I’m sorry to rain on your parade Microsoft fans, but I refuse to allow Microsoft to get away with this U-turn like they did back in 2013

Did all of you forget how stubborn the Xbox team was in keeping the things we all HATED about the Xbox One? How they literally insulted the fanbase? How, as Don Mattrick said ‘If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards”? How they only changed mostly everything because Sony blew them out of the water and went “FINE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?”

Two years later they finally announce backwards compatibility and everyone is treating it like it’s the second coming of christ?

I cannot give Microsoft a free pass on this. All this is too little too late. By now I already sold off my 360 games and system to buy a PS4. If this had been there from the start I honestly would have bought an Xbone.

And the worst part is that you guys are just eating this up…

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility announced....2 years too late..

I’m sorry but no.

You had your chance and you BLEW IT.

I honestly would have bought an Xbone if backwards compatibility was there from the start before I sold off my 360 and all it’s games to buy a PS4

And now people are CHEERING because they said ‘we won’t charge you for games you already own’?

I’m sorry, but did you all forget about THIS?

Happy Canada Day, everyone! Enjoying a bit of reorganizing before tonight. What do you think so far?

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Seriously, why does it take over an hour to “install” a game, for which I have a physical disc, before I can actually play it?

This is the most ridiculous thing ever.