xavier the x man

"You just want all the superheroes to be gay"

  What? All of them gay? No! Every single superhero having the same sexual orientation? Who would want that? That’s preposterous, and statistically improbable.

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watch this i promise you won’t regret it

7 Minutes in Marvel Heaven Master list  Updated - 03/10/2016

I’ve re-done all the links on here because I’ve had a few messages about them being broken :( Hopefully should be fixed

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This is where all the links for the Marvel’s Seven Minutes in Heaven will be posted. Linked as they are written. ENJOY!!

Key: (S) = Smut (F) = Fluff


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Me encantó Logan, es una película muy emocionante =D.
Tenía rato que no dibujaba algo, no he tenido mucho tiempo pero realmente quería terminar esto y aprovechar para llevarlo como poster a La Mole, voy a andar ahí el 18 y 19!!

I really loved Logan, it was a very exciting movie =D!
It’s been a while since I had time to draw something, but I really wanted to draw something from the movie in time for a convention here in México.

we can be extraordinary together || old man logan

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Instead of ordinary apart. 

Prompt: Can you write a insert where the reader is the only human to know about Xavier, his condition, and helps out Calliban - albino mutant to take care of him whenever she can. Kind of set during the beginning of the movie when Logan refuses to talk about his health and storms out. She knows something is wrong with him so during the night she sneaks into his room to get answers from him. 

This will be 2 parts. Just putting that out there! It’s also super bad lol 

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