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Trench Coats, Hairdressers, and Parallel Parking

Friday was the César Chavez holiday, so I had the day off, the kids were at basketball camp, and I had a hair appointment at 1 pm.  It didn’t occur to me that I should set the alarm for this appointment. 

I woke up at 12:45.  I was totally freaking out because I love Sheila, my hairdresser, and the thought of letting her down is unbearable.  At some point I realized I would not be the first customer in haircare history to be late, so I calmed down, remembered I had the car, called my husband to find out that it was parked ¾ of a mile away, ran there and made it to the salon by 1:10.  

I am really proud of this because it involved me driving to Noe Valley and parking, which of course means parallel parking.  (When you grow up in Evansville, IN, and you learn to parallel park in Driver’s Ed, it seems kind of theoretical, like algebra, because there are parking lots everywhere.)  Here in the city, parallel parking is the norm, and it’s usually on a hill with people whizzing by you.  Which is why I didn’t drive for the first five years I lived here.  When we moved back here with our kids in 2007, I made myself drive because I didn’t want to be that neurotic non-driving mom.

So you can see how I felt very accomplished and grown up when I got to the salon.  And Sheila was completely gracious, and just said  “When you have kids and you get the chance to sleep in, you take it." 

I’ve been going to Sheila since 1996. (The bottom picture is from 11 years ago.) She’s 73, totally hip, great with short hair and color, and has lived a thousand lives.  We talked about how to make Seders fun.

The trench really made me presentable, and I was reminded of it by the awesome Jessica from What I Wore, which I had looked at the night before, so that’s why I grabbed it.

  • Trench: Express
  • Leggings: Vera Wang for Kohl’s
  • Boots: Merrell from REI
  • Sunglasses: Ambiance in Noe Valley

Current photo by Sheila at Xcelerate Salon.