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Character designs for my Death Gods in Love, La Muerte!Will ad Xibalba!Hannibal. I don’t have a storyline or anything for them because I ain’t got writing skills, but basically! Will and Hannibal love each other through life, death, and everything before, after and between.

Also it’s two of my otps merged together so

( e///V///e)


while they may be falling to their death, at least a couple of them are trying to have fun with it! and i think that’s just wonderful, don’t you?


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Translation: “The image of twin brothers’ good relationship~! wanting to watch this with everyone~ hehe.”
“Everyone~ Does the dried persimmons given by umma taste okay? heh”

Translated by the lovely @joongies

Jicheol Fic 3

SO! this is the third part of my jicheol fic series XD if you read on my AFF ive broken it up into more chapters but its all the same XD shout out and thank you to my angel anon for the little jihan suggestion (i threw it in there cause who doesnt love jihan dear god) BUT YEAH! hope you guys like it :D

“It may have taken three hours,” Jisoo said, spreading his arms out along the back of the couch, “but you picked a good one, baby.”

Jeonghan laughed and turned away from the TV, looking over his shoulders to stare up at his boyfriend. “Yeah, I really did.”

Giggling, Jisoo squatted down to be at eye level with him. “It fits really well with the place.” He smiled, but then paused for a second before pouting. “But, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss living with you.”

“Aww, Jisoo-ah,” Jeonghan murmured, softly stroking his cheek. “I know. I miss you, too.”

“Then come back and stay with me,” Jisoo begged, taking his hand and shaking it cutely.

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Some of my AU’s paintings I called “Joytale”. It’s about if Chara and Frisk are mixed twins living in the underground, how to get with others  they will do.

Everyone is all alive and children go to school(maybe?) where Toriel works. The story line is that Chara didn’t want to study any more, and then she decide to run away from home.(maybe go to New Home?)

Frisk worries about his sister may be in dangerous and he also go to look for his sister back. But in fact, he is too introvert to have no friend except Sans. So, maybe he can make friends with others in the journey(or adventure?) by they getting wrong person. (What!?

It have lots of funny idea in my head. I hope I can draw them down faster. XD