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avadakedaphne  asked:

Señorita, usted es diabólica, tenía la esperanza de que si mataba a algún signo lo reviviría por alguna mística razón y todos felices. Pero noooo, si muere alguno puede nacer otro sin ningún problemaaa, ahora el sufrimiento está asegurado;u; ¿A usted no le da pena matar un personaje que le tiene cariño?TTwTT (Porque estoy segura que será uno de los que nos hemos encariñadoXD)

¿Ahhh se imagina? Ni que fuera tan benevolente~ 

Acabo de sacarle el ojo a Capri, me lo violaron, le saque los pulmones a Acuario y si lee mis otros fanfic (Como Mr.Matsuno)  se dará cuenta de que soy mas sádica de lo que aparento! XDDD Asi que no, no me da pena~ 

(By: A-ya, la niña aries, que veia HTF a los 6-7 años XD) 


[TianShan Week]

Day 7: Freestyle

…Beach time!

Hurrah, I’ve finally done all the prompts, even though I was late for almost of them! XD It has been a blast, despite losing some sleep over this! It really did get me to think about different ideas and having to draw them out in such a limited time! :’D Cheers~

Irene’s dragon form looks suspiciously like the dragon that killed Natsu and his parents 400 years ago…

Or maybe I should go to sleep because all dragons are starting to look alike…

Edit: Aaaaaand this is why I shouldn’t post things so late at night, lol.

Adrienette for Seven Minutes

Is that title hinting enough? XD

(Don’t worry, it’s totally SFW. XD lol)

(Just take this, it’s like two months old, just take it and have it while I try to finish up this Stray Chat chapter)



“SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!” Alya and Nino practically screamed as soon as Adrien walked through the door.

“What?” he asked, completely confused.

“NO- ALYA- PLEASE-” Marinette looked like she was going to start crying.

“It’s an American party game Adrien, all the cool kids do it.” Nino said with a shrug.

The home schooled and sheltered boy furrowed his eyebrows in even more confusion and said,

“Whenever you say that, we always end up doing something my Dad grounds me for.”

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