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Xbox Support Twitter Account Hacked; Hackers Claim it was Because of Hilariously Bad Password

Oh dear. Apparently Microsoft has the password security of most of our grandmother’s email accounts. I’m really hoping this was meant to be a joke, because if not I don’t think this is the kind of company you want to trust with any of your personal information. Any individual working for Microsoft that thought “Microsoft3″ was a good password only didn’t use “password” because it was too hard to spell.

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strangeandfascination asked:

Thoughts on bioshock 2 ' s story, compared to 1's? Also, anyone give you Minerva ' s den yet?

I don’t have an Xbox Live Gold account, nor can I really afford one at this time. :P

But, when it comes to the storylines, I think the entire point of BioShock 2′s story is to be the polar opposite of the original (at least in terms of politics).  Like “This is exactly what Ryan was afraid of”.

I found the overall tone of the sequel–in plot, in design, and in gameplay–to be darker, uglier, and generally more difficult, and that’s precisely what it should be.  Rapture isn’t “pretty” anymore.   It’s a tainted city.  Ironically, the most beauty comes from the ocean outside, and the bits of it that have managed to take hold in the crumbling metropolitan’s interiors.  The glow of neon lights has been usurped by the glow of the ADAM-infused coral and vegetation.  Grand halls are muddied with sand, and covered in barnacles.  Even the residents themselves have become more grotesque (as evidenced by my previous post).

I was surprised, however, that I was almost entirely not bothered by the underwater aspects of the game, despite my megalohydrothalassophobia (in fact, I was actually disappointed to discover that the shark that passes over you inside the flooded Siren’s Alley disappears immediately after that, because I ran to the upper floor hoping I could either jump on its back, or punch it in the ass).  If anything, it was the large plant life that gave me the heebs more than the sharks (unless we’re talking about using no-clip in the beginning of the game to see the angler fish and the huge shark, in which case, NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE, CAN’T LOOK AT IT, NOPE NOPE, ABSOLUTELY NOT, AND ALSO NOPE).

My only real complaints about it are that the “finale” is kind of a clusterfuck, there aren’t enough machines to fully upgrade all of your weapons, you don’t get nearly enough ADAM (and you actually get LESS from rescuing, even with the bonus gifts), and getting the “Savior” achievement forces you to spare one character that SUPER deserves to die (Stanley Poole drowned everyone in Dionysus Park just to cover his own ass), and not kill the one character that literally begs you to kill him, and will have absolutely no quality of life if left alive (the man has become…well…this).  A once normal man, reduced to a giant, misshapen lump of flesh in a tank.  He may beg for mercy at the very end, but at that point, he’s become criminally insane, and leaving him alive truly feels like cruelty rather than mercy.

an hour later and I’ve been booted out of my email again, fantastic, well done Microsoft, 10 points to you. >:|

Fingerprints in the Desert

Our true religion is beyond gods in scope,

and we’d have any deity in our crosshairs

if they resembled a dark-skinned male

or had an Xbox account. It’s all a game. Is it?

“I don’t know—I just fly the drone.”

We worship the drone.

We worship the Tsar Bomb, the glock, and the Kalashnikov.

We worship compassion when it’s convenient,

but it’s usually not.

We worship the skeletons dressed like men

so we can thank them for the spittle they let us lap up

from their drooling maws.

We worship ourselves, but not very well.

We worship apathy, and waiting out the clock,

saying “things have got to change”

like it’s more than a shout in the street.

We worship PRISM, ECHELON, Section 215, Google, Apple,

and somehow simultaneously Edward Snowden.

We worship crawling death with the bliss of removal.

“We are bled. Now they will bleed.”

Fingerprints in the desert whisper into the wind,

digging out bullets from Facebook accounts

and ambiguous meat of mother and fetus,

still-warm throat-cut sacrifices on alters

standing taller and holier than any other.

The sun burns for us and our cathedral;

Night-vision raids will carry us from mourning

to see that there’s blood on the doorframe

and lightswitch, but none in our chests,

and surprisingly, none falling from the sky.

“How can a war like this ever end?”

Anyone want my Xbox Live account?

Message me with your account name and I’ll answer back privately with mine so we can hang out! This only goes for my friends here on tumblr. ^_^


He died from that‽

What’s the legal ramifications of nudging into a woman, making her fall over into a man sitting in a chair, therefore knocking the man off his chair, and…killing him…?

After the results of our poll earlier this week, we’re happy to announce that our Halo Night will be occuring on Sunday evening at 16:00 Central Time, an hour before the release of the new episode of Red vs Blue. We’ll be spending the hour talking about expectations, theorising about the future, and shooting each other in the face in Halo. Note that we previously reported the event as half an hour long, but have now changed it to an hour.

To get involved you’ll need an Xbox One,  a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and an Xbox Live Gold account. The gamertag you should add to your friends is patrickechoecho. Before we start, I’ll set up a game that should be freely joinable, and we’ll get started! I look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it there!

Entry # 4

The past 2 days have been great. 

I did not have one of my classes today. I don’t have math tomorrow so my mom and I are going to San Antonio to do something with my car. The engine light turned on and to be completely honest, i don’t know why we are going all the way over there. I guess i will find out once we get there. Bad part is we are leaving at like 8 in the morning and waking up at 7. Oh joy. On my day off in a while, i get to wake up early. >_>

My fiancee and i have been good. We got to text a little bit and send cute messages on our xbox live account. He is at work right now and i miss him a lot. It sucks that we can’t really talk much while we are apart because of my classes and his working and band. He did make a good point when i asked him if he has time for a relationship. He mentioned it would be different if i was there because we would at least see each other and not worry about talking because we would see each other anyways. But since we are apart, it makes it extra harder since we are not physically together. Long Distance relationships are NOT easy. This guy is incredible and i love him so much, and he loves me. I believe this is all worth it. It is just hard and i know once we are together permanently everything will work out on its own. 

I am on the LAST season of Friends. I really don’t want it to end :( It is so funny and i cannot get enough. It is like 9:30, and i’m going to see if i can finish this tonight. I finished my math work, got my outline done for my speech this upcoming Thursday and going to clean it up a bit so i won’t go over the time limit. It is a persuasive speech and my topic is animal captivity and how i think it is wrong. I’m the first to speak so i am nervous… my last speech was about The Beatles and i was a bit shaky and nervous, so i hope i can hold in my nerves this go around. 

Yesterday at the rabies vaccination drive was fun! I filled in a couple of papers for the people and kept certain ones in order. So many freaking dogs i tell you, i didn’t realize how many dogs were in my town. I didn’t get that many pictures. Only 2 really.

Too cute :)

  Song of The Day: Centuries by: Fall Out Boy 

I started up another Mass Effect Playthrough, or rather a re-playthrough. I’ve got three cannon shepards and only finished with one. I had to switch accounts on xbox and have pretty much lost the data for my first shepard.

Wow that was unnecessarily complicated, but I’m kind of excited? I’ve only played through ME1 once, and I love my shepard so much. I’ve only written cannons and fics about one other rpg character and that’s my warden from DA:O

Anyways, just using this is a log of sorts, I may post a few headcannons and pics from my console, just because I’ve been trying to get creative juices flowing as of late.

Would you pay $90 to rent six Disney movies for (your Xbox's) life?

Would you pay $90 to rent six Disney movies for (your Xbox’s) life?

$90 to rent six movies, no matter what they are, seems like a lot.  If I were so inclined and a suitable offer were given, I would be willing to pay $19.95 to rent all six Star Wars movies on my Xbox for as long as I have my Xbox account, or until Sony buys Microsoft.

Frankly, $90 for digital downloads does not give you a whole lot.  They threw in a few bones…Xbox avatars and pinball boards. …

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As per Hot Fuzz, I was not at the scene of an accident. I was at the scene of a collision…after a collision…after a collision.

(Never mind how or why I'm there.)

Alright so i hope i don’t sound like a dumb customer but i have an issue i would like some of you to comment on or maybe share some personal stories of your experience with xbox tech support. So to start off xbox suspended my account bc im a broke bitch and dont have the funds to pay for live anymore. (my shit renews annually btw) It’s supposed to renew every January 24th. I was still able to use my live however for two months after the renewal date. I know everyone says that the annual renewal shit isnt good and believe me im starting to see for myself what all the bitching is about. Anyway, i acquired a 3 month and tried to enter in the code. Now i knew this wasn’t going to work because on the microsoft website it clearly states that you can’t use prepaid codes if you have any account violations or no money on your card blah blah blah. So the message that popped up told me to call tech support. Which is exactly what i did. Long story short, tech support basically told me that my ip address was hacked and that i needed to buy some sort of microsoft protection plan for 99$? Which is completely not the issue i was trying to get resolved. Like the tech support guy completely changed the subject and went straight to trying to sell me shit. Something tells me that this guy was totally bullshitting. So essentially i’m just wondering if any of you have ever experienced the same thing? I’m looking into the hacking situation just to be safe but this guys mannerisms and just the way he handled my call was very shady. Like he completely overlooked the whole reason why i called and immediately tried to sell me something. What the hell is tech support there for then if they are just gonna try to sell you shit when you have an issue that needs taking care of? i just wanna know if this is a common thing that happens to people. ?

I’m laughing so hard rn bc someone in my maths class found our teacher’s xbox account and apparently his bio is ‘I’m here, I’m not queer and I’m ready to fuck shit up’ or something 

it doesn’t help that my maths teacher is cute as heck …