So not only did my ex roommates emotionally abuse me for pretty much an entire year, but they also split without forwarding their addresses to the management, so now im stuck paying THEIR halves of the rent!
So, if you can donate to me that would be wonderful since i make enough to barely feed myself! i have to pay this in full because the collectors are starting to send threatening letters to me! PLEASE REBLOG THIS! My
Paypal is xcomic_kittenx@yahoo.com

So hey im taking commissions. (paypal only for now)

I’ll draw anything. OCs, Fan OCs, Anthros, backgrounds, music covers, character designs, space stuff…you name it. unless its nsfw, I’m not very good at it.

If you would like a commission, please send me an ask or email me at intellecthorse@gmail.com Be as detailed as you’d like with what you want and give me references to anything you’d like for me to draw. I will communicate with you and tell you my progress!

In terms of payment, I would prefer it if you payed after.

Payment/donations can be sent to my paypal: xcomic_kittenx@yahoo.com


Pixel dolls

5$ per doll


Busts: 5$

Full body: 10$

+5 for each additional character

Black and White

Busts: 10$

Full body: 25$

+5 for each additional character

Color/Cell shaded

Bust: 15$

Full Body: 30$

+5$ for each additional character

Hey yall, my boss is still not giving me enough hours to survive, and while im going to open up commissions again soon i would be really nice if you could donate money to me so i can pay my electric and my rent my paypal email is
Any donations will really help and make this month go by a lot smoother.

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The new x-men gold doesn't look interesting? hell, that will be the new main team, after a total relaunch of the x-men, and it's formed like in the good old times! no fighting for survival, instead they'll be heroes again! I'm so happy Kurt will be part of it! Hopefully it means he'll be a significant character again, because honestly, in extraordinary x-men and in recent years he wasn't well handled... And he is in Spider-man/Deadpool #14 (and using his swords!), which just came out today! :)

i mean i’m excited about gold, but its pretty…uh normal? like the roster rly isnt taking any risks, its basically classic uncanny + rachel. and the thing i noticed about a lot of xcomics now is that they’re so bogged down by mediocre events… thats why extraordinary x-men didn’t really shine in terms of story? ig im kinda doubting gold bc of extraordinary… gold looks like itll probably be the flagship title so im cautious, but i understand what u mean, i rly hope that kurt gets more attention too! and yeah im excited for some classic family drama and buttkicking rather then “we’re all dying AGAIN” events..

maybe im jaded bc of how great amazing xmen was, that whole 2010s era of xbooks was the literal best?? uncanny? wolverine and the xmen? god i miss that…but in terms of new comics i feel like generation x is going to be the one to bring back that feeling of xmen authenticity and genuinely good stories. the classic mutant freaks and geeks story…

and im not into spider-man/deadpool but i saw a screencap and kurt looks so good in the issue ill check it out lol! thanks :^) 

It still hasn’t ended my job is still fucking cutting my hours, i only made like around 100$ this paycheck and i have enough to literally pay my rent but have no food or bus money for the next two weeks and even then they took away 4 days from me next week so my paycheck wont be enough either. If you could donate any money to me even like 5$ id be grateful my pay pal is xcomic_kittenx@yahoo.com

So my job is still cutting my hours hard core and i dont think i can pay my electric bill or my rent, i need 60$ to afford it all and still buy groceries if someone could donate any money i will be most grateful, my paypal is xcomic_kittenx@yahoo.com


My life is hell right now
Both my roommates want to move out, because they hate each other for very understandable reasons what i cannot do is support myself in a 750$ apartment also including my health insurance which is 84$ and my phone bill which is 60$ and electric which is sometimes over 100$ AND internet which is 90$
These things are all piling on to me, i didn’t ask for this.
I need to get donations or commissions or ANYTHING. Please..
You can donate to my paypal (xcomic_kittenx@yahoo.com) i would set up a donations button but i have no fucking clue how to do it..
Or you can message me here if you want to commission me. Please spread this around

….please donate to me im going to be totally fucked over if i dont make 187$ by the first of December my paypal email is xcomic_kittenx@yahoo.com

A lot of shit went down and i really, really need help. I need help. Im okay with doing commissions too my art blog is winkout.tumblr.com

I really dont expect anyone to help me but im putting this here because im so fucking scared and its worth a shot i guess…