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W-Wait for me!! o(-`д´- 。)

Just a little drawing I had in my unfinished sketches for a while and that I decided to finish! 

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so, xax, I haven’t forgotten the thing I said I was doing before, which was making pictures to try and demonstrate the general feel of working with blocks of this or that 4D honeycomb. So, these are some 24-cells packed in the 24-cell honeycomb, which as you can see, when intersected with a hyperplane, tend to give things that spend a lot of time looking like rhombic dodecahedra.

It turns out they’re not that hard to work with either; the coordinates of their centers are all (x,y,z,w) such that the sum x+y+z+w is even and x,y,z,w are integers. the corners of each 24-cell are then just the center displaced by some permutation of (±1,0,0,0) or (±½,±½,±½,±½), and neighboring 24-cells are found in the direction of some permutation of (±1,±1,0,0).