The Truth Behind Console Numbers

We’ve all heard of gaming consoles; from Playstation 3 to the Dreamcast 64, these devices have been a part of history for as long as anyone can remember. 

In recent times, hackers have solved lots of mysteries about video games and how they work, but one thing that still remains unknown is what exactly the numbers in console names mean. This article hopes to serve as a comprehensive list of the origins of these puzzling digits.


  • Nintendo 64 – The Nintendo 64 was named as such in order to honor the fact that it was the 64th video game ever made.
  • Nintendo 3DS – Everything about this console is three-dimensional.
  • Nintendo 2DS – This console exists only in two dimensions.
  • Nintendo WiiU – Maybe people think U is not a number, but it’s actually the Greek symbol for 4. This was Nintendo’s 4th console.


  • PlayStation 2 – This had twice as many polygons as the original PlayStation.
  • PlayStation 3 – This came after the PlayStation 2.
  • PlayStation 4[unknown]


  • Xbox 360 – The flash point of the Xbox 360 is 360 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some people believe that the reall reason it’s called the Xbox 360 is because the console itself is perfectly round.
  • Xbox One – There’s only one of them.

Did this list clear up some of the confusion surrounding the numbers in console names? We don’t know.


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Reports show that Playstation sales globally are now double that of XBOX ONE and Wii U. Was really surprised by this since I thought the gap between them and their competition was much smaller. This got me to thinking about a whole ton of other things within the industry and figured hell why not make a discussion, plus a mini fanboy rant thrown in for good measure :D



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