xc runner

Running will be there 7am while he’s on his work shift. The hills and trails will be there when there are no arms to comfort you. The clouds will gaze down upon your most glorious moments when no soul is there to witness them. The trees will never utter anything about your messy braid, no makeup or sweaty shirt. Only love what can love you back unconditionally.
—  Emma Clark

The thing is, your personal life can bleed into your running if you let it. It can dictate everything. If you let it motivate you instead of crush you, you will become indestructible. You are stressed? Push your legs so hard that you don’t remember what you were stressed about. You are depressed? Run right at the break of day, when no one is out yet and it’s only you and God. Talk to him. Then run harder. You are angry at the world? Run so hard that you collapse onto the floor when you’re done. You have to make the hardest decision of your life? Run an easy ten and let yourself think.

Let the things that chain you down in everyday life make you indestructible. And eventually you will notice your problems starting to fade away, just like the weakness that used to consume you.