“…I like psychedelic things and Indian sari but, I don’t really have a particular attraction to India.  I didn’t think that I wanted to try it, and I’m not even sure how the idea came up.  When I think of the image of India, it is in the same way that when a foreigner thinks of Japan, he thinks of Samurai and Mt. Fuji.  So, when I wear the sari it’s nothing but for fashion.  For ‘Blue Blood’ in ‘XCLAMATION#1’ we added Bombay bongos but, from the beginning we didn’t think to add it in, but unexpectedly it came to fit the sound of the song and when we recorded it, the sound was interesting so we added it in.  India has this “mirage” image to it.  A feeling of being dazed… On the other side of that is… something that you can’t catch (physically) and something you can’t reach (philosophically).  That fantastic feeling when you’re in a shaking building.  This is just my own interpretation though.  Well, I don’t really think too deeply about it.  More than reading books about India, I like to look at photo albums.  I might be the type that needs something visual.  Like for a movie, more than paying attention to the story, I like seeing interesting visuals.” - (с) interview with hide, X-ism


translated by: http://xjapantranslations.blogspot.ru/