“Captain, teammate, friend, machine…

Who knew this day would come. 17 seasons with the first team. 17 years passed too soon, Xavi. We know that getting there isn’t easy, but the trick is to always stay up, just as you did.

I don’t think any of us can imagine the first day of training next season without you among us.

You, who has always welcomed the new players with a smile and a word of encouragement. Who has explained the responsibility that comes with wearing this shirt and defending this crest. The football world thanks you for all that you’ve given, which is so much. We give you thanks for being an example to all.

Thank you for always putting the team first, before yourself.

Thank you for conveying all of the values that you’ve learned in the 24 years you’ve been at this club.

Thank you for all of your advice, which has always been incredible and authentic lessons about football and life for us.

Thank you, because you’ve always been the voice of experience in our dressing room. The player that has given us the historical memory necessary for us to value what we’ve achieved together.

You’ve lived through criticism and praise, good and bad moments. Thank you Xavi, because you’ve made us stronger. Any culé knows you’ve defended the Barça shirt more times than anyone else, and whenever you did, it was with all of your passion and your love.

All of us who know you know that you’ll be back, because this is your home. Because you have a Catalan heart and soul and blaugrana in your blood. The reality has exceeded your dreams, and now you have time to evaluate everything you’ve got. Your family, your friends, the people you have always accompanied in football, and certainly today, I remember your grandfather - more culé than the flag. If he was here today, he would be so happy and proud to see all of this.

Personally, I would like to thank you for all these years - not just for the magical moments, but for the day to day, for how much you’ve helped me, and all of the talks that we’ve had about things that are not about football. For being able to play together or apart. For being my teacher. It’s been a privilege to be by your side. You are great.

Thank you Xavi, for all you’ve done for this club and all you still have left to give. You will always be with us, my friend.”

- Andres Iniesta

anonymous asked:

I think honestly Messi is not a PDA person anon that's why you see him like that with anto in public

i agree, but don’t bother defending him, anon. i’ve had this conversation so many times and it never goes anywhere. first anto was the one who didn’t love messi. anto was in a secret relationship with daniella. now messi is the one who doesn’t love anto. messi also doesn’t love mateo. and he doesn’t care about argentina. and he doesn’t donate blood or money or time. he takes drugs and is a dictator and only won because of xaviniesta and he’s overrated and is fake and is arrogant. that’s the facts and we just have to accept them.