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important (?) PSA;;

               [ Alright, guys, regarding starters            I’ve admitted several times that I struggle with starters, plotted or otherwise. It is mixture of many, many issues from the past and I won’t go into it, but I’ve decided that I won’t be writing starters, or at least I won’t write unprompted starters. What I mean by this is that if we plot and you say “can you do the starter?” the answer is no, I can’t. I would love to write starters for all of you and roleplay with all of you and do starter calls and write random open starters, but I just can’t. 

What a horrible roleplay partner, you hear yourself say. While that is true to some extent, let me assure you that if you send me a sentence prompt, I promise I can build a starter around it. It doesn’t even have to be from my memes tag, it can be from any memes or of your own. I follow you because I want to roleplay with you, but I’m terrified to approach you in fear that you might ask me for a starter and I can’t deliver. I am so sorry. To those who want to interact with Lucius, please send me ANY prompt YOU WANT and I will build a starter using that. I don’t mean to sound high maintenance and it may also sound like I’m asking for alot or demanding, but I swear I’m not. I’m still open to plot, but I just need a prompt to kick my brain to start when it comes to starters. ]

Skyrim Gothic

• You don’t know it yet but you meet the three most important characters in the game within the first ten minutes. Why are they here? Why are they gathered in Helgen? Helgen is so small.
•Astrid is perched on a bookshelf. You watch her swing her leg and as you watch you begin to question your sexuality.
•The sky graphics are so beautiful you note to yourself as you climb a ninety degree mountain on your horse. The ground graphics are so beautiful you note to yourself as you descend ninety degrees to the ground on your horse.
• Sorry lass, I’ve got other things to do. We’ll talk another time.
• You’ve just murdered an entire Orc stronghold in nothing but a chef’s hat. Children are screaming. You are screaming.
• The skyrim tag is filled with nothing but nude mods and gif sets. My child is an astronaut, I’m so proud.
• I am your sword and your shield, my thane.

anonymous asked:

Do you think the Master Chief Collection will ever come to PC? If so, or if not, why?

Maybe someday

But ‘Halo on PC’ will be the moment MS admits XBox One is done.


Hey all! I’m sure you’re aware, but Beyond Skyrim: The Province Collaboration released their Bruma mod on July 1. It’s pretty well patched up now since initial release, and should be releasing for Special Edition soon, and then Xbox One. They’ve done a pretty amazing job, in my opinion. You can check it out at Nexus Mods:

At any rate, I’m doing my normal wandering around, getting jumped by wolves, and exploring caves. The first two images are from Skyrim as I was wandering around trying to find the “entrance” to Bruma. Turns out it’s not near Falkreath, but over south of Helgen.

I’ll be posting more images of my Bruma adventures soon, but in the meantime I wanted to show ya’ll something I thought was cool: It’s kind of difficult to see, but in the distance, you can see the White-Gold Tower, marking the Imperial City. :D

Mod Eri’s got a little idea...

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Sooo, I realized that this blog and the followers are pretty close to each other. We are such a big family that you all take people in with no problems, no hesitation as if they are one of our own… which, once they follow the blog thats kind of what they are haha. The point is, us mods really adore you guys and we love not only writing for the lot of you, but talking with you and getting to know you… So this was a little something I came up with. How about we spread out our family to beyond the blog, to perhaps???? Online gaming, or mmos? Don’t know what I’m saying? In simpler terms, my idea was to perhaps have a guild and/or group that only dangan-ronpa-imagines followers can join on an mmo (of your choosing, by the way) so we might become closer and bond over other matters, since I know many of us are in many different fandoms!

So, all you have to do is reblog, message, reply… whatever, on an mmo you would like us all to play! If you already play then perhaps you can find lots of new friends in case you don’t like playing alone. If you don’t play… well, examples include:

  • Elsword (a 2.5D? sidescroller with different characters to choose from!)
  • Pangya (A 3D fantasy golf game IT’S FUNNER THAN IT SOUNDS)
  • Dragon Nest (3D mmorpg w/ different characters and playstyles)
  • S4 League (3D Hack n’ Slash/Shooter it is hella fun)

That’s only some of the mmos I can think of, but I’m sure you guys can come up with lots more! Of course, I am not abandoning the fact that this is an imagines blog, and that will be here to stay. The blog will stay as normal with the weekly Chat Parties, the imagines, the headcanons, MTC’s… just with another part added in to make us even better and closer! I will keep this up until Tuesday or Wednesday, where I’ll have a poll on our final results! Whichever game wins will be our new mmo to play. I do hope all of you are excited about this idea as I am, I can’t wait for it to come to fruition! Love you guys! Happy blogging! (▰˘◡˘▰) ~ Mod Eri

  • Me: Gonna play some xbox tonight even though I only have a limited amount of time
  • My Xbox: Sounds good, lemme just spend an hour updating real quick 8)
  • ~~
  • Me: Maybe I'll watch some Netflix while I eat my dinner
  • My Xbox: Hope you food doesn't get cold while I'm UPDATING
  • ~~
  • Me: Whoops, clicked on that app accidentally, I'll just close it and
  • Xbox: Update??
  • ~~
  • Me: I'm just gonna eject this disc...
  • XBox: U P D A T E I T
  • Me: I GIVE UP
  • ~~
  • ~LATER~
  • XBox: Hey, I'm done updating
  • Me: Really?
  • Xbox: Really really ;)
  • Me: Great! I wanna play Fallout
  • Xbox: Your controller batteries are dead. :(