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I pre order the xbox one x scorpio edition 🦂 yesterday :) That is my first xbox console and i can’t wait to play ac origins on it :) 💚 my amazing followers who have pre order the xbox one x too?
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Blog Mission Statement

I would love for this blog to be a place for the hardcore fans as well as moderate Skyrim players alike, a place we can share our favorite moments and stories as well as provide posts as informative and helpful to both the game and the Elder Scrolls lore that truly drive this wonderful obsession of mine. I plan on posting information covering everything from Deadric Gods to enchanted weapons, locations, quests, characters and history to my very own favorites in this vast, insanely enriched world and I invite those few followers I have to do the same.

There’s something for everyone in this world; all kinds of different ways to play and with a story so in depth and alive that its impossible for everyone to have an identical experience. My goal here is to collect and share those special moments so feel free to share the things you love most from one of the greatest games ever created. Submissions always welcome. Your version of the Dragonborn, your favorite weapon or school of magic or a favorite quest-line, location or characters.

If you’re as crazy about Skyrim as I am then this is your blog and its all dedicated to one of my favorite places (fictional or otherwise); a place where the strong are blessed, dragons rule the skies, war looms and there is no shortage of adventure, enemies to dispatch and treasures to find.
If it’s a part of TES:V you’ll find it here. Keep in mind I do reblog but all of my original stuff is tagged well enough for those looking for specific topics. Enjoy!


ID #83130

Name: Jacob
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi, I’m jake and I just graduated. I’m a gamer I spend a lot of time just learning about a game and trying to be a little bit better at it. main games I like to play are League of legends and Titanfall 2 for Xbox one.
I’m studying Computer sciences and really enjoy it. I plan to go to college soon but until then I’m stuck being a cashier at a convenient store.
I also like to write poetry even though most of the time it sounds dark. I played lacrosse for seven(7) years and was a defenseman.
the reason I want a pen pal is well… I want to hear from around the world and country I’ve always enjoyed new friends and people to talk to is always something nice to have.

Preferences: Anyone is welcome really.

Minecraft Full Building Tutorial: Starter House II

description: another lovely starter house for you to set up quickly early on in game. This build uses little materials and takes very little time! It’s enough space for storage, crafting, and whatever else you need while traveling long distances, or starting up a new world. This one is larger than the first starter house in the catalog. all photo credit: tutorialscubed

Quick facts: 

   quick // moderate difficulty // few & common resources // 13x13 2 story // unfurnished // top floor outdoor porch and glass sun roof, spiral staircase

T U T O R I A L S C U B E D      B L O G

U R L 

C R E A T O R 


A B O U T     T U T O R I A L S C U B E D 

S C A V E N G E R      L I S T

—- this list simply shows the minimum required supplies for this project. It could be spot on, or a little extra for rounding purposes- point is, don’t take it too seriously. If you get this base number of supplies you should be good to follow through this tutorial, if you’re the kind of survivalist that likes to get their hard-earned materials together before starting a project instead of being forced to run about and retrieve the missing components during a build, then i have you covered. Be creative! This is all merely a guideline —-

Essentials: [not accurate yet]

100 spruce wood planks

50 glass panes 

50 glass blocks

stone brick stairs

stone brick slabs

birch wood planks

stone brick slabs

Full project: 


trap doors

pretty flowers


buckets of water




furnishings, etc.


T U T O R I A L 

1.  start by laying down logs in a 13x13 pattern inner swirl up. Build the corners up by 2 blocks making them pillars of 3 blocks in total. Then, jump two blocks, and build another 3 block-high pillar by placing two more. jump two blocks, build 2 up, jump two blocks, and build two up until you have a bordered foundation that resembles the picture below. Place windows in place of the jumped blocks. Make sure to leave a 2 block by 2 block space for the door. In this particular building, it is 4 blocks in from the left side of it’s front face (which could be any face as they are all equal).

2. Lay down logs over the tops of the windows and all the already placed logs (those 3-tall pillars). For the doorway, simply run the log line over it’s arch, and place two more logs inner swirl up beneath them to create a 2x2 space. 

3. lay down stone brick stairs upside down in a place one, jump two pattern along the entire top border of logs. Make sure the corners have one on either side directly adjacent to it, you can start with the corners if that makes it easier!

4. fill the gap between the upside down stairs with stone slabs , wrapping them around the corners. 

5. fill in the top border with birch wood planks, creating the first level’s ceiling, and the floor of the second level. 

6. Now you will create the border and foundation for the porch / look out sort of thing on the second floor. stack spruce logs directly on top of the line of spruce logs beneath it. line one entire side, then hook around and create a doorway. Stack an extra log on top of every third block to create the same pattern as the first floor. If you’re unsure about how to create your own structure like this, refer to the picture below. :) 

7. stack the 2-block tall pillars with 2 more blocks, making them a total of 4 blocks tall. 

8. we will now prepare to make the stairs! from the right of the doorway on the top level when facing it, mine away a corner space for the stairs. If you’re unsure on what size to make it, refer to the picture! 

9. Go down to the lower level and face where you’d like the entrance of your stairs to be. Lay down 2 birch wood slabs extending left off the second window on the right face of the house. Mine away the floor blocks 3 deep and 2 wide, and lay down birch wood planks as flooring. 

10. Go to the first level and face the hole we just mined in the corner. Replace the floor with birch wood planks to the length of two windows to the second pane in from the corner to the right and out to either one pane of the second window or the second pane of the second window to the left. lay down two slabs extending horizontally from the sides of wall in stacking ways to create a stair structure. Build the first set of them against the wall and create a platform, then turn the staircase against the adjacent wall to connect to the ceiling or top floor. If you want you can mine away another oak wood plank that goes up tot he second floor and replace it with two more slabs to make it look better and flow easier. it also adds another step.  

–If you want to hide that ugly space under it, make it bigger! and add a door for storage with chests, or you can decorate with potted plants, hanging vines, or bamboo with water behind it!–

11. Going back to the work upstairs, fill in the spaces between the logs with windows just exactly like you did downstairs. 

12. top the windows and the space between the pillars with logs like the firs time as well, then begin the birch wood plank ceiling, but don’t close it- just allow it to border the logs like in the picture below. 13. place stone slabs over the border that has logs and birch planks. 14. lay stone brick blocks down on top of the exposed birch planks. 

15. if you’d like, you can fill the space between the stone bricks with glass to create a daylight roof. Otherwise fill or finish like any other roof. 

16. add or remove windows, beds, doors, borders, paintings, storage, torches, furniture and crafting things to complete it. Here’s some basic things i did to mine!

Good luck! :D