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"Ash. Stop fussing. I'm just braiding your hair." Loki and little sister? With thor coming in maybe some time to see ticklish!sister and joining in if you like? Thank you, I love your blog!

AH THIS IS REALLY CUTE???? My only issue is I can picture this happening both ways lmfao like either little!sis is braiding Loki’s hair or he’s braiding hers….. oh the decisions a writer has to make….. XD

“Ssh. Stop fussing. I’m just braiding your hair.”

Loki huffed, “But this is just… it doesn’t feel right.”

“It will when I’m finished. You’ll be the prettiest prince of Asgard,” you smirked. 

Loki shook his head gently and sat on the bed stubbornly with his arms crossed, “If this doesn’t look nice, I’m going to go after you when this is through. Are you aware?”

You chuckled, “Yehehes, brother. You’ll like it. Just wait,” and you started applying some additions to your older brother’s longish hair.

“All done,” you smiled happily and held a mirror to Loki.

He gazed at himself and his cheeks flushed red, “O-Oh…. umm… may I ask.. what’s with the flowers?”

You chuckled, “I pihicked them out in the gardens today. The whiteness goes well to contrast your dark hair, don’t you think?” you smiled and pulled a loose piece of hair behind his ear.

Loki blushed and he smiled softly to humor you. And because he also liked the way he looked. He played around with strands of his hair and took one small flower out and stuck it in your hair.

“I think the princess also needs some added beauty.”

You blushed and giggled softly, hugging your older brother. You were surprised he agreed to you doing this at all. Thor, of course, would’ve thrown himself at your feet if you asked to braid his hair. You pecked Loki’s cheek softly, loving your brother to death.

“Ssh. Stop fussing. I’m just braiding your hair.”

“But you’re pulling on my hair! It’s hurting….” you huffed, questioning why you even agreed to this.

“You have to look presentable for the celebration, don’t you?”

“Yes,” you sighed in agreement, “But I hate when my hair’s up. It’s so… girly,” you made a face.

Loki rolled his eyes, “Yes, but sometimes femininity gets you far. I’ve been mistaken for a female more times than I can count.”

You snorted and grinned, “Reheally?”

Loki smiled softly and nodded, tugging more hair of yours back, “Yehes. Now hold still.”

“Can’t I just wear my hair down?”

“Eh, not going to lie to you, your hair is…. wild when it’s down.”

You gasped, “Hey!”

“That’s putting it nicely, my dear. Now stop moving or I will really give you something to whine about,” he playfully tweaked your side.

You yelped and jerked, holding your side, “Dohon’t you dare tickle me, brother.”

“Are you in a position to order me around?” he tied off the braid at last and fluttered his fingers against your ribcage from behind.

You snorted and hunched over, “N-Nahahat thahahat! Stop! L-Lohohoki, stohop!”

Loki grinned, “So the brave little sister who wants to be like her brother Thor, who doesn’t want to adhere to her feminine side, is the most ticklish person I know of? How funny.”

You blushed, “JeheHEHEheheheheherk!”

“Hmm, I suppose I am one, aren’t I?” Loki smirked broadly and clawed at your belly, “Careful or you’ll mess up your beautiful princess-like braid.”

You groaned through your shrieks and giggles.

“What’s going on in here?”

You heard the eldest brother waltz in and heard the joviality in his voice.


Thor smiled widely, “Lohoki, this doesn’t look very fair… Allow me to help,” he grinned.

Dammit to your damn father Odin! Since when did Thor choose Loki over you!? He doted over you left and right!

You felt fingers squeezing at your thighs and scribbling along your bare soles, both joining in with the feelings still at your torso. You were lost in laughter and unfortunately, Loki had to redo your hair. 

Lmfao I couldn’t decide I’m sorry XDDD

EXO in love with their best friend

I hope you guys like it! <3

Myun n.n

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Chanyeol: *he’d be so goddamn clumsy around you, jeez* “Let me fix that..Oh..Now it’s broken..” *shocked*

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Chen: *the guy that touches you whenever he gets the opportunity* “There’s something in your hair, wait let me see..”

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Suho: *eats all your food* “Hm? Oh, that was yours? I really didn’t know, I swear..” *teasing*

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Tao: *takes pictures with you to remember the nice time and your cute face* “Selfie time~”

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Lay: *the nervous one that always eats his fingernails or sweater xD*

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Luhan: *follows you everywhere and slowly gets into the friendzone* “Are you sure it will look good, Y/N?”

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Sehun: *goes on dates with you that aren’t dates at all* “Do you like the coffee? Do you want me to stay at night? We are so close friends, I mean.. why not, hm?”

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Baekhyun: *makes eye contact with you whenever he can and checks on you if you smile and laugh about his jokes*

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Kai: *you wouldn’t notice his feelings. He’d ask you to go on a walk with his dogs and act all sweet, always looking at you*

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Kyungsoo: *definitely the weirdo that tries to make you smile and is embarrassed about himself right after it. He’d sing your favorite songs with his sweet voice and make you fall for him without noticing it*

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Kris: *forgets everything when he sees you* “My god I have headaches..no, no everything is fine, don’t ” worry..I just..

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Xiumin: *he would be sweet and flirty, tell you how cute and pretty you are and how much you mean to him as a ‘friend’*

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sastiel, "your bedhead is really cute" for a drabble /thebest-medicine

Yesssss, sweetie! I’m sorry this got so pushed back, since you’ve been such an inspiration for me for so long! I appreciate the Sastiel since that’s a damn good ship XD I hope you enjoy it!

Of course for his whole life he’d been teased about his bedhead. It was just something he couldn’t help having Dean around as honorary big brother. He was teased no matter how it looked anyway, which wasn’t fair. If he woke up with pristine, model-challenging hair, Dean would chide him and call him the Brad Pitt of hunters. If he woke up with his long hair matted and sticking out from friction or other outside influences, Dean would point and laugh. Ultimately, Sam Winchester couldn’t win. 

And then Castiel came along. He was such a sweetheart that he never dared insult Sam’s bedhead. It was part of him, and it was perfect, just like him. Sam appreciated the love, even if it was clear he was lying through his teeth about it sometimes. That just got Sam to laugh and earn Cas some extra cuddles and kisses.

But something that was undoubtably underrated was Cas’s bedhead. How has it never been brought up before? It looked like his sex hair every damn morning, which got Sam all hot and bothered every time he woke up next to him. Once it was combed and properly groomed for the day, it lost that luster.

Seriously… the dark strands sticking in every direction. The shorter hairs hanging in front of his forehead. The shorter hairs in the back of his head matted down from a night of sleep and rubbing against the pillow incessantly. Sam tried to make it a point to wake up early every morning just to stare at the perfection laying next to him, knotting his fingers through the heavily tousled hair. It was the little things in life. 

“Your bedhead is really cute.”

Castiel turned to look at Sam, the classic head tilt accompanying it, “Assuming the joining of the two words is taken literally, I think you’re talking about my hair?”

Sam smiled and nodded, lounging on his side in bed, Cas already sitting up and ready to get out of bed and destroy the sex head look like he did all mornings. 

Castiel smiled, “But this is messy hair. You prefer it?”

Sam nodded, “Always. Remember when I first met you? You looked like you’d just rolled out of bed, and I thought it was the cutest and hottest you’ve ever looked.”

“Oh?” now Castiel was following along. He crawled back into bed with Sam and looked at him with bright blue eyes. 

Sam nodded, “It’s perfect.”

“Hmm,” Castiel mused, smiling and kissing Sam, “Then let’s see what happens when I don’t comb it for a day.”

Sam beamed, “Youhu’re a big fat tease,” he chuckled and pulled his angel closer to him, holding him in his burly arms. 

Castiel giggled softly, “If you think my hair is sexy, then it’ll stay this way. Anything to turn you on, dear,” he purred.

God dammit, that’s another thing. Sam still had no damn clue where Cas got all teasy and sultry from. He perfected the art out of nowhere and it had been making Sam melt ever since. 

Sam kissed Cas’s lips and hummed, rubbing up and down his back and sides, giving some squeezes to Cas’s ass, which got Sam a love bite on the neck for those.

Sam swiped his fingers through the angel’s short hair and moaned, “Perfection,” he kissed his jawline, peppering it with his love, “Mmm, but it could use some work,” he smirked.

“What do you m– Pfft! Sahahahaham!”

Sam grinned happily, flipping Castiel off of him and following him with wiggling fingers on his belly. He loomed over the smaller man and kept teasing with the ticklish touches.

“I mean it could always get messier, you know?”

Castiel laughed, his head tossed back into the soft pillows, “Nohohot ehehe nehehecessary!”

“Yehes, it is,” Sam chuckled and grabbed Cas’s wrists that were fighting back, sneakily dragging his fingers down the angel’s bare thighs, “Ooooh, does that tickle?”

Castiel jerked and snorted, thighs clamping together, “SAHAhahahaham!”

Sam smiled and he kissed right in the center of Cas’s chest before kneading into those meaty thighs, knowing it would get the angel going like nothing else. He wasn’t disappointed when that ethereal laughter burst forth from the man beneath him. 

And there went the hair, being smushed and ruffled by dragging it all over the pillows in his laughing fit. 

Sam slowed his tickles to a halt, his thumb still stroking Castiel’s inner thigh with light touches, lips sweetly leaving small trails of saliva along his neck.

Castiel panted and remained giggling from the continuous small strokes, “Youhu call me a tease?” he moaned when Sam bit down on his collar bone.

Cas grabbed Sam and pulled him down more so their bodies were fully touching, “My hair and I want you, Sam,” he grinned before scratching his nails into Sam’s back. The hunter hissed and moaned. 

Bedheads can lead to great times.