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Be loud and obnoxious while I'm playing with my friends? Enjoy your "glitchy" of Internet!

(warning: long story)

What you need to know:

  • I am the ONLY person in my house who knows how to PROPERLY use a computer
  • I have a little brother who was 12 at the time and is 13 now.
  • My little bother is a console peasant who ONLY plays Destiny with his friends while shouting the WHOLE TIME.
  • My parents forced me to allow my bother to use my Xbox Live account to play with his obnoxious friends because I am the only one who knows to manage the stupid thing.
  • I don’t play with my friends often due to school work and other things going on in my life so when I do get on, I expect him to be respectful
  • My brother is in middle school and I am in High school so I get home considerably earlier than him.
  • Because of reasons my parents forced me to put my computer in the “Office” along with the Xbox 360

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When you make a new xbox account the first name change is free but my roommate thought all name changes are free so now his name is stuck as HailLordPutin

Since I was in a discussion yesterday about getting gold to pay for WoW tokens, I thought I’d throw in this alternative method of paying for your subscription fee. It’s pretty fun to do in your downtime, and the points add up fast.

What the heck is FeaturePoints?

  • FeaturePoints is a mobile app which pays you for trying out other apps.  It’s great if you tend to fiddle around with your phone aimlessly and like trying out new apps.

How does it work?

  • Simply download the app (for free) from the app store.  Afterwards, download one of the featured apps and just do the tutorials as well as have it running for 1 minute.  After you get your oh so deserved points, you can simply uninstall it.

How can it pay for my game time?

  • Featurepoints pays in the form of Paypal cash or gift cards.  One of the gift cards it rewards?  60 day WoW Subscription.  Have an XBox live account?  There’s gift cards for that.  Need some Steam Cash?  They’re there too.  They even have Amazon gift cards for goodness sake.

Is there anything else about FeaturePoints?

  • Yeah, it pays to have friends using the app with you.  For every person you recruit, you get 50% of their points when they download - and they also get their first 50 points if they sign up with your referral code.  So if you have some friends that are interested, make sure to drop them your referral code so you can earn more.
  • If you’d like to use my referral code, it’s: 9EE2T8
  • Have any questions?  Feel free to send me a message :)