“PS4 won’t impose any new restrictions on used games. Yes, that’s a good thing.”

“You can actually share and trade games with the PS4.”

“PS4 disc based games don’t need to be connected online to play, nor do they require any type of authentication.”

“PS4 won’t require you to ‘check in every 24 hours’.”

”play it!” they said.

“it’s a great game!” they said

but they didn’t say “you’ll get addicted to it, think about it all day long, read fanfictions, draw fanart, speak in quotes, buy merchandise, fall in love with a fictional character, have a otp, freak out it will destroy your life”


Post E3 Dragon Age Inquisition video. 16 minutes long with a look at some alpha footage, a Dragon fight, Haste (the spell) and a Horse!! 

Watch on jfgame5.tumblr.com

Today Is The Release Of Killer Instinct Season 2

Today is the release of Killer Instinct Season 2!. This game published by Microsoft Studios…