napped and had a dream about a theoretical mario game where mario receives a letter from bowser saying that he kidnapped peach but when mario gets to the final castle it turns out that it was actually peach who kidnapped bowser and he pretended it was the other way around in a letter he wrote in secrecy to make sure mario would actually come to the castle and save him

this idea got stuck in my head so here’s my first and probably only attempt at fakemon

Flixite - Dry Leaves Pokémon - This flightless bird Pokémon builds its nest out of charred twigs left over from brushfires. Recent studies have found that the cells of its tail can perform photosynthesis. Its pores secrete a special compound that acts as a powerful flame retardant.

Flaxafell - Brushfire Pokémon - A mysterious Pokémon that often appears in works of art depicting cataclysmic events. Despite its impressive wingspan, its flying skills are poor. It is said that if the fire on its leafy tail is extinguished, it dies and crumbles into dust.


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