The HTPC Saga pt1

I like watching American TV shows.  Maybe it’s because American networks (presumably) have enormous budgets that they can produce some fantastic programming.  Don’t get me wrong, some amazing shows originate from this side of the Atlantic; Sherlock, The IT Crowd, Father Ted, Red Dwarf & TopGear to name but a few.  For stylish high-drama big-budget whoppers though, the States are unbeatable; The Wire, Mad Men, Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones et al. (I also have an addiction to crime series’ like Monk, The Mentalist, Dexter & Castle)

I don’t like DVD’s. Because my content of choice isn’t broadcast here at a time or on a channel that suits me, and physical media are on their way out; I prefer to consume my digital audio and video in an electronic format.

I like watching things on my TV; from my sofa. One of the problems with the aforementioned digital media is that they are inexorably linked to computers, which are removed from the sofa/TV relationship.  The answer then is to connect my media which resides on my computer, to my TV, and from there to my sofa; where I am.

The TV

I like Home Theatre PC’s.  My selected solution to my problem is to attach a computer to my TV, which will access the content on my desktop computer, so I can waste my evenings from the comfort of my sofa.  However there are a few obstacles to overcome; getting a HTPC, getting the content to the HTPC and controlling the HTPC from the sofa.

The Sofa

So that’s the problem defined, next time; how (if I can) will I accomplish this?