”play it!” they said.

“it’s a great game!” they said

but they didn’t say “you’ll get addicted to it, think about it all day long, read fanfictions, draw fanart, speak in quotes, buy merchandise, fall in love with a fictional character, have a otp, freak out it will destroy your life”


- “Project NX” is not going to be one single console, but rather a system of devices like Apple’s iOS devices are. The system is currently being developed by people who have worked on iOS, Android and the Wii U’s interface before.

- Like we pretty much knew already, it will be possible to develop one game and push it to all the NX devices with little to no extra programming effort.

- The NX systems will work with your Nintendo-ID, will have new online functionality, as well as “old favorites” such as the Miiverse. Friends lists etc. will be synced automatically across all devices.

- The first device will be the successor of the 3DS. It will have specs similar to the PS Vita’s with a 540p or 720p display, depending on the production costs.

- The 3DS successor could be announced as early as spring 2016 and launch in the same year. It’ll cost between 200 - 300 Dollars/Euros.

- The WiiU’s successor could launch in early 2017. It’ll be comparable to the PS4 and Xbox One spec-wise. There will be backwards compatibility for Wii U games, as well as the Wii U’s tablet controller.

- The Wii U will be fully supported for another year, due to surprisingly good software sales for it’s small install base. (At least it says so in the source)

- There may be a 500 Dollar/Euro set including both NX devices.


Post E3 Dragon Age Inquisition video. 16 minutes long with a look at some alpha footage, a Dragon fight, Haste (the spell) and a Horse!!