man it’s amazing how microsoft managed to completely fuck themselves out of the best position they could possibly have been in in the gaming industry

like, back in 2008, “Xbox” was synonymous with “video games.” you didn’t say “wanna come over and play video games,” you said “wanna come over and play xbox”

then the xbone incident happened and that just fuckin’ flew out the window. like, almost overnight all of their brand recognition and loyalty just dropped. it’s wild.


Monster Hunter World – Lunastra Free Update

This years E3 is going to be an interesting one, because the landscape of gaming has shifted so dramatically in such a short timespan

Nintendo has pulled themselves out of the hole they dug with the Wii U and are currently making a KILLING with the Switch, and after all that they showed off with the Direct they stand to walk into E3 with potentially a new Yoshi game, No More Heroes 3, Bayonetta 3, More content for Odyssey, and of course Super Smash Bros. 

Nintendo is back in the running and there’s no denying it

Sony meanwhile is chugging along pretty well with the PS4. No doubt they’ll have a solid lineup at E3 (Spiderman, God of War, Medievil Remake, Last of Us 2…) and of course there’s the rumors that they’re taking another shot at handhelds to possibly throwdown with the Switch.

Microsoft meanwhile is the one facing an uphill battle. They have a powerhouse of a system, but there is a MASSIVE drought of exclusive titles to justify buying it. Halo ain’t what it used to be, Scalebound is gone, Fable Legends is gone, Crackdown is in development hell (But is thankfully coming this year). What’s worse is that any other game on the Xbox we could either get on PS4 or PC… Microsoft really needs to sell people on the Xbone this year

On the developer end… The Loot Box bubble has burst and everyone’s feeling it. EA has driven their public image into the grave and Konami isn’t far behind them. Square has all of TWO games (FF7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3) people actually care about but they’ve been blue-balling their fanbase for literal years, and this is the year they’re supposed to deliver on one of those.

Ubisoft is… still Ubisoft

And to top it all off, in the past few years Indie Games have been chipping away and making a legit name for themselves: Shovel Knight, Hat in Time, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Hello Neighbor, Yooka-Laylee (for better or worse), Brawlhalla, Undertale….

Indies are a force to be reckoned with now, and the big guys are taking notice.

E3 is gonna be really interesting to see and I can’t wait