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I am officially trash for him and I blame Mya…

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Angel (Cafe Ver.) // Haechan

LLSHP Ch5 - Little Demons

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A/N: This is turning into a bi-monthly update… =A=;;;; Sorry for the delay! Too many birthdays and special occasions since then that’s why >w> Any feedback are very welcomed as always, and hope you’ll enjoy this semi-exciting long chapter! Reminder, the school terms in this AU differs from the original.
Words: 7,223

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laulink  asked:

Hello ! For the art requests, how about Dianakko ? Something like a broom ride or a date or maybe a kiss... Or all three ;)

You can believe that Diakko go on a bunch of study dates.
Diana actually studies, while Akko……is being Akko xD



For this year I’ve decided to draw my favorite characters or one’s I grew up with (cartoons, movies, games, etc.) And they are:

1.Oswald The Lucky Rabbit form Disney

2.Felix The Cat from “ ”

3.Woody Wood Pecker from Universal Studios

4.CatDog from Nickelodeon

5.Powerpuff Girls from “ ”

6.Froakie from Pokemon X & Y

7.Marvin The Martian from Looney Tunes

8.Randall’s tail from Monsters Inc. (see if you can find it XD)

9.Silver the Hedgehog from SEGA

10.Flippy and Flaky from Happy Tree Friends

11.Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

12.Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb

13.Star and Marco from Star VS The Forces Of Evil

14.Mettaton from Undertale

15.Discord from MLP: Friendship is Magic

16.Rev Runner from Loonatics Unleashed

17.Keroro Gunso from “ ”


Happy New Year Everyone, and have a wonderful new year.

God Bless You :3

You can’t convince me that Spark doesn’t baby his eggs like the mother hen he is

  • Cana: Hey, Erza. I dare you to take a shot every time Natsu mentions his catchphrase.
  • Erza: Shot? >.>
  • Cana: Yeah. Cup of alcohol. So, you game?
  • Erza: ... Let me get this straight. You want me to drink a cup of alcohol every time Natsu says he's fired up? *Cana nods* Why should I. -_-
  • Cana: Okay, okay, let's make this a competition between us. To make it fair for you, every time Natsu mentions fire, fired, or any synonym of the two, I'LL take a shot. Whoever gets drunk first loses, and obviously if Natsu leaves to go home for the night, the competition ends prematurely.
  • Erza: ...... Stakes?
  • Cana: *smirks as she sees the glint in Erza's eyes* If I lose, I'll be your slave/maid for a month. You take your pick of what you wanna call me, I don't care.
  • Erza: And if I lose?
  • Cana: Then you have to tell Natsu you like him. ^__^
  • Erza: o.O Wh-Where did you get that ridiculous notion?!
  • Cana: Hnnn. Are you in or not? I could always ask Mira if she wants to play-
  • Erza: *roars* LET'S DO THIS!!!
  • Cana: **Oh, Erza, you make this too easy...**
  • *1 hour later...*
  • Erza: o.o *looks totally wasted* What are we doing again...?
  • Cana: ^__^ How many fingers am I holding up, Er-chaaan?
  • Erza: Ehhh? *squints* ...... 24?
  • Cana: **Yup, sober!Erza is out the window...** We were just talking about Natsu needing someone to walk him home, 'cause he lives so far outta town. *rolls her eyes at Erza's blank face* If you want, I can do it. I have absolutely no problem making out with Natshu~. Running my hands all over his chiseled chest~, taking off his pants~...
  • Erza: *Big 'o' face* NO! I WILL DO THE THING! @__@
  • Cana: Well, he's right over there~. *points to the Dragon Slayer who's waving goodbye to Lucy* Go get 'im, Red! *punches her shoulder encouragingly, only to get punched into a wall for her trouble* ... Totally worth it.
  • Mira: *pops up from behind the bar counter after shedding her Transformation of Natsu* I hope you realize she's going to kill you once she figures out you cheated.
  • Cana: Pfft. Not my fault she can't hold her liquor. After just a few drinks, she can't even register there's two Natsu's - one sitting at a table, and one serving her drinks and whispering 'I'm fired up now!' every couple minutes or so.
  • Mira: ^__^ Yes, well... Just remember our agreement~.
  • Cana: >.> I know, I know... *watches Erza drag a very willing, very much grinning Natsu out of the Guild by the scruff of his scarf* Maybe she won't get too mad? Erza has a thing for Flamebrain, so she might like going 'all the way' with him.
  • Mira: ^^; She's going to kill you. Thank you posthumously for helping her realize her Pyro feels the same way, but still kill you.
  • Cana: Aye... -_-