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I am officially trash for him and I blame Mya…

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Atsushi, meet your future husband! He’s kinda crazy right now, but he’ll get better ;‑)

Also, Dazai totally ships you two!


“Would you care to continue, Agent?”
“But you… j-just put on the bandages, sir…”

uhh… hey, y'know how you said ‘or’? anyway, since this ship has a possibility of becoming a thing, let’s get the name for it, eh? hm… i’m thinking… thrawllus. that, or 'kallus needs a god damn break, and i’m not about to give him one’.

Youtubers y sus signos... #Parte1

Aries: Samuel de Luque. 12 de abril-1989(Madre mía, willy xd)

Tauro: Guillermo Díaz.  9 de Mayo de 1993(Aprovecha el bug xdxdxd)

Géminis: Pedro Luis Joao Figueira Álvarez.  18 de junio de 1998(No es sopa ni fideo, es LA DIVAZA que no sube video xd  )

Cáncer: Ángel David Revilla.  16  de julio 1982.(Mi libro luna de Plutón… xd AJAJAJAJAJ COÑOOOOO<3)

Leo: Francisco Ramí­rez Arnez García.  18 de Agosto de 1992.(vaya suerte xd si no saben es Staxx)

p.d: ignoren lo tachado xdxdxd AJAJAJAJA #WeirdieAndaIdiota

[Femslash February]: Flowers

i feel like i’m just going to accept the fact that i’m going to be perpetually a day behind on these things. 

also this took forever to write im off my game today xD

Day 9: Flowers (Alyanette)

Words: 2200

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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One of the first things Alya learned about Marinette was that she doodled flowers when she was bored. 

They started off as small, blossoming roses in the corners of her notebooks that weren’t any larger than the tip of her pinky. If you left her to it for long enough, she’d wrap vines, leaves, ladybugs, caterpillars, bees, birds, clouds, and more flowers all around the margins of her book. Sometimes, she’d sneak her colored felt pens and highlighters to school and add in whorls of colors and outlandish patterns until her entire notebook page was covered with fields and gardens and windowsills dripping in plants. She’d always take a picture of it on her phone – to turn it into an embroidery, or a screen print for a t-shirt, or a design for a book cover – and pout pitifully for Alya to send her copies of her notes. 

It blended seamlessly into the normality that was Marinette – the color pink, pigtails, the smell of bread, pinpricks on fingertips, different nail polish everyday, humming music under her breath, and doodling flowers in class. 

One day, Alya’s hand was right next to Marinette’s notebook, and Marinette continued the doodle from the edge of the page onto the back of Alya’s hand. Alya raised a brow when she started, but shrugged when Marinette asked if it bothered her. As far as idiosyncracies went, Marinette’s were all rather harmless. Besides, it was rather nice to take notes with one hand and feel the light brush of Marinette’s pen sketching away against her other. 

It always took three washes in the shower to get all the pen out, and her mother kept worrying her with folk knowledge about skin cancer and ink poisoning, but Alya didn’t like showing up to school the next day with the sketches still on her arm. It almost felt like her duty to give Marinette a blank canvas everyday, to encourage her darling little habits that were secretly the highlight of Alya’s day. 

“Why flowers?” she asked Marinette as she added yellows and oranges to the sunflowers she was drawing along the vein inside of her wrist. 

Marinette tapped the end of her pen against Alya’s nose. “Pretty flowers for a pretty lady.”

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Mientras dibujaba para el capitulo 28 del Fanfic apareció esta canción en mi PlayList –> LINK

¡Y NO PUDE EVITAR IMAGINAR COMO SERIA EL DOGE ADOLESCENTE JODEEH! Sobretodo imaginar que camine muy encorvado o con mala postura para hacerse el Radical XD Bueno así termino saliendo un Splat igual de inocente, igual de insoportable pero con un cuerpo mas grande y MÁS “pelo” :V

Ojo este es un “SI” Fuera adolescente no es que el personaje aya crecido unos 7 años de la nada XD Sigue teniendo 9 :y

You can’t convince me that Spark doesn’t baby his eggs like the mother hen he is

Disney XD shows petitions and thoughts

For a while now I have seen petitions that are trying to get recently cancelled Disney shows, like Wander over Yonder, The 7D and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, back on the air.

Though I support these petitions, this got me been thinking, what if instead of trying to get the shows revived by the people at Disney XD, we try and get other television networks, or websites that air TV shows (like Netflix or Hulu to name a few) to buy the rights to the show and either continue the series, or make a sequel series to them, like RC9GN for example or maybe even Wander over Yonder. Though thinking of it now I can see asking Disney for a sequel series of these shows being an easier task.

Now I don’t mean to sound rude but if you think about it these petitions are trying to get the people at Disney XD to bring shows back, which the people at Disney wanted to cancel in the first place, which makes me think that they won’t listen to the petition no matter how many people support it. 

I think it would be better, and faster if there were petitions about getting other channels to buy the rights to these shows and let them air it, plus even if Disney XD did decide to bring back a show, I’m pretty sure the shows would be different in some way because in the time the original cast heard there show would be cancelled they probably started to look for work elsewhere and if they did would probably be too busy to come back to work at there old job again

One example of a network who desperately needs new shows is Cartoon Network. I can see WOY and RC9GN being on Cartoon Network as not only are they both comedical, which is what CN seems to been shifting towards for the past few years, but they’ll need to find more shows to air since some of there popular shows are starting to end, or already are (plus they need more shows to get rid of all the airing of Teen Titans Go). As for the 7D, I can see it airing on the original Disney channel, or another channel owned by Disney that airs cartoons or maybe another channel cause technical the show isn’t the same as Disney’s original 7 dwarves so it could play off as a non disney show.

As for sequel series or spinoffs, I could see petitions for those working out better as well cause not only does it give the directors of a sequel to explain why things are different from the original series but also gives the cast to make necessary changes so that the sequel series can be more entertaining and last longer.

Again this is just my thought on the situation, I don’t want people to give up on there goal of trying to get there favorites shows back, but keep in mind these suggestions I mentioned could be a “Plan B” of sorts if the petition of getting the people at Disney XD to bring them back doesn’t work out.

Good Luck


For this year I’ve decided to draw my favorite characters or one’s I grew up with (cartoons, movies, games, etc.) And they are:

1.Oswald The Lucky Rabbit form Disney

2.Felix The Cat from “ ”

3.Woody Wood Pecker from Universal Studios

4.CatDog from Nickelodeon

5.Powerpuff Girls from “ ”

6.Froakie from Pokemon X & Y

7.Marvin The Martian from Looney Tunes

8.Randall’s tail from Monsters Inc. (see if you can find it XD)

9.Silver the Hedgehog from SEGA

10.Flippy and Flaky from Happy Tree Friends

11.Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

12.Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb

13.Star and Marco from Star VS The Forces Of Evil

14.Mettaton from Undertale

15.Discord from MLP: Friendship is Magic

16.Rev Runner from Loonatics Unleashed

17.Keroro Gunso from “ ”


Happy New Year Everyone, and have a wonderful new year.

God Bless You :3

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1. Nickname: Mei/sleepy i have tons but that’s what most call me
2. Star Sign: virgo
3. Height: 
4. Time right now: 12:32am (Happy new year xD!!)
5. Fav music artist: I have lots but I’d say Bruno Mars
6. Song stuck in your head: PERM
7. Last movie watched: Autopsy (I THOUGHT IT WAS NOT SCARY FUUU—)
8. Last TV show watched: Unwrapped (Food network xD)
9. What are you wearing right now: Oversized hoodie-
10. When did you create your blog: 2 months ago?
11. What kind of stuff do you post: Undertale mostly, sometimes Eddsworld-
12. Do you have any other blogs: nope
13. Do you get asks regularly: yeah im not used to it >_>
14. Why did you choose your URL: *snoozes*
15. Gender: girl xD
16. Hogwarts house: 
17. Pokemon team: INSTINCT!! XD
18. Favorite color: Blue green/Teal (aka my ship)
19. Average hours of sleep: o shit- Well i mostly sleep 10-12 hours without school, but with school just 8 
20. Lucky number: 7!!
21. Favorite characters: from what? i watch tons of stuff-
22. How many blankets do you sleep with: i don’t even remember-
23. Dream job: to be a doctor/pediatrist.. idk why, i just love children xD

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