xbox connection problems

Holy fuck I haven’t been able to connect to xbox live for the past 2 days. whats the problem? I don’t know, because when i sign into my xbox live account, it takes a pissload of time before it finally tells me that it can’t connect to xbox live, and then tells me to check my network connection, so i do, and guess what? holy fucking shit look at that, my xbox is connected to xbox live, fuckin gravy, let me just sign into my profile, oh look, a pissload of time before it tells me i cant connect. whatsthe fucking problem? i’ve attempted to delete my profile, nope, a problem has occured, go fuck yourself, cant delete your profile to fix it. whats next? clear system cache of course, that should fix all my problems, ok, there we go, system cache has been cleared, everythings ok now, lets go delete my profile, and fix my connection hell yeah oh whats this? still a problem? well fuck me i’ve already tried turning my xbox off and on, lets do that too my internet modem bullshit, whoopdeedoo ok everythings been turned off and on it should be good now right? fuck now, obviously not, that shit is still fucked, no getting on xbox live with your account motherfucker, so keep trying to fix the problem. why dont you talk to xbox support? sure, that would be a great fucking idea if they actually fucking did their job and fucking help me instead of making me wait around an hour and a half before finally getting no help, thanks a lot xbox, i guess im on my own, and i am never going to be able to ever get back onto xbox live with my fucking account, no fucking worries i never fucking play xbox anyways, who the fuck cares if i cant talk to my fucking friends and fucking enjoy playing games with them, obviously not fucking xbox because why the fuck would xbox even give a shit about their customers, fuck this