xaviers sunrise


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“Here it comes.”  He murmured quietly in your ear.  You managed to flutter your eyes open to watch the light getting brighter as the sun rose into the sky.  Charles chuckled lightly, breath fanning out against the back of your neck as he pulled you in closer.

“It’s beautiful.”  You sighed, tired eyes now refusing to close one the colors lighting up the sky.  Laying here, watching the sky light up in various shades of pink and orange, you felt kind of bad for complaining when Charles woke you up to come outside and watch.  You’d argued that it’d be cold, that you were tired, so he wrapped you up in blankets and told you that you could sleep in later.  Now, you were thankful that he had woken you up.

“Yes.”  He smiled, pressing his lips against your temple as the sun fully escaped from behind the hills.  “Almost as beautiful as you.”