xblueandyellowx replied to your post: So The Venetia Fair put up their March Tour dates and whatever. It appears as if they’re going to like every state bordering CT but not CT, where I live. Like really?

Lawl they literally never go to CT…when I lived in CT I’d just go to their MA shows

That’s what I did when they preformed once in MA, but what sucked is that cause my parents are old they made me leave early so I left BEFORE they played! And now they won’t let me drive myself (even though when they play in March in Worcester I’ll have my licence and will be able to drive) because they think it’s too far (even though it’s only like an hour away) and ugh -.-

xblueandyellowx replied to your post: idk the only time i’ve ever gotten in trouble at…

i’m sorry this is hilarious to me omg what why did you get in trouble for that? XD

well ok here’s the full story as far as i remember

one day right at the end of class as we were all leaving, some kids stayed behind, i dont remember why, and we were like talking to her about something and i was like “bye homeskillet biscuit!” and she was like haha never call me that again it’s rude so i then i felt bad and apologized

but then a few days later we were in class and someone asked what time it was and the teacher said it was 12:25 or something and i looked at the clock and since it took me forever to learn how to read a clock at first i thought it said 5:00 so i accidentally  jokingly said, not even that loudly or directly to the teacher, “hey homeskillet biscuit i thought it was 5” and then she just kinda got mad and stomped out of the room and came back with a referral and i almost burst into tears

they made me spend the entire next day in the assistant principal’s office reading a book about pigs that fly and writing a book report on it and it was the worst day of my life