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ok, so ian? all i knew about him up to right now was that he was friends with phil in like 2008 and he's in that florida vlog. BUT THEN i noticed at 1:40 in dvp kinect sports that he's the third xbox live account on their console, which implies a more recent relationship & possibly with dan as well. so do you know how phil & ian met? and if they're still friends?

Ian’s been a consistent known entity in Dan and Phil’s social circle. According to Dan in one of the vyou responses, Ian used to come over and watch horror movies with them when Dan and Phil lived in Manchester (link). There’s a liveshow from 2012 (link; relevant part around 50 minutes in) where Dan and Phil were visiting them and held Ian’s daughter, with Ian’s wife also there. You can also see the baby (at that point a toddler) in the corner of one of Dan’s photos on pancake day 2015 (link), which proves that Ian and his family do also visit Dan and Phil at least once in a while. 

Even more recent events indicate they’re still close, since that’s where Dan and Phil went over NYE 2016. At that point, Ian’s wife’s instagram was public and it was obvious that Dan and Phil were there based on Dan posting pics of the same activities as Ian’s wife and daughter. (But it circulated tumblr and she privated her IG account very quickly.)

(As far as how they met - school, I’m pretty sure!) 



  • Bucky and Steve having box set evenings, just streaming entire seasons of GOT, marathoning the entirety of Star Wars (4,5,1,2,3,6, because Bucky had looked it up on the internet), getting pissed that Firefly was cancelled when they went looking for the rest of the season. 
  • Bucky ordering 20 pizzas online because the novelty of being able to do so was just too much, ‘holy shit, I’d never have left the house if we could have done this in the 30’s’. 
  • Ugly tears into tubs of ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ over everything 'programming just wasn’t this emotional back in the day, what are they doing to my feelings?’
  • 'Holy shit, can they show this on television?’
  • Bucky sets up an xbox live account,’WhothefuckisBucky’, and trolls 12 year olds on Battlefield by making improbable head shots. 
  • 'Steve, Steve, you’ve got to come over here.’ *crying* 'Have you heard this guy, holy shit, he must be like 12, holy shit son, we were in the army and I’ve never heard someone swear like this!’ *doubles over laughing*
  • Bucky snapchatting Steve from the top of the White House. 
  • 'Holy shit, Bucky where are you?’ 'Well, I went for a walk and decided I needed some exercise’ 'So you climbed the White House?’ 'Idk man, i felt I did them a favour, the security is just awful’ 'Bucky, what the fuck?’ 'Sorry, Steve, gtg, secret service finally found a way onto the roof, see you later, I’ll buy milk on the way home’
Be loud and obnoxious while I'm playing with my friends? Enjoy your "glitchy" of Internet!

(warning: long story)

What you need to know:

  • I am the ONLY person in my house who knows how to PROPERLY use a computer
  • I have a little brother who was 12 at the time and is 13 now.
  • My little bother is a console peasant who ONLY plays Destiny with his friends while shouting the WHOLE TIME.
  • My parents forced me to allow my bother to use my Xbox Live account to play with his obnoxious friends because I am the only one who knows to manage the stupid thing.
  • I don’t play with my friends often due to school work and other things going on in my life so when I do get on, I expect him to be respectful
  • My brother is in middle school and I am in High school so I get home considerably earlier than him.
  • Because of reasons my parents forced me to put my computer in the “Office” along with the Xbox 360

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Destiny - Lawrence Sonntag x Reader

Name: Destiny
Pairing: Lawrence Sonntag x Reader
Summary: The Fun Haus guys notice that you’re acting weird during a podcast.
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,696

A headache pounds in the back of your head as you fight to stay concentrated on the video you’re supposed to be editing. Without looking away from the footage, you reach out for your now lukewarm coffee and take a swig. It is the most god awful thing you’ve ever tasted, but it’s caffeine and it will be enough to get you through the day as long as Adam doesn’t have too many video appearances up his sleeve for you. E3 set all of you back quite a bit and you have spent the past few days scrambling to catch up with the workload even a little bit. You groan as Bruce slides you another flash drive to add to the growing stack on your desk.

“Demo Disk.” He explains, “Not a lot of censoring to do this time.” You scribble Demo Disk on a sticky note and add it to the top of your monitor, making it the 8th video you have to edit before Friday. You do your best not to outwardly show your annoyance. Bruce pats you on the back twice and heads back to his desk to do his own work. With a deep sigh, you pull your headphones over one ear and get back to work.

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im still like??? really angry that my ex literally stole a bunch of my stuff. like if i EVER see them in that roxy lalonde cosplay im going 2 scream that was MY cosplay including a really nice wig and an official shirt that was gifted to me by a friend. plus my $150 long black wig. plus a dickload of my clothing. things i all bought before we even got together. not to mention the fact that i had to literally fight and argue to get my last check from our shared account and i got NOTHING from the savings account. and fuck just little things all over the place that i can’t get back like? my life is strange game is on THEIR xbox live account

what a fucking good deal on their end tho right???? they got their dick wet getting to fuck some pretty little new chick after being stuck with my scabby hairless ass for 3 years and it resulted in them getting to be single, getting my money, getting A Lot of my stuff, getting to keep their sweet well paying job i helped them get and getting to move one with zero problem and zero heartache

they didn’t have to lose their job, lose their money, lose their home, lose their last name, lose their friends. they didnt lose someone they loved they didn’t lose their best friend because i am really not sure if they ever like, really genuinely loved me or considered me their best friend. they got tired of playing house and didnt know how to break up with someone maturely so they literally went out of their way to specifically do the One Thing that would hurt me most to make sure i wouldn’t come crawling back. they knew exactly how scared and self conscious i was and they would get Angry when i would talk about it because How Dare I Not Trust Them How Dare I Question Their Self Control and yet…….?

Microsoft says this Chinese ‘gaming service’ company is hacking Xbox accounts
Since 2015, a Chinese gaming website has been hacking Xbox accounts and selling the proceeds on the open market, according to a complaint filed by Microsoft in federal court on Friday. On its website, iGSKY presents itself as a gaming service company, offering players a way to pay for in-game credits and rare items — but according to Microsoft, many of those credits were coming from someone else’s wallet. “Microsoft is committed to providing customers with safe and secure online experiences,” a company spokesperson told The Verge. Read more
Creepypasta #264: "Xbox, Stop"

I wouldn’t call myself a gamer. I don’t play too many games, or maybe I should say I don’t like many games. I play a lot, but because of the sheer quantity I need to filter through, I must be frugal. I’ve been playing the same old Counter-Strike matches for the past ten years. That being said, I don’t get many new games, and about 2 years ago I purchased my first XBox 360 from Craigslist. There was nothing strange about it, no ominous air of death or any sort of shady dealings. I met a broke kid and didn’t even haggle with him. He was polite and the whole thing took place pretty quickly on his front porch. He lived in a pretty nice part of town, but probably didn’t get hand-outs from his folks. It felt like a pretty standard trade, exactly the way you would want it to be.

There was only one slight problem. The controller he gave me didn’t work. I still got a pretty good deal on the console, but had to get a new one. I was in luck and got a pretty good price on a used one. (There’s me being frugal again…) Since I saved a few bucks, I picked up a headset and a 3 month subscription to Xbox Live. Luckily, they were both also on sale! When I got the console, he included a copy of Modern Warfare 3, so I wanted to play that online. I was pretty excited to get my game on after unlocking the “Thrifty” achievement.

I had only tried to turn the console on twice before I realized the controller was broken, so there wasn’t much I could do without a new one. There were 2 profiles left on there, so I did I system restore or format or whatever that is called. Having erased everything, I created a new profile and made an avatar that looked like me. I didn’t put much effort into it, though. After a few frustrating minutes of network configuration, I punched in the code on the prepaid card I purchased and was online for the first time. Finally, I was connected to a world of “current” gamers and excited to try the latest shooter!

I wasn’t up-to-date with modern games, but apparently my skills were. In Call of Duty, I was getting first place in nearly every match I played. It almost felt like I was cheating. Was I doing something different that no one had thought of? I started uploading videos and posting on forums. Some people would message me and invite me to join their “clan” and I felt like a mini-celebrity. One group even asked me “if it would be cool to use my strategy?” After two months, I had over 300 new “friends” just because I was good at a video game.

It started to eat into my personal time as I turned down plans to game. I broke up with my girlfriend. I considered quitting my job and took a serious cutback on hours. To account for the loss in income, I monetized my videos and had a surprisingly large influx in cash flow. I quit my job. I made more money by playing video games than I would make in any job my resume could land. In less than three months of owning an Xbox and playing this game, I had become a highly respected CoD player and a new game in the franchise was about to come out. Black Ops 2 was hitting stores in one week and I had the potential to rise up the leader boards if I jumped on it the day it came out.

I remember waiting in line at midnight. I remember running out of the mall, not starting the car, but certainly ripping the shrink-wrap with my teeth while driving home. The smell of the new disc was heavenly. I sped and should have been ticketed, but managed to pop that disc in my tray less than 15 minutes after the time printed on the receipt. There was a problem. My Gold subscription was up. No big deal. I punched in my debit card numbers and was online in a few minutes.

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Since I was in a discussion yesterday about getting gold to pay for WoW tokens, I thought I’d throw in this alternative method of paying for your subscription fee. It’s pretty fun to do in your downtime, and the points add up fast.

What the heck is FeaturePoints?

  • FeaturePoints is a mobile app which pays you for trying out other apps.  It’s great if you tend to fiddle around with your phone aimlessly and like trying out new apps.

How does it work?

  • Simply download the app (for free) from the app store.  Afterwards, download one of the featured apps and just do the tutorials as well as have it running for 1 minute.  After you get your oh so deserved points, you can simply uninstall it.

How can it pay for my game time?

  • Featurepoints pays in the form of Paypal cash or gift cards.  One of the gift cards it rewards?  60 day WoW Subscription.  Have an XBox live account?  There’s gift cards for that.  Need some Steam Cash?  They’re there too.  They even have Amazon gift cards for goodness sake.

Is there anything else about FeaturePoints?

  • Yeah, it pays to have friends using the app with you.  For every person you recruit, you get 50% of their points when they download - and they also get their first 50 points if they sign up with your referral code.  So if you have some friends that are interested, make sure to drop them your referral code so you can earn more.
  • If you’d like to use my referral code, it’s: 9EE2T8
  • Have any questions?  Feel free to send me a message :)