the outside world, outside this palace and this enormous garden and explore what was beyond.

It was very rare for them to go on a family trip to the capital, although Pa was away because of work. His parents (especially Ma) insisted that it was better for them to remain here in the safety of their home. He still did not fully understand that he comes from a royal family, with the luxury and the dangers that it brings. For just a little boy, he craved to go on adventures and explore the unknown was a thrilling thought rather than scary.

Viktor nearly jumped off his seat when he got sight of the carriage approaching, the distance trampling of hooves and the creaking of the wheels, made themselves a delightful announcement for the boy’s ears. “Anya! Irina! it is here!” he announced happily as he sped out of the dinning room to the corridor. Much to his dismay, he was stopped by his mother whom was displeased at his behaviour and scolded him for running in the house. Then the family prepared to get ready for the trip. All the way to St Petersburg, Viktor remained glued to the window in order to look outside, despite that his mother many  times told him off.

They arrived at the opera house, an enormous building with pompous baroque architecture engulfed them as they went outside. This place reminded him a lot of the winter palace because of its grandeur and richness. Unfortunately, he had gone to the Winter Palace only once. They entered into the great hall, and took their place  at a balcony. The curtain opened and revealed the dancers who were about to start their performance. Much to his dismay, Viktor found it dreadfully boring, and he was annoyed that his excitement has amounted to this.

After the performance was finished, he walking hand in hand with his sisters, when they were stopped to talk to some officers that they knew. Viktor caught a glimpse of an opened door, and he took the chance. He dashed across the hallway to room without thinking much of what he might find there.


love bites v-v

@florence-midknight continued from:  [ HERE ]

Ryou happened upon the hunter almost by accident. He’d been fleeing, as had many vampires that had taken refuge in the hideout the hunters had stormed, only most of them were not as lucky as he was. Seeing the human in front of him now gave him a moment of panic as he tried to figure out what to do.

That was when he noticed what he looked like. We could be brothers, he thought, his eyes widening at the similarities. There was a different in their features, however, and Ryou could tell by the smell of his blood that this hunter, while strikingly similar, bore no relation to himself. How strange

He was relieved when he saw how tired the hunter was, and took a wary step closer, hands raised as if offering peace. “You’re tired,” he said softly. “I can tell. Why don’t you just call it a day? How many of my kind have you killed today? Will it really matter if you let one go?”

Don’t Play With Fire: EXTRA

(( OOC: Lol, what do you call this? A deleted scene? XD I like this thread on it’s own, but it didn’t really make sense going along with the DPWF plot, so I took it out. (Since the whole reason Remus went nuts in the first place was interacting with Sirius in this way, didn’t make sense for it to happen again right after…) I made this scene before I’d really thought the plot all the way through, since I try and make as many gifs as I can so I don’t run out of content to use. So here’s a little “deleted scene” for you guys since I’m out of town this week. Haha. )) 

Sirius: You don’t have to keep looking at me like that. I’m fine. 

Remus: Did I bite you? 

Sirius: … I don’t think so…

Remus: *takes a deep breath* You’d know… trust me. 

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Our Future


Between darkness, Hades, and being separated by realms, there was one thing on her mind she had been wanting to say to Killian for the past few months. Telling him how much she loved him was difficult due to her past and because of it walls surrounded her heart, but Killian was the one man who fought to break down those walls. He was the person who made her believe in taking risks and falling in love again. Being separated by curses, realms, and even death opened her eyes that life was precious and not to be wasted. Despite the nerves she felt in the pit of her stomach, she was able to declare her love to the man who reciprocated those feelings for her. The man who went to the ends of the world and time for her when she needed it the most. 

“I love you.” Those three words only brought them closer as they fought through the next evil that threatened their town. Once Hyde and her visions had been conquered, days turned into months where no threats were made to destroy the town. It was an unusual feeling and while they remained cautious, the town had to resume their lives. The relationship between Emma and Killian grew as they settled in their new home with Henry just a few rooms down from them, but they weren’t shy in taking part in the physical act of their love behind closed doors. 

Months after getting settled in their home, Emma also fell mysteriously ill that caused her to be fatigued and feel nauseated on an almost daily basis. However, due to being pregnant with Henry over ten years ago, she was able to realize that her illness could also be due to pregnancy. After flicking her wrist for a pregnancy test to appear, Emma paced back and forth in her room as the test processed. I’m imagining things. I mean, we’ve talked about getting married and starting a family… but nothing was set in stone. Shaking her head to bring her back to reality, the blonde walked into the bathroom to read the results of the test. “I’m pregnant?!” She exclaimed while the ends of her mouth curved into a smile. 

After texting Regina to see if Henry could stay with her, Emma grew restless in their home awaiting Killian’s arrival. She was overjoyed by the news and almost wanted to reveal her secret over the phone, but the thought left her mind when she heard the sound of the front door opening. “Hey.” Emma commented with a smile as she greeted him with a kiss. “I’m glad you’re home. Why don’t you sit in the living room and I will bring you some coffee? I have a little something for you on the coffee table.” After kissing him once more, Emma retired to the kitchen to work on their coffee, but not until she watched him follow her directions. Sitting on the coffee table was the pregnancy test and a ‘Daddy’s Little Pirate’ onesie beside it. 

Aperture Labs: Help!


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Hinami let out a small sound of surprise as she was suddenly kissed you would think she would be used to it by now considering they have been together for a while but she still managed to be surprised every time  “a-ayato?” she stuttered a light blush across her face.



It’s too early for this-She thought 

Anaís had spent the whole night working on her blog an studying for today’s class. She had two coffees and a chocolate bar to keep herself awake, pinching herself every now and then. This was about to be one of those days.Her hand on her face, elbows on the table to support her head. The usual uninterested posture.

She jumped when her phone beeped. She quickly took it off her pocket…It was Andrea, a close friend of hers which studied in the same university.

Andrea only responded with -  Get in here and you’ll know.😏

The redhead placed her books and notebooks back in her bag, she couldn’t focus on her main class anyway, a little “diversion” might cheer her up and if she feeling good enough she can come back. Without asking for permission or saying goodbye as she used too, Anaís leaves in a flash, A-14 was at the other end of the university so she had to hurry. Once there she reads the door’s info:

A-14 / Foreign Literature / Professor G.A Lesaro

“I suppose this is it.” Luckily for her, another student was entering the room as well, her opportunity to enter without claiming too much attention. Once in ,she looks around for Andrea, it wasn’t too hard, her friend was always using some flashy earrings or daring clothing, the olive skin and cute freckles, and one hell of an attitude. Andrea waved so Anaís could see her, the redhead stepped closer.

Andrea looked at the nerdy boy beside her and said- “Fuck off Joshua.Let her sit.” The boy nodded and went to the back of the room, his head lowered in defeat.

“Here. Sit by my side doll.” Andrea winks, patting the chair, gesturing for her to sit. Anaís sat, pacing her bag to the side and her camera on the table.

 ”Now, that was a bit mean. Was he the Mr.Sweetcheeks you were talking about?” Anaís lowered her tone when she spoke, giving a playful smirk at her friend.

Andrea lowered her tone as well -”What?! Fuck no! Seriously?! You think I’m blind or something? Joshua is just some nerdy hillbilly, he keeps boasting about his grades and resumes, so fucking annoying…that shit won’t work on me.”-Andrea place her legs on the table, her way of showing her attitude and chill, all of the sudden the olive girl gave a sly smirk, tilting her head to the professor. “THAT’S Mr.sweetcheeks.”

Anaís turns her head to see what her friend was talking about. The Professor…there was something about him. He must be in is the late 30s, but the way he talked and gesticulated struck a grand interest in her. He had this natural beauty social media didn’t understand. He was cute.

“Well…He is something.”

Andrea- “It’s the accent, right? This class is suuuper boring. But that accent makes the panties drop. And that booty tho.” She clicks her tongue, and both girls start laughing.

Andrea and Anaís spent about 10 minutes gossiping, whispering and giggling. Andrea spoke how she loved to tease Lesaro at any opportunity she got, which car he used, the nicknames she gave him and some lewd comments. Nothing unusual there, Anaís loved Andrea for that reason, she didn’t care what others said. The redhead was still interested in Lesaro, Andrea noticed that and made a comment.

Andrea- “Take a picture and it will last longer, doll. OR, you can come here more often, keep me company.”

Anaís - “I’ll try but I’m not even in this class. And be quieter, I don’t want to be kicked out.Does he even know what you call him?”

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