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Xbox Support Twitter Account Hacked; Hackers Claim it was Because of Hilariously Bad Password

Oh dear. Apparently Microsoft has the password security of most of our grandmother’s email accounts. I’m really hoping this was meant to be a joke, because if not I don’t think this is the kind of company you want to trust with any of your personal information. Any individual working for Microsoft that thought “Microsoft3″ was a good password only didn’t use “password” because it was too hard to spell.

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bristerxd  asked:

I was just wondering that since you were reposting some overwatch comics and pictures that have you gotten the game yourself yet. IF so then what platform do you playing it on. I ask this because I wonder if you do would you show you steam profile or PSN or Xbox account so we could add you or would that be a private thing.

I don’t have it. I can’t afford a PS4 any time soon, but one day I’d like to have one. I haven’t decided whether or not I would give out that info,  but it’s something I’d consider if I could afford a PS4.