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“Me big Buu, why little Buu stronger?”


So does anyone wanna play Comrades on Xbox one? I don’t have many friends that play any FFXV. ;-; I’m so shy but I really want to meet people that also enjoy this game. Send me a message if you’d like? Or add me on Xbox? My gt is Vundis. Anyway, thank you for reading this! ❤

Im new :) but love smite

Hey I’m kinda new to here. Been following for a little while and didn’t realise this smite community was so nice to each other!! Makes me happy :3

I main Neith, usually play hunter or mage.

I play on Xbox. GT- Un1cornBelieve3r

I just wanna say how much I love this group. Its so nice unlike the response I usually get when actually playing smite XD

Shout out for @ un1cornbeliev3r
Welcome to the community! 

Iron Banner Anyone?

I’m want to play some Iron Banner but I don’t really wanna go in alone cause it’s 0 fun that way so hit me up on Xbox.

My GT is BenWarTooth LL


Dragon Ball FighterZ PV3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)



Dragon Ball Fighterz Character Trailer | Android No.18 | PS4/ Xbox One/PC